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  1. I love the texture of the Lorac! I swear last night the description said Naked Dolly for the lipstick but I decided to sleep on it and now it's Nude Beach. Or maybe I read it on a different page.. But I'm so cool toned and the nude beach looks peachy... Maybe I should just pass. It's the freaking easy pay that gets me hahaha
  2. I just saw this and immediately came here to report! Lol! I don't own it and I've been ok not owning it.. But you get the mascara and a lipstick too... And 3 payments... I want it! Breaaaaaath, I just bought an It shadow palette and the Lorac Pro 2 last month.. Omg I don't need it... But $16 a month.. Bahaha I want it! Does anyone not like it? I haven't bought it because I have so many neutrals already
  3. THIS!!! Hahaha I'm dying. Seriously, the untouched part is perfect. It's the Special Event section, I've been doing that for months. I'll put some in the lid right now for tomorrow!
  4. I don't think I've even used 1/4 of the product in the jar.. It's pretty sad. Maybe I'll try using a spoon an scraping off the top layer in one area.
  5. Ooohhhh the it! Brow is $26 plus $5 shipping for the product AND the brush.. Someone tell me I don't need it hahaha
  6. My chocolate dried out faster than I expected..I just keep working in tiny areas and moving around. Lol I need to try scraping off a layer to see if that works. Although really, I bought it last April and use it almost daily so I suppose I really am getting my money's worth out of it, great brows for almost a year for under twenty bucks isn't so bad, even if I can't use it all. Off to check out the It product! And I haven't tried aquabrows, I'm curious to hear that review as well.
  7. Well I unpacked it from shipment and they took it to the stockroom so..... (Shhhhh!) I think we are waiting for the animation change to come. I've only tried the Perricone serum but i think I'd like the foundation. I'm all about light weight. I can't wait to try the NARS. I know I said it before but I really mean it bahaha I hope there are more shades.
  8. I agree with what you are saying. I wish we got even half what they did.. and I am DYING that they have their own educator!! Omg! I can't even. We are doing a foundation event on Saturday and I can't get anyone to say when they are putting out the NARS or the new Sephora foundation (that looks like the Perricond no foundation) BUT both of those are pictured on the signs so.... I would be so happy to go to work tomorrow and they are set up. Sigh, a girl can dream.
  9. Maybe it's just my boss that implied that it's on the DL then, i know as employees we don't all get the same thing, maybe she didn't want there to be jealousy.. I just want to hear what people think of everything, I know how to deal with box envy so that doesn't bother me I swear I signed something too though.. I will tell people I tried it, just not that it was gratis. Who knows. Haha
  10. I do swatches on just the jaw area all the time with or without the color IQ .. I love it when I guess and it's perfect. I want to do a dance haha if I am going to use the color iq, the most accurate way seems to be when you are makeup free and then I can pick a few places on the face. When people have a lot of makeup on, we usually just remove along the jaw and I take all 3 pictures along there. every now and then it's just way off though, I've re-done it before when it's crazy. Or just ditch it and swatch by my guess.
  11. the code should have a number then R or Y and then a number like 2Y07 If you want to get matched in store, I suggest going with no foundation/powder on.. I feel like the iq is usually pretty close if that is the case. When I have to take makeup off of people, sometimes I must not get it all off (especially if full coverage) and I feel like that usually gives a bit darker result. The employee should know to choose areas without age spots/blemishes or marks, etc I usually go with the chin, upper cheek and forehead. A lot of times after I have swatched on their cheeks, we will take a hand mirror and go in the JCP area to look in that light. The SiJCP lights make my dark circles look like I'm half dead, it hurts my heart lol lol
  12. It's not true that I know of! Maybe things are changing?!? Finger crossies hahaha We can order a JCP from the store website item to have it delivered to the store, that I know, but no sephora items since it's all through sephora.com . I only get my discount at SIJCP, not online or at the freestanding sephora. (Sniff, sniff) Gratis is supposed to be hush-hush.. I've only had a few of them, I was hired last summer and the first two weren't that great and then they were ok and we didn't get anything over the holiday hire times (nov-dec). The one from jan was the stuff that dreams are made of *inset heavenly angels singing* i do know that SiJCP doesn't get as much gratis as the free standing employees do (at least with people posting on Instagram lol). It has seriously helped curve my spending habits though along with being able to try textures of products on my hand or a sample of them.. I used to just buy and now that I can play in store, it helps. I think I save money by working there, who would have thought. (I also had years of mass makeup hoarder tendencies And I'm finally moving past that and into skincare)
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