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  1. I have Snow White Tea body butter too and it smells great. More of a subtle scent to me but great! No idea about Komorebi.
  2. The body butter but only because I have had that for a while. I just got the perfume and creme soap in on Saturday and haven't have a chance to try them yet.
  3. Great choices! I have recently become obsessed with Black Violet. I have tried Morning Mango & Celebration from the ones you named and they're great but my FAVE is Bavarian Apfel Cider.. OOH MAN!! I have a body butter, perfume AND creme soap. My husband says he would swim in it if he could. Leilani is a total sweetheart too. You made a great choice with her business! Ok, back to lurking!
  4. So I emailed you because I couldn't figure how to log in on my bloke (LOL autocorrect changed phone to bloke?) but I figured it out. Haha. I will paste what I said: So it might be different for other businesses but to me duochrome and shift are one in the same. Duochrome might be more of a shift of 2 DIFFERENT colors where shift might be just one. When I think iridescence though I think more of a sheer wash of color. Hopefully that helps, but as I said everyone's thought might be different.
  5. Hi! *high-five* Thank you, I love our locals. There are actually quite a few of them in the GDE group! We always get stuck on tangents about hanging out sometime. I didn't know that Melt Cosmetics was from here. Their FAQ lists an address from Los Angeles. I have never had any experience with them though. Boo on bad customer service I don't know of many other companies from here with the exception of I <3 NP and Chinovi Cosmetics (also a Vanessa).
  6. Thank you for understanding as well. I was worried that if I responded I would sound like I was defending myself or offending more, but that was not my intention at all. I also wanted to mention something that magicalmom (I think) had said about fandom collections, which may be why GDE doesn't stick out to a lot of people. Mostly, I don't watch or read a lot of the things that are "big" now adays. I am well over the target age for most of these things and I work on my business so much that once I am done, I just want to sleep. I also don't want to capitalize on something that is "in the now" just to make a quick buck. I know many companies do these and they make great collections and people buy them and that is totally fine to me. I just don't see that for myself and GDE. But mainly because I am a loser and don't know most of the "popular" things like Game of Thrones. I hope that in the future you give GDE a chance, but if not, that is fine too. We all share a love for cosmetics and at the end of the day, that is what we're here for and I respect you for your choices Have a great night!
  7. Not sure if I am allowed to comment here, I try to stay out of things that "promote" myself but when a few of you said that you ordered I did some digging for your names (instagrams and profiles). I think I found most of you I have been a makeuptalker for a while and this community has been so great to me, I always try to give back <3
  8. As someone who has provided product for SircleSamples and have seen the dashboard on the other side, they do INDEED sell out within seconds. I can't say anything for recent days but when I was doing it, they would sell out in seconds.
  9. It was an Xmas present but I believe it's from bed bath and beyond
  10. I agree. I'd feel weird wearing something I had no idea where it came from. And as far as plus size clothing goes, those aren't very trendy. A few are cute but a lot of plus size clothing goes really wrong for me in a "grandma" style way.
  11. I have a Malm"dressing table" from Ikea (http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/10203610/) that has a big pull out drawer. For the top, I got some Muji drawers (http://www.muji.us/store/storage/acrylic-cases/acrylic-case-5-drawers.html) which are super sturdy acrylic drawers and then another drawer system for under it from Home Depot online (http://www.homedepot.com/p/t/202949330?storeId=10051&langId=-1&catalogId=10053&productId=202949330&R=202949330#.UZas7MpTB_o). That fits perfectly under it without the wheels! It's pretty messy right now but you get the idea I keep all this in my closet with a mirror over it. It holds A LOT of storage. (I keep my samples from boxes in one of the white drawers in a glossybox or in the big drawer if I want to use them sooner)
  12. I am kind of excited for the chips. I have been on weight watchers since July and have tried some pretty interesting things to save some calories (like black bean brownies! Sounds gross but they're amazing) so I am excited to try those. I have box 1 too but won't be here til Monday!

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