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  1. Ugh that sucks, *hugs* No one deserves to be a cost/benefit statistic. In tweakabell dorky news:
  2. That's a toughy. I'd think Montreal and then being able to go to 70000 Tons of Metal next Jan. would be the best of both worlds but a 50/50 chance of not being able to hit montreal or if the announced bands are just awful and then missing out on seeing them at all becomes a possibility a well.
  3. I use my lighting to get as close to true color as possible and to be able to work at night when Z is sleeping and when I'm actually more awake. Her's seems a bit bright and yellow though, although mine leans blue nothing's perfect. Concert is hard. 1. 5hr min each way seems brutal and you'd most likely spend more time driving/in traffic than the actual concert. What are the chances of not hitting montreal?
  4. 4 colored clay eyeliners from tarte 23.98+4.47 I have a black one from a set last year I really like this formula, very smooth I'm on a no buy and have too many liners but I was tempted http://www.qvc.com/tarte-Limited-Edition-Set-of-4-Colored-Clay-Eyeliners.product.A260804.html?orderId=239301317&itemId=221036392&sc=CRT
  5. The no internet controls is insane my HS had them a decade ago (we could still order pizza though it was mostly porn filters)
  6. LOL I know Z didn't get what they were expecting. What she did was an appropriate reaction (mostly) for an 8 year old. The teacher was like "If you want to arrange a time to come in and we can talk about it, figure out why...." No I'll deal with it at home and had you told me she was misbehaving earlier I could have nipped this in the bud.
  7. Oh yea but just like a little kid cursing, just because you have to discipline them doesn't mean you can't laugh behind closed doors I'm not saying he didn't do anything wrong, just because you can do something and just because it's funny doesn't mean you SHOULD but I also don't think we're letting kids find out some of this stuff on their own. We just tell them it's not ok with no reason and then if they DARE disobey the rules they bring down the suspension/expulsion hammer instead of teaching proper behavior or why we don't do these things (I still do stupid things sometimes, thankfully I'm an adult now and the only person I have to answer to is myself). Oh and I'm not a touchy, feely, time-outs hurt feelings, kinda parent, I'm "mean" and "rude" and I wear that badge with pride lmao. Yesterday Z wrote out 5 apology cards (after multiple drafts because I'm mean and made her write out a little more each draft) for her behavior to other students lately. But we also went for a drive and talked about her behavior and why she was doing them before we figured out punishments. Rambling, part of being a kid is doing stupid things because at the time it seemed okay. It's our job as adults to get them to think that action out a few steps farther and determine consequences. Telling them not to and then banning them from school teaches them nothing (The school's punishment system, not @@Shalott who I'm sure will be doling out her own knowledge/corrections ), especially for a non-violent, non vandalizing offense.
  8. I'm pretty sure pizza's a vegetable See @@Shalott 's son was starting a garden, COMMUNITY SERVICE! I'm scared of what school will be as Z moves through it. Stupid pranks are just that pranks, no one got hurt people were annoyed we move on. No harm, No foul.
  9. It's really hard being smart and having teacher's grade you on your own personal curve. You're fighting an imaginary version of what the teacher thinks is your best work instead of the benchmarks that were laid out for other students. It makes you not want to put the effort in. If so and so is going to get the same grade as me even though my essay is better thought out, longer, and has more research, and the teachers are still going to say this was great but.... why should I try my hardest?
  10. Omg i loved the teacher sending home a note to his dad part. I died. It's an awesome feeling when parents stand up for you. I ended up having to go to a specialized HS it was awful we did like second grade worksheets, there's no way i got a true HS education. Well we had to do IEPs, my last year there they have nothing that requires me to stay at that school, i no longer dont complete my homework, my emotional issues had settled down, etc. So we go into my last IEP and my new goals are now "no cursing" (not at teachers,in general) "bring home contacts" these stupid points papers that mean nothing every day, and "continue WorkAbility" an awful program where our school subsidized us doing work at local crap jobs 50% of us were never hired after. My mother argued with all of them, straight up told them they were stupid not educational/emotional goals. If i wasnt being disrespectful there was no reason i had to curse less, the contracts wete stupid i never got less than 95% of my points and she's a busy woman and I'm graduating in 6 months not a child. She told them unless I had an awful day that needed to be signed to consider them signed and leave them at school. Last but least was WorkAbility, they pleaded with her argued with her told her they wouldn't pass me if I didn't get another job (I've now done 3 jobs/ 30 weeks working my A** off for companies only to be told repeatedly when I was done there wasn't a place for me), at this point I've taken initiative and started a college course on my own, my mom looked them in the eye said that my plans were not to be working in a minimum wage job my entire life and to count my college course as WorkAbility. They argued with her but shed had none it. She told them I had done the work experience part i had participated fully and now I was preparing for MY after graduation plan. After so many crappy years and arguing with each other 24/7 it was amazing to have her on my side lol.
  11. So glad I'm not the only one with kid trouble today. I knew there was going to be trouble when the teacher came out with Z
  12. So pretty! Great job. The more you apply the more it'll get faster/easier too, muscle memory and all that jazz.
  13. Refurbished Chromecast for $22.50 with code TRIPLE since we were discussing it here http://www.groupon.com/deals/gg-google-chromecast-3
  14. I use the one normajean posted, I also like the IT for Ulta 2nd largest in the Airbrush 101, it picks up my blush really well for me I think it would be close to this one http://www.ulta.com/ulta/browse/productDetail.jsp?productId=xlsImpprod11061078 but at that price grab a 20 off coupon and get the 101 set instead

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