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  1. That's true on both counts. They need to make their website more user-friendly because I can't stand going on their website either. Everything is too confusing. Also I agree that they should make a note card that states that if people create content for their website they'll have a chance of winning extras in their bags.
  2. Honestly, I'm not upset about this extra sample, and I do think it's fair. Yes, I've been a subscriber since the beginning and I do have the time to make videos, but don't. I see it as a reward to the people who are already using the IPSY website to make videos and whatnot. If anything, I see this as an incentive for those that don't make videos or use their website. Furthermore it's also a subtle way of getting people who do "unboxing" videos on Youtube to start filming "looks" with the Ipsy products. Also, I see this move going along with Michelle's vision of inspiring others to use make-up and create inventive looks and ways to use products. (On the same note, I don't consider this move "mean girl" at all. I think if you consider "highest influencer" as being synonymous with "highest number of views" it seems pretty democratic. After all, isn't that how Youtube rewards its vloggers and makes certain members of the community eligible for becoming Youtube partners? They use # of subscribers and views and all that.) Furthermore, as a couple of people mentioned before, maybe the goals of Ipsy are not just to remain as a subscription service. Rather, it's more than simply marketing and moving product to the masses, but also trying to get their customers engaged in a community that uses their products. It could be a clever way of creating an incentive for people who normally hoard samples and use them months later to use the samples immediately. This important because if Ipsy wants to get people to purchase the featured monthly products, they need to get subscribers to actively testing and using the beauty items. In turn those who are using the products will be more likely to make a full-size purchase, and the kick-back from the purchase is what helps drive Ipsy's profits. Thus, I see this move as a neat solution to fulfilling a lot of Ipsy's goals, which are: 1. to get people to use the samples immediately, 2. get people to create content for their website 3. inspire others to use the make-up, and 4. indirectly encourage sales of products. For those who are upset with the lack of a rewards' program for loyal subscribers who have been around since the beginning or for those that refer people to Ipsy, I would hold back on anger. Honestly, we don't know if Ipsy is planning a rewards program for those subscribers because they're still developing their company. This past fall has been a time of great change- re-branding their name, revamping the website, customizing bag contents, and even starting gift subscriptions. Maybe in a few months with they have unveiled more bonus perks, all this fuss that's being raised now will look silly. Another point I want to address is that Ipsy does the MOST giveaways for full sets of products (not just samples but the entire collection or line of products) on Facebook to subscribers especially when you compare what Birchbox gives away on its Youtube. If you're feeling short-changed, just post more comments on their Facebook contests. It's relatively faster and less time consuming compared to making videos for an extra sample. I mean how many of us here on MuT have won things from Ipsy's contests compared to the amount of people winning things from Birchbox or any of the other companies? Please note that I'm speaking in relative terms because I know not everyone has won something, but I haven't heard of anyone ever winning anything from Birchbox or Sample Society. But that's probably because Birchbox and Sample Society DON'T have giveaways or contests on their Facebook page.
  3. Can you give a gift to yourself? My annual subscription ends in December (next billing date is January), and I was thinking of renewing it. If I get a gift for myself, I was hoping to get the flat iron...I don't know if it's possible to game the system? I wouldn't want to get two December bags though.... What do you guys think?
  4. I think it's incorrect to imply that MAC is not sold at Wal-mart simply because the MAC products are counterfeit. I think that gypsie was right in that many high-end retailers refuse to allow their products to be sold at big box retailers like Wal-mart and Target because of reputation that those stores carry. Selling Coach bags and MAC make-up would devalue the reputation and prestige behind the name of the product even those products have the same quality of those that are sold in their small boutiques. They want people to buy the brand's name and whatever value that society places on those companies. I remember there was a great deal of fuss going on about David Bridals or something that was going out of business. Instead of selling those wedding gowns (which had Vera Wang and other high end designers) to big box retailers or something, they chose to take the pristine white dresses and spray paint them with red to prevent anyone from ever repurchasing them. By the way, Vera Wang and the designers already made their profit when they originally sold their dresses to the David's Bridal. David's Bridal were then intentionally ruining the dresses to prevent any of them going onto the secondary market and to prevent anyone who normally wouldn't be able to afford it from purchasing it. Thus, the point I am trying to get across is that prestige brands don't allow just anyone to sell their products because they want to protect the brand's image. As a result, they actively pursue counterfeit products is to protect the brand name. They want their products to only be purchased by a certain "demographic," and things being sold on E-Bay (which can be sold for far lower than the retail bag) are not acceptable because they don't want people to purchase their products for less than the price they've set.
  5. Not to be a Debbie-downer, but I think they've already have the December bag color and style planned out long ago. If you guys wanted to give them ideas, I think October was the prime time to do it. Also, in Michelle's video, they did mention that they wanted to set up a gift subscription link set up for people who wanted to send Ipsy to friends and family. By the way, the video gives spoilers for future possible products. (If the video doesn't play here's the link: ) Edit by Zadidoll: Fixed the video.
  6. I don't think they reserved all of the samples of mascara for 1000 spots for the next 24 four subscribers. That would mean that relatively few people would have gotten the mascara out of 40,000 people. We have been seeing too many people on Youtube and on MuT for all of those people to have gotten the mascara. I think they had more than 1000 samples and some were distributed to current subscribers, but they definitely did use 1000 of the samples to entice people to come and join. But my reasoning behind that promotion was not that Ipsy was trying to short-change their older subscribers. Maybe they wanted to give the new subscribers a chance to sample a mascara the same way older subscribers did (since last month we ALL got the sample of theBalm bodybuilder mascara.)
  7. My zipper kept getting stuck until I examined it closely and saw a lone little tooth out of place. But after nudging it back into place, I haven't had a problem with the zipper since then. Just look at the zipper and see where it's stuck and re-orient it. I think the reason why so many people had problems with the zipper getting stuck is because of the material they were using with the zipper.
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