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    Julep August 2014

    ummm what the crap. I've been a julep member for over two years and my option to skip is no longer available. did the button move somewhere??
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by glitterhips I did message Customer Service because the fix was wrong. Even colors that I requested not to send were sent. The next available fix date was April 23. They said they could not do anything sooner or send another fix. this is what happened to me, they were totally unhelpful. And that's why I canceled.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by bellerenee Oops. That's what I get for browsing MUT after beer tasting!! lol! that was me yesterday :-p I went on a brewery tour an then I had to compete in a dance competition lol it wasn't pretty
  4. I'm pretty happy with everything in this box (though I haven't received mine yet, for some reason the tracking number won't even work for me?? keeps saying there's an error...). The only thing I don't like is the necklace, because it reminds me of the ones everyone used to wear in middle school....
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by natashaia once I found a blazer they sold for a lot cheaper at another site, and they offered to price match. if there is something you want that you saw somewhere else, i would ask about price matching! I told them I saw things for cheaper elsewhere and they didn't respond. I've given up lol
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by Rubybeach Sorry, I didn't read this in detail earlier, you can keep and purchase the items you want? Can you explain the process more? You rent & buy it if you like it......return it if you don't? Bellerenee was talking about stitch fix, not le tote. Le tote costs $50 a month (but they often times have promos) and it's like netflix, you wear whatever you want for however you like an return it with a prepaid 2 days shipping label. If I don't wear anything (or wear one thing that day and ship the next) I'll get a new tote in about 4 days. IT's FAST! And if you like something you can just keep it and they'll charge it (great prices too I must say! especially compared to stitch fix....who makes up everything). Also, their CS is AMAZING. They go out of their way to contact you personally about your daily life and try to send you things that suit your lifestyle. They send me things for swing dancing as well as things I can wear to teach during the day. And lots of times, if I didn't like anything in my tote or had issues they sent me an extra item the next time or give me a $20 credit.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Sherr I'm shocked, THREE pairs of panties? There must have been a mistake somewhere. They gave me three too
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by Spiritwind10 Call Kayla kugel at Wantables. The number is 414-291-4105. She helped me last month I things and was awesome in her help. She went through my profile and even picked out my stuff personally and wrote me a two page letter explaining everything! Awesom CS from her! I contacted them and they weren't super helpful...they basically told me I had to return everything and didn't even apologize for sending me things on my dislike list?
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by MissKris17 You can return the whole box and ask for a replacement. Once they sent me two black eyeliners in the makeup box. Just because we indicate we love something doesn't mean we want multiples in the same box. LOL! good point. Yeah I may, turns out two of the items I got where bikini style when I specifically said I dislike it. I emailed them but I may be returning the whole thing, which is a shame because I like the other 2 items.
  10. Also, everything they sent me was huge on me and they sent me colors I said I don't like
  11. Well I just got the actual package, and i'm even more disappointed that I thought i'd be. The cheapest item was a $42 necklace which I've seen sold at other places for less than $10 (and it's made in china, i am VERY familiar with the brand). AND a dress they're trying to claim is $78 retail is actually $72 retail at le tote, and costs only $42 to buy at le tote. Way to go stitch fix.
  12. I got a pretty bad one lol three panties/?!?!? c'mon. give me some diversity lol. They even gave me one that was on my dislike list!
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by glitterhips Price is also a significant difference. The links to the blouses above that I'm still amazed they sent me are priced at $88 and $68. Those tops are just awful to me. The fabric was crepe pokyester.nothing good about them! yes i'm fairly positive they markup everything. i've seen many of these brands elsewhere for cheaper. I get the same type of shirts and same brands of shirts for $32-38 at le tote.
  14. I don't have golden tote, but I have Le Tote (netflix type clothing subscription and you can still keep what you want and be charged a REASONABLE price. same brands as stitch fix but 40-50% less expensive). Their CS is AMAZING, they always offer extra items in their totes or credits when things aren't going right. I told stitch fix i'd be canceling and they were basically like "Okay, thanks for your support." They don't care about their customers and won't fight to keep them. Which is a shame because I could have spent $100 a month on them if they had been nicer.
  15. I'm sorry you had a bad fix glitter hips! In other news, their Customer service finally got back to me and was completely unhelpful/unsympathetic. Which means I will definitely be canceling

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