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    I love a little bit of everything, but rock, and especially metal, is the air I breathe.
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  1. Does anyone know if the mattifier is full size, or if any of this stuff is full size? lol. I've been slacking on stalking BB threads. Busy month. This is what I'm getting. Don't know what box number it is.
  2. I'm 6 boxes in, but only about to get box 5, and so far I loveLOVE... TOFFEE APPLE, strawberry milkshake (heaven), summer berry flapjacks (so soft and not too sweet), honeycomb crunch (nom nom honeycomb), Mississippi BBQ pistachios (yum), bonnie wee oatbakes (love the tang of the onion marmalade and the savory taste of the oatbakes), and dark rocky road (major yum, I prefer dark chocolate). I heart enough to keep as a "like" or "try" but not a love... pear tatin, Korean chili rice crackers, marvellous macaroon, and sweet goan curry crackers. All the herby bread baskety stuffs has been good too. Like delicious croutons. lol.
  3. OOoooh. I need to go search the interwebzzz That said, I'M SO SIGNING UP FOR THAT 6 MONTH DEAL! Thank you, thank you, thank yoooou lucyla8.
  4. Just watched a spoiler video. This month is a complete WIN! So excited!
  5. Thank you for talking about their FB page! I completely forgot to go like it!
  6. So far Graze + LWF is the right combo for me. It truly is a Wal-Mart issue first and foremost with me, and that's just a personal thing I don't expect others to have. ) LWF consistently having healthy stuffs in there and donating meals is a huge bonus, so I stick with them. But if portion sizes = a big deal, I can see how LWF would be a let down at times.
  7. I loveLOVE Love With Food. I like that they donate a meal so that makes me feel good and I love trying all sorts of brands, types of food, and such I don't know about or have easy access to normally. I fell in love with a good 95% of what was in last months box. I'm actually going to order those nuts (that comes from a company that also donates money to a very good cause). They were CRAZY good. I haven't tried Goodies yet. On the fence about that one. Number one reason being that I'm not fond of Wal-Mart (for care, or rather lack of care, of indigenous grounds. I'm Native Hawaiian and ugggh...). Number two reason is that I'm very into healthy clean eating with simple ingredients, whenever possible (also, organic whenever possible), and I definitely get that with LWF. I have been trying to stay away from super processed stuffs, high fructose corn syrup, etc. for months now. I think it's just personal preference really. For quality, variety, the chance to experience new items I would never find on my own that are almost always healthy, I have really liked LWF. The donating a meal with every box thing is like a shiny cherry on top for me.
  8. We're getting it starting this month. I put it in hubby's name but I will be hovering over it and batting my eyelashes at anything Zelda, Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, Thor, Wonder Woman, etc...
  9. Got my email too! FINALLY getting a box. All I have gotten previous was the dish soap kit. LOL. But it was pretty fab. So excited! I wants to know what is insiiiiiiiiiiiide.

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