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  1. See you sometime, see you sometime.

  2. I'm loving the cocoapink stuff I got and you can get 6 drams for 18 plus shipping! If you like gourmand scents they have soooooooo many!
  3. Ha, yes, an apt description The only other one I've hadva chance to try so far is Dragon's Milk, which I really liked for the first couple of hours, but then it turned into the exact scent of the incense an ex used to burn all of the time, so then I felt a little weird about it...will still try a couple more times though!
  4. So I just showered and decided to try out the bpal Dorian that meaganola sent me and hot damn, need more of this in my life immediately!
  5. So, I got my cocoa pink order yesterday. Thanks ohsailor for the caramel popcorn balls rec! It kind of smells like lucky charms on me and I love it, so. Far I've also tried boo boo lemon Noel, which. Is really nice and smells like lemon cookies, and Haunted Carnival, which smells like cara,el apples and kettle corn, still have 3 to try The sample I got was black marshmallow body butter...and it smells exactly like play-doh until it dries down? So weird!
  6. I really do think aromaleigh's shadows are among the best (possibly tied with Darling Girl and Hello Waffle)...she's just really great with sparkles and color shifts! I'll be keeping this sub for sure even though it is pricy. I did finally decide to cancel NM after using more shadows and just feeling bummed by how sheer and muddy they get...even though this one is more expensive, I think it's a better value, quality-wise.
  7. So, my cat sent a glass of vodka flying from one table to another, where it spilled on my laptop, so I'm computer less again for a couple of weeks. Haaaaaatevusing mobile!
  8. Fun fact: the term "pussy" used that way is thought to come from "pusillanimous",which means "showing a lack of courage, timid". but of course no one knows that so when they use it it's still offensive. I just like words
  9. Meh, not a bendelsneer cockle bush fan at all. Not terribly excited by this theme should I be good and cancel?
  10. Eeeee, I came home to find that the amazing meaganola had sent me some smelly goods!! Thaaaaank you, you're the best and I can't wait to try them all :)
  11. Yes, I didn't post on here because I haven't been here much but I posted on your Facebook! You're the best and thank you, <3
  12. Oh my god....why...do I ....not have that?? Yep, honey toast is the next thing I'm hunting for in a fragrance.

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