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  1. Just got the box this week and we are waiting for the next go round to see who's in it and what's happening. I will keep y'all posted .
  2. tevans

    Round 4: West Coast Box

    I have the south / west box back at me . We only had 3 people in our group this time . So we are all done for this time .
  3. tevans

    Round 4: West Coast Box

    The south / mid west Box will be coming back to me. We only had 3 people in our swap this time . Regarding Lynda V, if she's not on here it might be because she's not feeling well. I have traded with her in the past and she's a great lady who I trust . She does have some health issues that she has and I don't know if she drives or has to have hubby ship for her . You'll hear from her soon I'm sure .
  4. Nikkimouse - thanks for letting us know !
  5. Update - the box was mailed and delivered to KLG & was delivered on 4-26 to somewhere in her apartment complex. I haven't heard back from her if she has found it .
  6. I haven't mailed the box yet ! Mother in law is in the hospital after having emergency surgery . I will mail as soon as I can ! Sorry for the delay !!
  7. Blue lion , I got it yesterday !! So many fabulous goodies ! I will add that to the polishes that were graciously sent to our group from all the other groups !! KLG it'll be on its way to you in the next day or 2 !
  8. I send to KLG KLG will send to you You will send to puppyluv Puppyluv sends back to me and then we figure out what groups we swap with next !
  9. tevans

    Round 4: West Coast Box

    Lynda, I got it !! Omg !! Love !! Thx so much !! You have a box of goodies coming to you this week from me !! Thx so much !!
  10. Our new box should be on the wY to me and when I get it., I'll go through it and get it out to the next gal !!
  11. I have received all 3 boxes from the other groups and thanks so much for everyone's genourousity . The box is all packed up and ready to be swapped again !!
  12. Update - I've gotten 2 boxes so far , I can't wait to get the boxes swapping again.
  13. tevans

    Round 4: East Coast Box

    Lily V, Yeah,my box was stolen ! Any polish y'all want to contribute for me to start a new box will be greatly appreciated ! Thanks, Tara PS- I can message you my address if y'all have any extras . Thx
  14. tevans

    Nail Polish Swap Box Arrived NO CLUE

    And I can't believe you stole the box and never mailed it to me !!! Giggle -- haha ! Isn't it so funny how you stole the box ?!?
  15. Blue lion , Thanks . Those are fab and will start a new box along with other goodies !!! Much appreciated !
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