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  1. In addition to being a rich source of food a lot of health benefits for the body, scientific studies have shown that the use of olive oil directly on different parts of the body comes the results of a stunning and completely unexpected. This product is a wonderful natural moisturizing properties of pure, nutritious and at the same time. That was why the women since time immemorial, especially in the Greek and Pharaonic civilization to be used in the care of their hair and skin. A natural moisturizer for dry scalp Most of the problems of dry skin are the result of lack of hydration in the body due to climate changes that occur suddenly without sufficient time for the skin to cope with this natural climate. The dry scalp of the most disturbing forms of drought for most women suffer with him, because the head of the cortex, inflammation, and some simple acupuncture, which inevitably affects the health and beauty of hair. And treatment of this usually always requires certain types of shampoo while avoiding most of the chemical treatments for hair dye and represented in the hi-lite and the individual. But the best way to avoid all of this and re-hydration naturally once again for the head is to use olive oil directly on them. Put olive oil on the hair dye used tool then put pectinate hair length and cover with a plastic cover after so and leave overnight, then wash your hair in themorning the next day shampooing. You'll notice an amazing result Moisturizing mask for the health and shine to hair To give some luster to the hair, mix the amount of 50 ml of olive oilwith the amount of a similar laurel oil, and then leader of the mixnourishing your hair away from the roots - in the case whether thescalp oily in nature - If it is dry and the leader of the mixture is well on the scalp roots then Cover your hair with a towel and leave to warmfor 30 minutes and then wash your hair as usual. You can preparethis mask once a week or at any time when you feel that your hairneeds for nutrition, and luster. Lotion for the body and hands Mix 50 ml of olive oil with 50 ml of Azeris oil and add 10 points of the basic oil Jeranyum oil and the amount of 10 ml of lavender oil androse oil 10 ml and nonlinear Grease well and dry your skin by the day in any region of the body. It's best used at night before bed. Mix olive oil with lemon juice and put it on the facial skin every day,this combination will result an amazing wonderful on your skinbecause it will prevent the appearance of wrinkles and leaves your skin soft and healthy vivid and active. Lip moisturizer The easiest way to moisturize the lips and fed effectively is paintedwith olive oil .. You'll notice your lips seemed healthy Matturdh Once you use this oil on it. Cream of the eye Olive oils from the most suitable for sensitive skin thin, so you'll find itis best to use on the lips and eye areas. You can put it on the eye, using natural cotton to moisturize the skin surrounding and protecting them from wrinkle creams to use instead of the normal. Make-up remover New property added to the olive oil is that you can use an effective remover natural makeup. two quantities similar mix of olive oil, almond oil and put the mixture in a small bottle and use it in removing eye makeup .. This magic mixture will also fuel the lashes and intensify. Reinforced nail There is no better than the olive oil to treat weak nails Trichorrhexis, Shaving cream for men Men can also use olive oil as an alternative to natural shaving creamsand gels, it reduces the inflammation that affects the skin due toshaving as it leaves your skin shiny and smooth. Sunscreen A number of studies demonstrated that the development of pure olive oil on the skin after exposure to the sun directly limit the destruction ofthe cells caused by UV radiation and leading to the occurrence ofcancer. In addition, olive oil works moderator of burns caused by long exposure to the sun as it contains elements of antiseptic andmoisturizing skin damaged address, and soothing pain. For more articles please visit the Source http://beautician1.blogspot.com/2012/02/discover-10-unexpected-uses-for-olive.html
  2. Holiday of love of the most beautiful events in which you can enhance your beauty to receive looks of admiration and praise of those who you like. In the following lines we give you some ideas to make Valentine's makeup quick easy steps. Choose those most suited to your taste. 1 - Sunrise youth Simple make-up is always a title for the women thin quiet, if you're a fan of simplicity in the make-up, Follow American star Julianne Hough in this Look who will give your face a wonderful shining youth XB server vibrant and attractive. 1 - and the leader of a cream shining on all parts of the face to create the appearance of youth and healthy for your face. 2 - Draw the Inner by eyeliner dry or liquid boundary line along the upper lashes to begin a third of the eye and ends outside of the eye a bit, then another salvo line extends along the lower lashes end up in the middle of the eye. 3 - passed a thick layer of mascara on the lashes and then my little red cheeks and natural lips a tinge of red-brown Lord. 2 - face rich touch of Red If you have Kamhiyah skin the same color skin beautiful Kim Kardashian, intellectual make-up in the red with the golden beauty of it strengthens the skin in the evening Valentine. 1 - and the leader of the base cream on your face in the usual way and then my little eye on the bottom of koncelr be lighter than your skin one or two degrees. 2 - Take a light golden color and eyelids distribute it on the upper eyelids and below lower lashes. Water line and then select the eye by brown color. 3 - Identify your eyes from the top Balaj black liner and then I passed two layers of mascara after putting a slice of false eyelashes "optional" status and ended in red lipstick pink. 3 - peachy makeup reddish For the appearance of more youthful Hangouts in the day, try the idea of ​​using colors peachy to slash red cheeks and lips, as in this Special Look asterisk "Demi Afeto." 1 - Start with a soft, skin cream wrapping equal basis with high quality, and then leader of Koncelr composition of HD on the bottom of the eyes to help you get a shiny skin . 2 - Use a red color peachy cheeks reddened and then my red lips the same color, which will serve to revitalize your appearance. 3 - Finally, to achieve balance , contented himself put under the eyelids painted beige italics built with a layer of black mascara. 4 - Smoky eyes of a witch The "Adriana Lima" of more models in search of the house Victoria's Secret on the search engine "Google" among girls, due to various emerge that make girls more eager to imitate her makeup. Follow these steps to get the eyes of Lima Smoky charming. 1 - Start by selecting the top line of eye cataracts by any black liner and then to stain by fingers to be able to get your hands on the appropriate shade of the eye. 2 - As for the rest of the face only himself put lipstick a natural degree of the Pacific pink with red cheeks the same color to remain calm and feminine makeup beautifying. 5 - shades of silver and pink lips and bright If you would like to make your eyes in the center of gravity , Follow-Luc singer "Selena Gomez" which was used in which the selection of the eye with the heavy shadows of the silver pearl texture. 1 - Take the eyelids color silver and shiny texture "pearly" Put him on your eyes and then draw a boundary line is thick and Alawite lower other appropriate public and make the selection to highlight your eyes even more. 2 - finished eye makeup put a layer of black mascara and then Make you balanced development of red and pink cheeks and pink lip gloss. 6 - makeup neutral Neutral fashion make-up is not over yet, it is also suitable for the girl who loves simple and easy to setup and fits a different skin colors and does not require you to caution and scrutiny, which required heavy make-up. 1 - to get the look, and the leader of the basis of the cream on the face and shining a national coverage of defects Eoncelr. 2 - Identify your eyes from the top hung high extended along the upper lashes and a little drawn out of the eye. 3 - Put a little of the shadow on the eyelids bright white interior parts of the eye to increase the shining eyes. 4 - finished put a little blusher and mascara peachy Redeemed then red lips painted beige . 7 - rich red lips Red lips make-up of forms which reflect the classical gravity, and Style return to women in the sixties of the last century. 1 - Get the look this cream base to begin the development and koncelr lighted as usual. 2 - Then, select your eyes from the top by a black color and my red cheeks pink reddish. 2 - finished passing the make-up red lips painted bright red on your lips to make you ready. *link removed by mod*
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