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  1. One thing I'd buy is Smashbox's Camera Ready BB Cream. I've never gotten compliments on my skin with any other makeup (or makeup-free), but multiple people have complimented it when I wear that. If it were me, for skincare, I'd go to my dermatologist who works with a locally-based company (PCA SkinCare) and have them pick out a regimen, since I already use a few of their items and like them.
  2. Woohoo! I'm in the Skinny Girl one, and the olive oil campaign.
  3. Woo hoo, after being a member since March 5, 2012 (yep, over a year), I'm finally confirmed to get my first vox box!! The Sun Kissed one.
  4. Today, I got a big face wash (green tube, too lazy to go get). It's a 3-in-1 wash/mask/scrub thing.. sounds interesting, too bad I just bought a new face wash 2 days ago.. and a yellow tube mascara for compensation for surveys. Wasn't expecting them and thought it was something I ordered from eBay in the middle of April (still haven't received ). Cool beans.
  5. I supposedly earned a badge by logging in today.. an extra 1000 points. And then I added my birth year and got another 1000. Plus there was actually a survey up today so I got another 100, too. Too bad everything is sold out.
  6. Don't even bother. Why buy something that you're unsure of, when you could go to a professional? I'm getting my tattoo removed. I went to a laser school (where there was a laser technician instructing future laser technicians) for 10 sessions but their laser was pretty weak and barely faded it. The upside was that it was $50/session. So I've been going to a place that has real doctors and a higher intensity. I have about 3-4 more sessions to go and I pay about $125/session now.. which if you've got a basic tattoo, would be cheaper than buying that machine, as most tattoos typically take around 10 sessions with a high intensity laser to go away. Mine is taking forever though because I have a lot of purple, and blue is the hardest color to get rid of. It's probably the size of my hand, and on my sternum.
  7. I use Urban Decay's De-Slick.. before foundation/BB cream and after. It seems to help. Also I put it on over eyemakeup and it helps keep it fresh.
  8. I wouldn't do it either. You already left a trail with this thread, so he'd find out. What I WOULD do, though.. is stop kissing him until he quits that habit. I can't think of anything less sexy than kissing someone with dip-residue in their mouth (I've never been with a dipper, so I don't know how that works, but in my mind I think I'd taste it every time). Maybe it'd be incentive to quit.
  9. Me too! Kind of. I have an AS from a trade school, but the credits don't transfer anywhere so I consider it useless, to me (not knocking trade schools.. it wasn't for me). But I'm a few credits shy of 2 different "real" AS degrees (1 lousy credit for web development and 6 for a general biology I think), and will probably finish them this summer because my baby brother is a few credits shy too and I don't want him to beat me.
  10. If I'm being honest, I probably had more to do with putting pressure on my peers than vice versa. I do feel a little bit of "pressure" when it comes to looking good though.. unfortunately my standards for myself are way higher (almost unattainable actually) than my standards for others... I feel the need to keep up with the Joneses in that regard.. /endtherapy
  11. I know it's petty and shallow, but I'd go back to a few years ago and not let myself gain so much freaking weight (ashamed to admit that it's about 50 lbs in 4 years, yikes). Hopefully when I wean myself off of certain medications, it'll be easier to lose weight, since the bulk of that gain happened when trying out new meds.
  12. It's my birthday month so I'm not restricting myself. I don't have anything I need or really really want thanks to Chic Week though. Ulta sent me a $10 off coupon in my e-mail and they've got some nice GWPs but I don't know that I'll be purchasing anything.
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