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  1. There was also an ad spread in the September Vogue featuring two different looks with this collection- Can't wait to see all the products. ETA: Here's the commercial: And the two pics at the top are the main pictures in the Vogue ad: http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-207_162-57598764/a-look-at-covergirls-hunger-games-collection/ (edited to embed video -magicalmom)
  2. FWIW, my Target is carrying that same skincare set for $18- I talk myself out of buying it every trip
  3. I really like these two from Sephora: http://www.sephora.com/primal-instincts-eyeshadow-palette-P374274?skuId=1430503 http://www.sephora.com/natural-instincts-eyeshadow-palette-P377659?skuId=1474998 Not every formula is awesome and there are a few colors that don't get used a lot, but overall they're great- I use one or the other pretty much every day.
  4. FWIW, I ran across the Powder Play at Marshall's today for $10
  5. It's definitely not full size- Not in front of me, but I'd say it's no more than 2oz or so. I WISH it was full size!!! ETA: Totally misread- The soy product is no more than 2oz, not sure about the powder- Sorry! ETA again: If you look at the pics in the thread, the red product is no bigger than the full size nail polish bottle- I hope that's not the full size!
  6. Got my bag (in San Francisco, fwiw)! Got- Soy treatment (excited to try, especially after everyone's glowing reviews here) Love at First Byte polish (not something I would've chosen, but I'm looking forward to trying it) Sweet Cheeks blush (was open to either color) Two duo eyeshadow (Pink does NOT look good on my eyes- What are some other ways to use this?) It also weighed .5036. Overall, pretty happy- My last bag was March '12, and Ipsy has seemed to have come a long way since then
  7. Mine is finally (FINALLY) in CA- It's been in transit since the 5th. I feel like I could've driven to North Carolina and picked it up myself faster. USPS has it in their system now, but still no eta- Hoping to have it by tomorrow or Saturday. Why is the shipping so wonky? Are they being sent out the cheapest way possible? Or is it because the nail polish is in the bag? I know when you order polish from some sites they say that it has to be shipped ground- Has the shipping seemed slower for bags with polish in the past? This is my first bag since the Freeman cucumber mask, so I'm not sure about the other polish bags...
  8. Let them know! Their CS has been great for me in the past- I'm sure they'll make it right
  9. It's not any smaller, but I just got the Sephora Natural Instincts palette and am really happy with it- About 10 of the 14 shades are lighter neutrals and a nice mix of matte & shimmer. Plus, it's only $28. http://www.sephora.com/product/productDetail.jsp?keyword=sephora%20collection%20natural%20instincts&skuId=1474998&productId=P377659&_requestid=122779
  10. Got my shipping notice- Bag is in KY, I'm in CA. Can't find a delivery estimate, but I'm hoping it's here by the end of the week! My weight was 0.5036.
  11. Freaking enablers!!! I've been interested in the Gris Fatale palette for awhile, but couldn't stomach the price tag. It was much easier paying $25 for a single eyeshadow (been longing for the Petit Tresor in Fil d'Argent since Christmas) when I knew I'd be getting something else I've really been wanting, too- Thanks for the head's up!
  12. Oh, MAN- Hope I get off the waitlist soon :/ Emailed CS, hoping they will either magically unwaitlist me, or at least say I've got a shot this month!
  13. Don't put the cat down simply because he isn't getting along with your other cats. If he is a nice cat otherwise, try to find him a new home where he will be the only cat. I know that the animal shelters near me will take surrendered animals and find them appropriate homes. Or advertise on Craigslist and find him one yourself. And in the future don't take in an animal unless you can care for it. Putting it down because you made the mistake of taking on too many animals is cruel.

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