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  1. I like the kimono. My issue is the sunglasses. I have a hard time with fit due to my "low bridge". *curses this Asian nose* I'm most likely out for summer.
  2. After watching the video, I really wish the cape was being sent out in a solid or a different pattern. I really like it and its versatility but that black & white. Yuck. I just can't do that half half thing. So bummed.
  3. I don't like the cape. I like the idea of a cape - just not that cape. I'd would have preferred it to be all one color or a pattern. Not a fan of the half white/half black deal. I might cancel this month...which is a bummer b/c I love Fall and LOVED last year's Fall box! I wear the watch all the time (have it on as we speak).
  4. Wow @@Novice, that is crazy! I am not sure what in the world they were thinking....
  5. I didn't read this as 5 samples total. I read this as we are only allowed to review and get points for 5 samples a month. So, even if we get six or even 7 samples... we can only review and get points for 5 of those samples. I think it would be a bad move on BB's part to change this to 5 samples total. They would lose a lot of subscribers!
  6. If the necklace is not adjustable, I don't think It will really work for me. Maybe I can get creative and modify it to make it suit me.
  7. I got my box Wednesday and am really happy with it. I got the bracelet in gold (yes!) and the shadow stick in marble - which is like a charcoal grey. I would have been happy with any shadow but the light blue shade. I wonder what's in store for summer? :-p
  8. Do we know for sure if they are sending out variations of the bracelet? I didn't see the bracelet available in silver on the Jules site which led me to believe we'd all be getting the silver . I personally like the bracelet better in gold and would prefer that option :-) I'm pretty happy with the box. I am also glad the bag is brown and that variations of THAT didn't go out because I'd be super bummed if I wound up with like, a pink bag. Also happy with the Klorane! I am almost out! The blotting paper is whatever. I'll keep it at work but know I won't use that til summer. Earbuds arent something I'm WILD about but I will use them and I like the style of them. Now, to be patient and wait for my shipping notice !
  9. I am happy with spoiler! I'm excited for this box as I've loved the other two spoilers for this box as well. Bring on, March! #thinkspring
  10. So, I have been using and enjoying everything in my box. After seeing the spoilers, I wasn't super jazzed about the box but tried to keep my doubt at bay until I got the box in my hands. I, like @@Miccarty2, have fine hair so things like hair pins and hair product like hair oil are not always the best for me. But I gave everything a go... I like the Honest products. I've been using the crayon and the face wipes (which I had just run out of, tyvm). I like the smell of these products and I'm glad I got to try this brand out. I've worn the ring a couple times already and have gotten compliments. I'm sure I'll use the foot pads at some point. What was totally unexpected for me was the hair oil. I love it. The oil is really light! I would consider purchasing this. I'm still on the fence about the hair masque. I think I have to use it sparingly. The first time I used it, I was a little too heavy handed and my hair did not look so great. I could not go a day without washing it. I wanted to love that hair pin. It's so cute. One of my besties also got the box and was wearing it in a messy bun. I just can't pull it off and my hair is too fine to wear it the other ways I've seen. Soooo...... I snipped the bobby pin down and put that bad boy on a long chain and have worn it as a pendant. I still get to enjoy it, just in a different way All in all, I am happy with this box and am glad I gave everything a chance. So far, I am loving the RZ box sub!
  11. I am thrilled with the bag! Of course, I would like if it was a bit bigger but I do own and use smaller bags. I wear them when I have to travel and on weekends or night's out when I just want a few essentials with me. I've also been wanting a bucket bag but just haven't pulled the trigger yet. I wonder if all the bags being sent out will be the camel color that's pictured or if there will be variations? This bag comes in several colors on the website. http://www.shafferla.com/shop-shaffer-la/the-greta Also, I am really happy to see a purse, not a clutch or a tote bag but an actual purse in a subscription box! Bring on Spring!
  12. So I have been nosing around on Instagram in hopes I'd find a spoiler.... Since we are all speculating what could be weighing this box down, I wonder if this could be it?
  13. @@Baublesntreats I would still email Rachel Zoe and explain the situation to them. I think they have great customer service. They replaced the RZ knot ring that was sent out in a Popsugar box 6 months after the fact because I contacted them about it tarnishing. Not only did they send me a replacement ring but also a pair of super cute studs as an "I'm sorry"!
  14. So, I got my box on Tuesday and I reeeaaallly love everything in the box! The hat is great and I think I can totally put it off. I love the color and the strap around the crown. I cannot wait to bust this out for Fall. The watch is awesome. I love, love LOVE it! My only quip is that I really wanted to buy a tan strap but the majority of the straps are sold out on the Cluse website. Total bummer. I managed to snag my second choice though - olive. Lastly, the earrings. I wasn't sure about these but then realized they were climber earrings. I love them! All the other items in the box were great as well. I already had the One Love product and was happy to get another one. I like the notebooks as well as I use them at work and as luck would have it, I am almost done with my current notebook so it was time for a replacement! The fabric spray will totally get used as well. I am absolutely thrilled with everything!

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