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    I am a graduate student obsessed with beauty subscription services and make-up. Birchbox is a gateway drug. I love fashion and work at the Gap. I am a runner and training for a half marathon. And I am vegan, I try my best to only buy vegan, cruelty-free beauty products, but humans aren't perfect!

    Plus, I am an avid blogger: http://mesjoiesdevivre.blogspot.com
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    student, retail
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    -NAKED! The original palette is to die for. I desperately want to buy this.
    -theBalm Mary-Louminzer
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    public transportation, baby!
    I am consistently late and/or dealing with awkward social encounters on the metro.
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    Clinique, The Body Shop, MAC, and finding new brands I love every day!
  1. snllama

    Sircle Samples

    I've got new samples up! NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil, NYX Loose Shimmer Powder, and the mirror. Ive had all of these in the past, but for awhile I was only allowed to pick one sample at a time. Looks like I can 'buy' all three of them at once
  2. snllama

    Sircle Samples

    I finally got mine weeks and weeks after I ordered. Mine was in a standard envelope but in tact. I got it in Lime Green and I looooove it! Creamy, pretty color, perfect pigmentation, and doesnt bleed.
  3. snllama

    Goodebox - September 2012

    sorry it is already claimed! it just wont let me edit the post for some reason...
  4. snllama

    Goodebox - September 2012

    I dont think Ill be ordering anything from the hessnatur shop. I dont want to pay $8 in shipping for a plain t-shirt. If someone wants my coupon code, Ill happily pm it to them. I just got my November box and already am super excited. The Pacifica lip tint is amazing! It is the perfect amount of color for every day. And I love the smell.
  5. snllama

    Sircle Samples

    It is. I finally decided to just go for it and then it told me I already got it and couldnt get a second one. Weird. But at least now I went back on and got the NYX Slim Eyeliner Pencil. Sweet!
  6. snllama

    Birchbox November 2012

    Still no tracking number emailed, but my account shows a non-live november tracking code. Patience is a virtue. Im excited.
  7. Afrin! Allergies have been awful the past few years. So Im excited.
  8. snllama

    Sircle Samples

    Same here. I have 3,000 coins and only that apothoderm cream that I dont want.
  9. snllama

    Conscious Box

    I just got the vegan box too. Im doing a promo for them. So excited, it looks really amazing. I cant wait to try everything. Once I put up my post Ill list everything that is in it. It is packed full to the top with goodies!
  10. snllama

    Sircle Samples

    I had the NYX lip gloss and another shimmer eyeshadow, but I could only select to receive one. Once I put in for the lip gloss, every other offer disappeared. They must be lowering your limit now. damn
  11. snllama

    Goodebox - August

    Got the ingredient lists for the two products and the pricing. Day and Night Cream for Oily and Acneic Skin Ingredients: Distilled Water, Vegetable Origin Wax: Glyceryl Stearate; Sodium Hyaluronate – Byotech Extract, Sodium Benzoate. Resurfacing Grains: Oat Protein, Wheat Bran, Nonfat Milk, Magnesium Carbonate. All Day and Night Creams are 1 oz and $65. Resurfacing Grains are 110 grams and $42. Sooo my resurfacing grains are up for grabs since they contain milk. I received 39g of the stuff so a big sample.
  12. snllama

    Birchbox October 2012

    I had so many troubles with teen vogue. I opted in on one and out on the other and got two teen vogues. I was so upset. I'm going to take no action this time around and let it be a complete surprise. That way I can't be upset either way.
  13. snllama

    Goodebox - August

    Both Evolue products have beeswax!? How did that slip by into my vegan box. Not cool. I told them I was okay with beeswax this one time and wouldnt want it in any future box. Time to send an email. I agree this was my least favorite box yet. I was so uninspired to even write a review. But I got more excited once I got the evolue extra products. I got a huuuge sample of their resurfacing grains and another sample of the day and night cream. Can anybody find any place to buy the evolue products? I just want to get the pricing info for the resurfacing grains.
  14. snllama

    Goodebox - May 2012

    Scooby, I dont care for the Dr Hauschka cleansing milk if you want to trade for it
  15. I got one for my anniversary. They said that anyone who had an anniversary recently will also be getting one sometime soon. I don't use or wear leather, so if anybody wants to trade for it. It is up for grabs!
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