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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by Lulubelle107 I use mine everyday, and I like it okay. Honestly, though, I've yet to find a curler that I thought made a significant difference. It's okay, but my all time fav is still my Kevyn Aucoin. That one is near and dear and totally a re-purchasable item!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by roskandy What is this magical cleansing spa water? I enjoy Birchbox but Glossybox has introduced me to many FAVS, including the Ken Goh Do Cleansing Spa Water. I've gone though multiple bottles and just bought a 4 pk on Sephora for 2x's points for Skincare Week.
  3. I'm unable to order a second bag. Ho hum, I got the one I want I guess. Last year I was able to enjoy 2-3 of the IT-Kits so a little disappointed. I still enjoy Sephora, just a little bummed with the lack of luster for the Rogue crowd. I think I'll save money, or buy some sale items from UD instead... -L
  4. Dang... My account still shows it's in the "Packing" stage so I emailed them last night. They said it'll finally ship NEXT week and they'll give me 200 points. They also said they are of aware of these shipping issues and working to rectify them. I was really looking forward to this box and even paid for a gift box for my sister. While I'd like the perfume, I'll be REALLY upset if I don't get a box or if it's missing the Tarte or Fresh item. The rest is gravy, but I really want those two items. And...I live in California - so it takes a long time for their boxes to reach me. Feeling a little sads. Thank god for LMdB being so on it and awesome.
  5. I'd sure appreciate if Rogue members got to be part of the early F&F sale dedicated to staff and their friends, in addition to the one they have closer to the holidays...
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by NewportSweetPea Do you like the if favorites for $75. There are items in that kit that I want vs the smaller one. Is the nars full size too? I did! The NARS lipstick is full-size but the blush/bronzer duo is not - but still plenty big to last you a looonnggg time. The mascara is okay - I will use it, but the rest is amazing! A whole face in one kit...
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by tweakabell Depending on what you want from the favorites,SinJP has a makeup must have kit for $36 that we've been talking about in the active code thread. I went and bought one today. Wow. That's a GREAT deal right there. I've already bought the Favorites kit (it's awesome!) so I'm glad there isn't a JCP/Sephora near me. I'd be tempted!
  8. I saw someone mention Dermablend on here. Dude, if it's the one that is made by Vichy, that stuff is amazeballs! When I need to look good that is my go-to. It's the only thing that covers my melasma, looks good, and a little dot or two is all you need. Right now I'm okay with my face's woes so don't use it everyday anymore, but seriously good stuff for full coverage. Lisa Elridge (I think that's her) has a video tutorial where she uses it on a girl with acne and the results are incredible. And it's really that good. I usually apply it with a BeautyBlender or the UD foundation brush.
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by Boots I went and took a peak at the face case, it does seem a bit high for what's in it, but then I'm new to UD, haha. The Glinda palette though... so pretty! Tough choices! The Glinda palette is one of my all time favs by UD. Just sayin'...
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Ashitude I have used my dots 3 times. Everytime I went to my list of canceled monthly subs and reactivated it. It has always had one of the pay options as use glossydots. It is insane how vasty different the customer service reps can be with Glossybox. When I reactivated my monthly (after completing a 3 month) it had the option to use your dots...but, it looks like my Dots are still there and my card got charged. Whatever. I'll try to figure out the magic window for next month I guess. I just better get some eBates cash then, darnit.
  11. I was WAITING for this! I ordered Vice 2, Ocho Loco 2, Black Market and two eyeshadows (Snare and Heartless) so I got the bonus six-pan. In my defense, I did decide to wait on the Face Case. (I have a feeling they'll be around for awhile, and I like having a few things in my pocket in case Sephora has their normally great holiday GWPs.) I've accepted the fact that UD is my kryptonite. I don't need another eyeshadow or liner, but I pretty much collect. There are some shades that are so old that I don't use because of that, but I like comparing the new with the old. Some of the old eyeshadows, for example, are just AMAZING: Metropolitan, Chains, etc...
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by KellyKaye I am okay with the spoiler but I will probably put it on my trade list because there are only two types of mascara that I will ever use. I love me some Benefit They're Real and Lancôme Hypnose... I really want an OCC lip tar because I saw that VIP box but I know that is most likely not happening. Boo hiss. A girl after my own lash-heart! These are my two FAVS, too!
  13. I wondered when they'd rethink their policy on free shipping, many ppl are breaking their orders up ridiculously to get more freebies! I would think one free shipment with no minimum order per day would be pretty fair...
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