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  1. I think the peach product is similar to the YSL product that's out right now, the blur perfector: http://www.sephora.com/touche-eclat-blur-perfector-P397617?skuId=1713122&browserdefault=true&om_mmc=ppc-GG&mkwid=suPyLB7C3&pcrid=49113167919&pdv=c&site=_search&country_switch=&lang=en&gclid=CJPy_JC_yssCFcgjgQodvkUKYg I think you just do your makeup normally and then add the two for touch ups? or use the pink product as a cream blush and the peach to set. I think this will be my fave from the box. Between this, the scrub, the frame, and the bracelet, I've gotten my $100 worth.
  2. Last year's box was much better for more different kinds of travel. This one is more like what you'd take on a road trip to the beach (hat, beaded bracelet, scrub, easy makeup, little notebooks). I like it but it's less versatile than some boxes have been...
  3. It doesn't solve the gelatin issue, but for those who eat marshmallows, my husband just suggested making smores with them and I'm a bit more excited now.
  4. Not into the hat. The makeup product definitely interests me. Love the frame. Love the scrub. Bracelet is cute to me. Notebooks will get used. I guess I can turn up the air and make cocoa for the marshmallows? It isn't that great as a travel box. Other than the compact and maybe bracelet I won't use it for travel. Last year at least had travel products. I guess the hat counts but it's NMS. Still a good buy for me though.
  5. I meant on MSA, which is what I thought we were referring to. Anyway, I'm sorry for causing confusion and for being too critical. I agree that it's a shame if someone would go on there and say something was amazing when they hadn't received it.
  6. I'm sorry--there was kind of a pileup on her and I thought that was inappropriate. I shouldn't have called out any single person.
  7. Wow! People need to remember that it's no one's job to post these things and that they do them to be kind. I have kids and sometimes you're just MIA for a few hours.
  8. we could play a game of "how bad could it be?" like a fur bikini and five kinds of fake tanner. and a bunch of foil packets. lol
  9. Yeah I'm kind of paranoid bc this reminds me of the CFDA box, but I'm also telling myself that I wouldn't have minded that box for $100 sooooo... Keeping my fingers crossed for good things--I love anything resort. Maybe some kind of new face or body product I haven't seen before, some great hair stuff--like sea salt spray...a beach tote...
  10. I sure did, and I love it!!! I've been traveling and haven't been able to post for a while, but I just wanted to tell you how perfect everything is--the lip scrub, the masks, really everything I asked for. Thank you so much for being a fantastic secret Santa. I honestly couldn't be more thrilled. <3 I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!
  11. aw, man. I just renewed for three months in mid-november. that covers dec, jan, and feb. I'll end up with two boxes for three months...still might be worth it if I trade things.
  12. How do you extend a current sub with this deal? I can't find a place on the website.
  13. Hi! I'm bumping this thread because I am a new subscriber and this is my second month. The December box was really nice. Cocoa (incl regular and some abuelita sachets), Ghirardelli and Lindor chocolates, a glittery snowflake candleholder and tea lights, a swarovski crystal necklace, plus the requisite feminine products, advil, cleansing cloths, etc. I love this kind of box because I always run out of those products at the wrong time, and don't want to be dragging my kids around to CVS if I don't have to. And it feels like a care package your mom would send to help with cramps and PMS <3 No problems with customer service so far.
  14. Oh wow, it's all gorgeous! I love that I'm getting so much different jewelry w these boxes! And I would definitely have bought that hair mask and the Honest Co products myself--I've been wanting to try their beauty line and my hair is straw in the winter. I love the RZ box for including actual trendy items. The hair pin looks so pretty, and it's nice and subtle so I won't feel like I'm 15 and going to homecoming. I like the notecards more than others I've gotten in a sub. Even if the ring doesn't fit I'm very pleased with the rest, and she really is good at varying items. Plus, this box is a win for people in socal who don't have real winters.
  15. Yeah I was wondering about that. Or maybe they provided the flowers for the photo shoot for some of the products (PS always stages photo shoots it seems). I'd really like the other products in the pic in a PS box!
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