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  1. Is the Laura Mercier eye pencil that comes in box 30 a full size or a mini?
  2. And this makes me a little disgruntled too - you got an immediate response and I still haven't heard anything back from them. Hmph.
  3. Augh!!! The same thing happened to me, except I did get the Cuppa. I was so excited when I saw which box I was getting, then held my breath while so many of the people with the same box had theirs update to a new one but mine stayed the same - yay! I was so nervous opening it but then I saw the card with all the right items listed in it and I literally did a fist pump of joy, only to have all the joy sucked out when I saw that stupid Chuao and realized things were not as they should be. I had a very disappointing experience getting the ugly cardboard boxes in September and my October box was completely "meh" so this was going to be the box that made it all up to me - but, no, I couldn't get that lucky. I emailed CS earlier this afternoon begging them to make it right; we'll see what happens.
  4. Mine came - I got a Ruffian polish and Ruffian polish remover pad. It almost seemed like a mini gift set!
  5. I complained about getting a foil in my last Pick Two last month and got the same reply. The problem I have with it is that their own product description clearly states the Pick Two is supposed include one deluxe sample: "Receive two samples for free by spending $35+ on any full-size products from the shop. It includes one deluxe sample and one standard sample". If you want to start claiming it is just a random add-on bonus, update your listing! I just placed an order last night with a Pick Two so I am curious to see what it will end up being.
  6. I really want the tea mask so I hope I manage to see the email before it runs out. I already have a ton of the Amika mask (I love it but I have two jars and a bunch of the sample sizes) and I hated the Juice peel.
  7. Still September for me too, sigh. This is ridiculous. I am getting tired of complaining to BB.
  8. I have a question. I contacted BB on Saturday about my Birchboxes being sent in the usual brown instead of the special anniversary pattern boxes. I got the usual placeholder response saying that as an Ace my email would be floated to the top of the inbox and that they should be in touch within 72 hours. It has now been over 72 hours with no response. Should I give them extra time because of the weekend or should I poke them about it? My previous emails all had responses within a day so this is kind of weird but since they aren't there on the weekend I don't want to be unfair. ETA - they did get back to me! They requested more information and are working on it
  9. I use them for all sorts of things! I have a huge nail polish collection so I use the tops and bottoms separately to subdivide bottles within the drawers of my organizers. They're wonderful to protect fragile items in shipping - I wrap the item in bubble wrap, put it in a Birchbox and slide the whole thing in a padded envelope. The pretty ones like I had hoped to get this month and I think the Christmas one from last year - whichever one had the metallic/pink stripes - are amazing to keep on the dresser for hairtoys like elastics, hairpins and twistbands. I use one as an emergency first aid kit for my car.
  10. So what was the item from the Jouer/BeautyBlender Perfectly primed collection?
  11. Thanks guys. I did contact them. I just feel bad because I contacted them twice already this month - once to complain about my Pick Two being all foils and once to ask why my box hadn't updated by the 10th. I swear, I went a year without contacting them at all and now all of a sudden I can't stop badgering them. I said I feel like Charlie Brown getting a rock for Halloween! I was looking forward to seeing which of the three patterns I was going to end up with so opening the boxes and seeing the same old "paper bag brown" was incredibly disheartening.
  12. I am so sorry you guys because I feel like all I have been doing lately is complaining so please forgive me for being a Debbie Downer. I received my two identical Birchbox 58s today and they are both in the same old stupid boring brown boxes!!! Weren't we all supposed to get the bright pretty collectible boxes? I feel like these boxes are the leftover junk they are sending out after everyone else gets the good stuff. And I KNOW that is not the case: the Daviness conditioner sample is a really great size and the Shiseido is supposed to be great stuff and seven samples to review is $7 in my pocket. But I save and reuse the boxes and I was really, really looking forward to the cute designs. Pout.
  13. Mine also just now updated. I am getting box 58 as well. On BOTH accounts. Again. Sigh. While I am happy for 7 items to review, I am mildly disappointed. The Davines is wonderful and people say good things about the Shiseido but I don't care for the YuBe (the smell is off-putting) and the mascara and Temptu are both wasted on me. I was so hoping for the nail polish. Oh well! I am definitely dropping back to one box, it is ridiculous how often my second box is a dupe.
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