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    NC42 at MAC, 2y09 at Sephora. newlywed (o6.22.14). Kinky-curly hair. Black/Cherokee/Irish. Obsessed with French culture. 38.24.37.
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  1. I'm thinking about ordering the green tea one. Have you tried that flavor?
  2. Yay for getting your goodies! How does the Kusmi tea taste b/c I'm very curious about this brand.
  3. yes they are. yes. they. are. -_______-
  4. Oh gawd. I cancelled my account that got a Harvey Prince sample each month, so I hope i avoid this sample.
  5. Yeah it's very weird, but I want a February box. No need to backtrack a month or two, smh.
  6. Damn! Damn! Damn! (in my Florida Evans voice) I got hairkop and suki as my mystery pick two. Hairkop is back you guys
  7. Agreed. Blaming the customer is not a good look, unless the customer did something blatantly disrespectful, broke rules, etc.
  8. They're giving me another December box!!!! Wtf?!!! They told me if I want to cancel and resub to wait until after the 15th so I can get the current months box. I received a January box, so why the hell are we going backwards two months. I already left them a voicemail so we'll see what happens. I will dispute this with Bank of America if needed. I resubbed on January 23rd. I can review my December box for points and I just unlocked it in the app.
  9. Is it me, or is this aqua whatever sample another version of real chemistry?
  10. I'm hoping for another "full bloom" like box. I waited forever and ever when I attempted to buy one for it to ship, after giving birchbox my money and points for it to be sold out
  11. That sucks Send a message through the birchbox support link. It worked for me and others on this forum. I got a response in less than 5 minutes. https://support.birchbox.com/hc/en-us
  12. consequence = no sample, even though you selected it.

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