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  1. Hi, Brianna! It's great to have you. Please explore the forums - I'm sure you will enjoy what you find! Hope to see you around!
  2. Can we just get our damn bags already haha
  3. This is pretttttyy exciting, lol
  4. Haha, still haven't tried the blush!
  5. Hi, there! So glad to have you here on MuT! Hope you have lots of fun & can't wait to see you around!
  6. magicalmom, you are beautiful!
  7. Sorry that you feel that way! There are certainly some better subs out there, though! Check out our Subscription Services Threads!
  8. DHL Shipping was fine for me... Sorry to those STILL waiting.
  9. See I'm not as easily embarrassed... I am all about the empowerment of women. In one of my senior classes in high school, we basically talked about whats in the news and politics and birth control got thrown in. I had no problem setting the record straight for several of the students. (could you believe in 2012, some of those guys still thought birth control = abortion!?) If anyone judges you buying lacy undies, they need a more entertaining life. I personally have more things to be concerned with than judging what my fellow undie shopper is purchasing!
  10. Yep! Certainly lost my trust! If you're capable if being dishonest in one area, you are certainly capable of doing so in several others. I'm glad I waited it out - I was so close to subbing. Already suspended another sub to make the $$ for it! I will also deal with the "embarassment" of buying my panties at VS or Aerie *shock, in public* because atleast they're reputable. They didn't sick people after others on a forum to get business. I'm with Diana16 - it's actually not very embarassing for me at all, I loveeee buying undies so I'll stick to the way I do it. I love shopping, period!
  11. Welcome back, Molly! Hope to see you around!
  12. Not sure how Zadi found out but I don't have anything better to do and can't sleep so I sleuthed through the thread up to page 3. Saw several accts with postings either only on here or here and one or two other threads and that's it. Weird!
  13. That's irritating because the OP got pretty involved in the thread (even went as far as to say that someone who ended up paying her mailman for for the extra postage got ripped by him). I hope you can get to the bottom of this - they probably did it to get their name out there, but that was totally unnecessary to create multiple accts! Nothing worse than a dishonest company... and if what you're saying is true, it seems like a dishonest business action. =/ Hope you get to the bottom of it, Z.
  14. Yeah, I mean both of my managers at my job [a hotel] are males and we all respond to guests concerns the same way - with good grammar, with concern and a want to correct it. I don't think being a guy is a good excuse. While they may resolve the problem (quickly) they get points there, they still have to be able to do so in a well-mannered nature. A caring one. Even if gender did play a role, they're dealing with a bunch of women, who obviously don't think the shortness of the replies are acceptable. Working in customer service, i have to agree. However, I'm willing to let it go for now because they're fixing what's wrong and doing so quickly!
  15. Very sad. I'm glad you're okay Yukiko. Prayers to everyone involved, and RIP to those who have passed.
  16. No I agree with you, just wanted to see what you meant! Thanks for posting it. It does seem short - not rude, but definitely short so I understand where youre coming from!
  17. Would you guys mind elaborating on why you thought their customer service was rude? I've only heard good things about their CS here on makeuptalk, I'd like to know what they said to rub you the wrong way :/
  18. Exactly. Same situation here... I wanted to try panty fly ($15/3months) so it's like hmmm. SH or PF? Leaning towards PF but I haven't cxl'd my SH yet. =/

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