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  1. You need to let the battery die every once in a while. I find after the next charge it lasts longer on both my phone and laptop. My keyboard and trackpad looked like new after 4 years of heavy use.
  2. @ I may go check out the the Guerlain Meteorites Blush tomorrow instead of getting the palette. That is if my daughter will cooperate. Its so pretty though!
  3. I got a refund for the brush cleaner set but now I don't know if I am supposed to return them? What does it mean how they are going to proceed? I would be happiest just keeping the set and paying for it and taking the 2 wipes out of the other set so I have 4 like it says in their description and just returning the one bottle of cleaner. I don't know if i should write that or wait for another response. I want to try the brush cleaner wipes but what if they ask for them back? I really like the everyday brush cleaner, I was surprised by how much came out of my blush brush and it dried really quickly. I already own a bottle of it and this was a good way to try the wipes if it had come with 4 like it was supposed to.
  4. My replacement for the brush cleaner set came in and only 2 wipes once again! Somehow Ontrac is faster than UPS overnight saver air to me! The package says 2 sets of wipes and the website says 4 wipes. So I assume it should be 2 sets of 2 connected wipes making it 4 but the packaging company read it as 2 wipes making the online description incorrect. Waiting to here back I am supposed to mail back the first one but my tape is in a shelf blocked by some boxes but I had been unable to get to it because I hurt my back pushing a TV on Saturday. Maybe I will just get to keep both.
  5. That is almost as bad as my brother getting invited to leave for starting a fire in a trash can on a day he was absent. They said he was the ring leader and he was responsible too. He liked his new school better and channelled his energy in football and roller hockey. He was tallish and chubby and the kids just bounced off of him. He got asked to be on his high school team(he could even skip summer training), they heard about his blocking abilities and he refused. I asked him why, and he said that there were bigger kids at the public schools, he was not crazy. Elementary was only catholic schools but in high school it was all the schools split into divisions by ranking and his high school was in a tough division.
  6. My son was in a troop where the Scoutmaster was a control freak. The boys had no responsibilities, no one could be trusted. He personally had to sign everything off. The whole meeting ended up being boys waiting to get things signed off by him most of the time and nothing was ever good enough. One time my son had to get something signed off before a deadline, merit badge day or something and he would not do it quickly because we had to leave. None of the other grown ups would take it and have him sign it because he was such a douche. Finally his wife set up an appointment for us to do it a different day. He left that troop and is much happier in the new one and the boys can sign each other off, (the adults know what who did so the signing off is a formality really) and have actual say in their troop activities. Its no longer we only do what the scoutmaster says we do. He was the only 11 year old that was allowed to help at the day camp(actually they had to be 13 or 14 and the other kids younger than that age got turned away) and I got compliments about how he was so much more helpful than the older boys every day. He grew up so much over those 5 days! Boy Scouts is so great because it teaches the importance of responsibility. I am currently trying to prevent what has happened the past 2 years at school from happening again. He has terrible seasonal allergy issues, so he basically has a cold the whole winter even with allergy pills but not bad enough for prescription strength pills we got samples of once. I think it was after an asthma attack. He was seriously better after a couple of doses. It really affects his performance at school and last year and the year before the teachers both got on his case for being lazy. No matter what I said or did the teachers just said he needed to be responsible and do his work neatly. He was tested last year and now has an IEP but he has a genius level IQ and loves to read, the school psychologist had never had to go as far into a test as she did with him but when it came to timed tests all of a sudden his performance dropped severely, he does not do well under pressure. He also has minor fine motor issues which mainly just affect his writing making it illegible to most people and some Aspergers characteristics but he is not within the spectrum. He has been sick twice this month and he can't finish his homework since he is playing catch up but luckily the teachers were willing to make accommodations when I asked them to yesterday unlike last year when the principal got involved and finally got him tested. Anyways he was previously labeled as lazy and a trouble maker because he is smart in should be able to do the work but sometimes even smart kids need extra support. He would get so upset that kids who put very little effort in but were in the lower reading groups would get praised and he would work his but off and was far above grade level and the teacher would still complain. The teachers would say I just want him to succeed but not at the cost of him crying every night and feeling like he was dumb. He was so surprised to get any recognition at graduation(elementary school) he got a gold presidential medal at graduation which the valedictorian did not get btw, she got a silver. It shows me the teachers play favorite with the girls because there were so many boys that got the gold medal to choose from.
  7. I am waiting to see them in real life because the colors vary so much in all the pictures. The Temptalia reviews are terrible on them and scared me away a bit. The swatches look great of everything but maybe one color in each palette. Karen of Makeupandbeautyblog blog loves them though. Damn you auto correct!
  8. There should be no way to look for something inappropriate on the school computers so they are partially at fault! I know in our district you can't even look up frogs for some bizarre reason. I get to my kids school and I have to turn my wifi off in my phone because nothing works.
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