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  1. Beautybrands clearance section now has Dermalogica body cream for 75% off. I love that stuff but cannot justify almost $50 for a bottle of lotion. Needless to say, I bought 4 of them this morning.
  2. It looks like it is valid on prestige but not fragrance. This coupon just says "Thank you for being a member" and it just randomly showed up. I have not gotten an email along with it like I normally do. Maybe they're still sending them out.
  3. I got a 20% off of almost anything coupon in the mail. Did anyone else?
  4. My favorites in the BB store: *Orofluido Elixir - I adore this stuff and it does wonders for the damaged ends of my hair *Mally Shadow Sticks - LOVE these! I don't do regular powder eyeshadow very much at all after finding these little gems. *Paula's Choice - pretty much anything in this line. The liquid exfoliator and the retinol serum are HG products that have done wonders for my skin. *Alessandro HandiSpa hand cream - I have horrible dry hands and this is the best stuff I have ever used. It's pricey though. *TheBalm timebalm concealer - doesn't fall into the fine lines under my eyes and lasts throughout the day Things I wouldn't buy again: *Dr. Lipp - it's just purified lanolin and it's way overpriced. Go to Walmart to the baby section and pick up a tube of Lansinoh lanolin for breastfeeding mothers. It's the exact same stuff and tons cheaper - it's roughly $8 for a 2 oz tube vs. Dr. Lipp $15 for a .5 oz tube. *Shea Terra Body Butter in Mango - This smelled so fantastic in the jar but must have reacted with my body chemistry once it was on and smelled like mango scented onions. I walked around smelling like mango salsa and it was awful. *Any Gilchrist & Soames - it's just not that great I would love to eventually try a real BeautyBlender. I have a hard time justifying the cost of them, but I think I'm going to buy one with my points soon. I have been a BB subscriber almost since they started and have yet to receive one in my boxes when they send them out occasionally - much to my irritation, haha!
  5. If anything, I tend to use a bit more shampoo than conditioner. Had the conditioner leaked, I probably wouldn't have minded, but I know I'll end up with leftover conditioner. First World problems... I did let them know and they responded almost immediately. They are sending a new shampoo and gave me 100 points for the trouble. Much more than I expected!
  6. I got a good pick 2 yesterday - Harvey Prince imperial gardenia and a Sumita eyeliner in black. I absolutely adore Harvey Prince and haven't tried the imperial gardenia so I'm thrilled. Plus, I think I'm one of the few that love perfume samples and can never have too many. Question for you ladies: I ordered a shampoo and the cap was partially unscrewed and a bit leaked out. Everything in the box was in plastic bags so nothing was damaged, just gooey. Would you complain to bb? It ended up not being a huge loss if shampoo - maybe just an ounce or two. I feel guilty complaining for some weird reason but I am a bit bugged that I'll have more conditioner than shampoo now (I'm anal about my shampoo/conditioner ratios, lol).
  7. Its funny how different everybody's preferences are. I absolutely love shadow pencils and very rarely use powder shadows any more. Add me to those that isn't a fan of foundation primers. Every single one I've tried has made my oily skin feel worse and my foundation feels like it is sliding right off my face. I've never used false lashes and I can't imagine using a dry shampoo over just washing my hair - but I have stick straight hair and an oily scalp that needs a daily washing. Another thing I've never done is put mascara on my bottom lashes. It does not appeal to me at all. Every time I think about trying it, I can see Tammy Faye Baker looking back at me in the mirror and I put the mascara away. I do use it on my top lashes, but not the bottom. I'm also afraid I'll end up with raccoon eyes within an hour or two.
  8. I've used it and I haven't had any shedding problems with it. However, it goes on clumpy on me. The mascara seems really wet and goes on heavily, no matter how much I scrape off the brush. I usually have to comb out my lashes which removes most of the fibers, which completely defeats the purpose. I have also used Too Faced better than false lashes which is the same concept, and it looks amazing on me, but it smudges and never dries completely leaving your lashes feeling sticky all day. For $30+ for those mascaras, I expect better... I, too, am still searching for an HG mascara that lengthens, volumizes and doesn't flake, clump, or smudge while is still eady to remove. I can't seem to find one that does it all. I'm still looking for a foundation that knocks my socks off but I don't have much hope that one exists. I am allergic to antiperspirants and have been searching for YEARS to find a deodorant that works all day. I like Lavanilla but it strangely works intermittently for me and never lasts all day. I have a whole list of "I will never buy again" deodorants though. I don't have a HG shampoo/conditioner. I've never used one that I would want to use exclusively.
  9. I finally got a great pick 2! A full size Ofra universal brow pencil, and Coastal Scents Revealed eyeshadow sampler. I've received both in past Birchboxes, but they'll make great gifts. My mother in law loves to take my extras.
  10. I signed back up. I am a sucker for tinted lip balms and hand creams. Everything else is just a bonus.
  11. I got the $5 off $15 coupon too but mine says it's not valid until tomorrow (11/3 - 11/9). Drats, I was going to go spend it today as the rest of the week is crazy busy for me.
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