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  1. You can do it! Just stay strong. Don't feel bad about the returns. If it is stuff you were not using then you have to look at it like "Would I rather have money in my pocket or x item?" I wish you much success on your journey and I know you can do it! Utilize all your supports and you will be successful!
  2. I just wanted to say thank you to all of you! Your support and encouragement have meant so much to me during these last 30 days!
  3. Days 21-30: 4 Full Sized 4 Deluxe Sized 14 foils 2 Pefumes Totals days 1-30: 13 Full Sized 8 Deluxe Sized 62 Foils 8 Pefumes Total Products used up: 91 The next set of days is going to be harder as I am mostly through foils. I am just going to keep using things up though and since I am starting on the smallest things and working my way up will hopefully continue to see progress!
  4. Day 30. I managed to redeem myself (in my eyes at least haha) by returning the 3 items I ordered from Sephora. I went straight to the counter, returned them, got money back on my credit card and left. So happy that my mall has a gym so I was able to complete 2 tasks in one trip! Since I only had my one NM MoC purchase and it was less than $9 and was stuff I would have bought BF if my cc had not been cancelled due to fraud I am allowing myself to level up this week! @@eastofthesun Thank you for your kind words! I think all the work drama has been bleeding into my personal life. I am making an effort to leave my work stuff "at the door" so I can get into a more positive mind set! Working out also helps. And on that note: It is never too late to start! While I sometimes get bogged down thinking "If I had started a year ago I could have been at goal weight or I should be farther on my journey than I am." The most important thing is to start! Just like this no buy. We all had to start somewhere. For me I just got so tired of being in the shape I was so that is my motivation. Do I want to go to the gym 5 days a week? Honestly no. But if I don't go I will go right back to that unhealthy me. And I don't want to be her. I do eat cookies and make poor food choices sometimes but I always ask myself 2 questions: 1. Is doing this (eating this cheeseburger, not going to the gym etc) going to help me meet my goals 2. Am I ok with that? Some days I am, happy hour comes up or a special occassion and I don't go work out or eat poor foods. But honestly all that crazy stuff they say about working out and eating better is true! When you don't do it, you will feel bad and actually want to do it! So when you feel ready start your journey! You can do it! Ok sorry for my Pro Workout PSA. I have a serious runner's high right now and it makes me really happy and excited. Which I know can be annoying. Sorry Happy Friday all! On the next segment! Can't believe a month is done!
  5. Hi All. Sorry I have been MIA from this thread for a while but I have been feeling very negative nancy and figured if I could not say anything nice, to not say anything at all! I also had a slip up. I bought something online for a gift from Sephora and added 3 things to the cart for me (that I do not need or want). I plan on returning them all as, as soon as I hit purchase I knew I did not want or need the items and it is breaking my no buy. I felt I could justify the NM MoC shadows as they were LE and it is something I would have bought on BF if I had been able to. Other than that same old same old. I bought cycling shoes for my spin class and am so happy I did! It completely changes my work out game (and I got them on clearance!). I have been using up a ton of empties and going through my stash to find out what products from which categories to use next. It is rainy and dreary here but I know the sun will come out eventually so trying to focus on the good and not the bad! I have been following along with all of you and am proud of the accomplishments of the group! Happy Friday Eve!
  6. Not being there at the end is something that haunts me. Not to the point I have nightmares but I am so devastated that I did not go home. My grandma went to the hospital so my first response was "I am coming home." My grandma (an RN) my dad and grandpa all poo-pooed it saying "it's no big deal, don't waste the money etc." When I spoke to my grandma a few days before she died I once again stated I was coming home, but she talked me out of it. I wish I would have listened to my gut and gone. When the call came I knew before I picked up the phone. My poor husband got a call from me where I was to the point I could not talk I was crying so hard. Thank goodness he was able to ask questions to figure out what happened. I always remember hearing that about people keening and never really knew what it was or where it came from. Until the most important person in my life died. Then I realized how primal grief is and that keening is your body's response to it. Now on the anniversary of when she passed I go to the beach for reflection on her life and I buy her favorite flowers and light a candle to honor her.
  7. Finally got PYS at 6:15 PST. Went with curated box!
  8. Good to know. I unfollowed Aromaleigh on FB due to not appreciating the content being published. I got the email and meant to pop my head in over there and just forgot. I knew it would get here eventually.
  9. I got my shipping notice for February yesterday but I think she is just pre printing labels as it shows it is not to be shipped until 2/2/15. I loaded it into the shipment tracker site but it still is at label created step. Can't wait to see what is in it!
  10. No PYS email for me. Am about to head to the gym and will be there for a few hours so it will be interesting to see if it comes in.
  11. @@normajean2008 Great summary of the whole process in losing someone you love. @@ohsailor Sorry for the loss of your sister. I can't even imagine. Love the Albert Einstein quote! I found this quote really helpful when my grandmother passed (almost) 5 years ago and who was like a mother to me: "To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die." ~Thomas Campbell Goes along with what @@normajean2008 said
  12. I can't find it either! It just disappeared! @ @ can you all see it from the mod side? Was it taken down for a reason? TIA!
  13. This is seriously the best summary ever! When I described the class to someone I said "imagine if yoga, pilates and balle had a baby!" The first class we took was free and the studio has a 3 classes for $20 so I am definitely going to do that! After that it gets crazy expensive (and I already pay for a gym membership) but I am going to enjoy those classes while I can! I was suprised how much my abs hurt! I have been running, spinning, did barre this week so my legs are hurting! Tonight I am going to lift on my arms! Enjoy your classes when they start up and keep up the good work!
  14. So today I had my physical at the Dr. My weight from when I was there last year (1/25/14) to today was a difference of 21.21 lbs! My Dr also checked my blood and my cholesterol was down 32 points! She states it is due to eating better and working out! I also went to a Barre class tonight and am going to be verrrrry sore tomorrow!
  15. Aaand I also meant to say I went to a Barre class tonight and it totally kicked my hamstrings, glutes and abs! Tomorrow should be interesting!

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