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  1. Just got an email which implies that if you buy 2 boxes you get free express shipping. In ACTUALITY, it is ONLY the specific bundles listed: You have to use the provided links in the email to get to the 'bundle deal': Combo 1: Hair & Body 2 with Office Essentials Combo 2: Milk with Whole Grain
  2. Just got an email about: [Restocked] Luckybox #1, Superbox #2, Memebox For Him Looks from the Spoiler that is listed on the website, that LB#1 will have the Bounce Cheese Cream.
  3. Hoping this is the correct place to post this: Just saw a Superbox #29: BURST OF COLOR NO.2 I got the Burst of Color Superbox #5 and really like the products in there. I wonder how many repeats will be in the No. 2 Usually the products are similar for the "Number >1" boxes, but not the same, right?
  4. One of the ways I tell myself that I do not need more Memeboxes is via my reaction to the items in the Naked Boxes and the Spoilers. TBH, I am not very eager for the items in the Naked Boxes and luke-warm on the released Spoiler items. Every time I feel the urge to buy another box, I remind myself that if I’m not too excited for the items in the Naked Boxes, I’m probably going to be disappointed in the unknown items for the Memeboxes. Although that mentality worked for about a week before I bought more boxes. Now I keep a running tally of $$ spent on Memeboxes and I’m up to an embarrassing amount. Then I start to think about what I **could** potentially buy with that kind of cash (i.e. flights, super nice meals, etc)
  5. AsianGirl

    Memebox Issues

    I'd have to chime in and say that I appreciate the 3 pts as a compensation for the shipping delay. The fact that Memebox actually thought about the issue, and decided to offer a small amount of discount to those affected, was a really smart decision. Not only does the credit of points appease the potential mob (LOL, MemeMob), business-wise it encourages additional purchases from the same company. So this post is less about a specific issue, and more with my praise of how Memebox is handling their problems (at least, wrt shipping delays)
  6. Well I logged into my account after seeing the email about the extra 10 memepts for the next 24hrs (I received my email ~10am Eastern).. and saw I had 18 pts to spend, the highest ever in my balance. Therefore, I had no problems justifying buying the All-in-One box that's been sitting in my Wishlist since its announcement. A quick Heads-up: I searched for some more $3 off codes via google and even though they were 'supposed' to expire 31May, none of the ones I tried (I found 4 other codes) were valid, even though I had not used them before.
  7. From the first few seconds (pre-lip tint), it also looks like there will be an 'eye-brightener'/stick highlighter to make that highlight for the undereye circles. Maybe something similar to this? (Disclaimer: this is just a guess)
  8. Basically 1 pt = $1 You can earn points with cerrtain purchases (it will say so in the description, and if nothing is said about points you do not get points for buying that item). Memebox frequently have promotional time periods (like right now) where some points are added to our accounts to encourage buying memeboxes (and it works, oh boy does it work). So the promotion for today is that for 24hrs they added 5pts to all of our accounts, which is like a $5 coupon for your next purchase (does not need to be a box, can be from their memeshop of products too). I think some folks were 'surprised' at their account points because Memebox added 5pts to each account for this week (until 18May), and then on top of that for 24hrs (from ~noon eastern, I got my email at 12:30pm) they added ANOTHER 5pts. I used up my 'til 18May' points yesterday and ordered that color bundle using the new '24-hr' extra 5pts. It's possible if you only signed up for a new account today, that the 'til 18May' points were not in effect/added for you. Not sure about the '24hr' 5pts.
  9. I noticed in the description for the Orange Box that Shipping is Free (but the 'free shipping' statement is not included in any of the other color or scents boxes): I underlined the part about shipping. Maybe this is why they had these boxes up and then removed them briefly earlier. Not sure if Orange box is actually free shipping, but I ordered the 2+1 Color Bundle and was charged $6.99 for shipping. If anyone is ordering the Orange Box, double-check to see if you are getting charged for Shipping... and maybe save ~$7!
  10. AsianGirl

    Memebox Issues

    I submitted an email on May 5th (and a couple of days later, a Facebook message) to Memebox regarding my broken nail polish in one of the boxes and received a reply this morning: So I asked for the 6pt option as I'd rather get some credit towards a future box. 4 Days for CS isn't bad, especially accounting for the 1 week vacation they had. There has been no reply to the Facebook Message. So I guess it's a toss-up between the two ways to contact them, and which CS person answers which first.
  11. Personally I prefer the 'Standard Shipping' vs Express, mostly because when items ship Express they typically require a signature and I'm never home during the day to sign for them. I've read from some of the folks on the forum will pre-emptively leave DHL a note when they are not home. I have not tried this with DHL specifically but I did do this once for FedEX (they offer a way to print a page from their website and sign that page if you will be out when a certain type of parcel arrives) but the delivery guy didn't even see it hanging on the door knob. Yea, go figure. Luckily, I live in NE USA and so far, the Memeboxes shipped Standard have been taking about 7-10 days to arrive. I don't mind waiting a few more days to know that I don't need to be home to accept them.
  12. AsianGirl

    Memebox Issues

    ^ OK, thanks, Will do. I guess the order of Customer Service for Memebox is: 1. Facebook Messages 2. Emails Not the order that I would go with (should be same priority and first come first serve) but I'm also not making $$$ hand over fist selling beauty product boxes so what do I know. Oh right, I'm just one of the customers shelling out lots of $$$ to support said business. **sarcasm**
  13. AsianGirl

    Memebox Issues

    Yea so far, nada. Last time I wrote to Memebox it took ~ 3 business days and that was before the 1 week May vacation, so we will see when/if/how they respond.
  14. I had one order with 3 boxes and they only charged me shipping for ONE box ($6.99). The order was for 2 Superboxes and the MakeupEdition Box which in each 'description' for shipping says $6.99. The boxes did not ship together; I've gotten 1 of the three boxes and am still waiting on the other two. Hope this was helpful! EDIT: to clarify the order contained only BOXES and nothing from the MemeShop. I haven't made a purchase that was a mix of the two (except one order which was for an item under 'Free Shipping,' and does'nt really countt)
  15. I own the Makeon Gel Eye Pencil (Season 1) which is part of Naked Box #12. (not sure why the link url has 'nakedbox-16' for box 12) I really like these eye pencils as they definitely are long-lasting and water-proof! I also like that they have a short amount of time after application before they become smudge-proof (~5-10 secs). I bought these pencils separately & think this box is a great deal if you were thinking about getting these gel eyeliner pencils. Only negative is that the consistency of the pencil, for my under-eye area, feels a bit too thick and 'dry' and did not glide as easily as when using the pencils for my upper eye areas (waterline, corners, etc.) Could be a personal skin quality thing, or just an under-eye (eye bag) skin quality thing, in general. I haven't tried warming up the pencil with a blow dryer or anything; I'm hoping that will make the application a bit softer for the under-eye areas.

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