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  1. It's been a while since I've been on the online beauty scene - what is MSA, exactly? Oh, MySubscriptionAddiction - figured it out. I'm actually SUPER excited for this box, just because there's a lot of things I haven't tried, and products seem like good choices for sampling. (I always have mixed feelings on skincare samples... it's nice to try, but you usually don't get enough to see the results.) My only concern is that the BB Don't Blow It looks a litttttle small, but it's hard to tell from the picture. Regardless, love the value.
  2. Finally made it in! Seems like they opened a lot of spots this month? ...seems like a lot of masks. Not that I'm complaining, but a little more variety could be nice. Has anyone ever used the Play Pass one-one-one session? Is it worth it?
  3. I've used the setting spray, and I really liked it! Definitely comparable to UD's. I will also say (without going into too much detail) that I work with a variety of beauty experts and have to turn their thoughts into reviews and articles. The group as a whole gave it a thumbs up.
  4. Here's my selection for Earth Day! Placed the order last night: Top: Lo, Natty, and Josie Bottom: Rocky, Dot, and America I'm most excited for Natty - I've been wanting it FOREVER - and Dot.
  5. When I was in middle school my Dad would sometimes paint my nails for me. He's a little anal retentive, and my sloppy dominant hand always bugged him, haha. I've gotten much better, however, so no more Dad manicures for me.
  6. I figure that Christmas was a few weeks ago, we all probably got a lot of beauty items we were excited about - but did everything live up to your expectations? What recent product have you discovered to be a dud (or at least not measuring up to your expectations?) For me, it's the Vice 2 palette from Urban Decay. I was SO excited for this one. It looked great online, and once it was in stores I raced to play with it. It was on my Christmas list, but I got really lucky and got it for free a few weeks before Christmas. (My coworker's wife is one of the top buyers for Macy's, and she gets a ton of samples from beauty companies. When my coworker told me he'd bring me stuff she didn't want, I was think the kind of samples we get from Birchbox. Man was I surprised when he brought the Vice 2 and the stila eyeliner holiday set!) My boyfriend was pretty upset that his Christmas gift had been stolen out from underneath him, but looking back I'm glad he didn't spend money on this palette. It's not that I don't like it - I do - it just didn't live up to my expectations. A lot of the shades have major fall-out, and most of the mico-glitter ones don't actually show the glitter that well. Plus, I've discovered it's hard to have a complete look with just this palette. Overall, I don't mind having the Vice 2 palette in my arsenal and will probably use it from time to time, but I would never spend money on it, nor would I recommend anyone else do so. It just wasn't as exciting as I thought it would be.
  7. Ah, after seeing all the great gifts so far, I hope my giftee is pleased! I definitely hit up the Sephora Black Friday deals, but I also put thought into everything she's getting. (Including finding something from a brand she liked and then finding one of my go-tos!) Gah, just feeling really nervous after seeing the HUGE HAULS everyone is getting. I just moved to the city, so I had to stay closer to the $25 budget than not. I just hope I don't make anyone sad.
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by kgus22 it delivered on a sunday? Technically I guess it came yesterday, but I didn't go to the lobby of my building until today. XD
  9. I surprisingly got my Violet Voxbox today! I didn't even get a shipping notice, so I guess they're already sending them out. Here are my box contents. I'm super excited about this darn hair brush. I almost bought it the other day but didn't want to take the risk! I only got four items, but according to the card it looks like most people will only get four or five items. The mask, dry shampoo, and brush are all optional/or items. No tears here since I wanted the hair brush really badly and hate dry shampoo. The Montagne Jeunesse Clay Spa would have been cool, but they're already pretty cheap. I will also never eat that Soyjoy, haha. So gross. Overall I am very excited!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Poshpolish I am really confused because influenster stated that the Violet Voxbox would contain 5 items but based on my funfile 5000 boxes will contain the dry shampoo 5000 boxes will contain the mask and 2500 will have the brush I am guessing that not all boxes will have 5 things then. Yeah, that's true. I really hope I get that stupid brush though. I almost bought it but didn't want to waste the money. This would be a great way to try. I will say that it does show up as part of a task in my bonus section. I wonder if this means I'll get it? On the other hand, it's not like Influenster is known for being particularly logical with these sorts of things...
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by evildrporkchop I like them too, but I just realized that these kind of earbuds don't stay in my ear. I need the in ear ones. Bummer. Now I'm not sure if it would be worth getting this box... Give the ear buds as a gift? Personally the box is a bit steep for me, but it is super cool and very enticing. If you like everything else, though, I think it's worth it!
  12. If this is somewhere buried in the thread and I missed it I apologize, but has anyone compared the Lipsurgence set this year to last year's? The colors kind of look the same in the box even though they're called something different. I loved last years but don't want to get this year's if they're not that much different all around.
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