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  1. MSP: foil Loreal Mythic Hair mask and a Wish Lavender body butter. Blah. I've stopped trying to reach $35 just to get a MSP because it's been months since they were worth more than a buck or two (definitely not "$10 or more" value as promised). I bought the Amika mini hair dryer during their "power up" sale. It was a good deal, but I've been finding their sale emails are so confusing and often misleading. The first day of the sale, it said they had added new things at 40% off, but it was just one Benefit kit that was 40%. Then I got another email saying they were doing BOGO, yet I never found any products marked that way.
  2. My box was shipped last week and arrived today, but I live on the west coast (and we haven't had any issues w/ weather lately). I can't think of one negative thing to say about my FFF box. For $50 it was packed to the bring with amazing products to try, such a nice variety of items too! I added on the Recover-mint speaker for $29 (it sells for over $100 retail and I think even that's a good price, it's stunning and the sound quality is supposed to be similar to Bose). I also added on the lip balm from Sol De Janeiro for half price ($9). Over $500 for $88!! FFF is one of my favorite subscriptions, along with Rachel Zoe.
  3. I just got my box today and I'm super disappointed. I knew what was in it already and was hoping that I'd feel better about spending $100 on this once I saw everything in person. Nope. The most value is in the cover-up and the necklace. I absolutely hate that necklace, it's just not something I could see myself wearing. I'll probably use the cover-up, though I still haven't used the CFDA (lem-lem) and Rachel Zoe cover-ups. The Triple C seems like it should be in a monthly box, though I guess the Eve Lom is a nice luxury brand and I'll eventually use it. The thing i liked the most was the air up pillow, which will be perfect for long haul flights. Meh. . .I feel bad when I'm this negative, but this box was not a great value IMO. Ironically, I got my FFF box today and for $50 is was packed full of fantastic, super useful items from some great brands. Plus for $30 I added on the Recover-mint wireless speaker and it's gorgeous, and another $9 for Sol De Janeiro lip balm. So basically I paid $90 for my FFF box that has a value of well over $500 compared to $100 for about $320 from Popsugar.
  4. Yeah, it might be a little too fourth of July-ish. These lightweight wraps are already in all the stores. . .even JC Penney had some that were really cute and for less than $20. I think a value of $98 is extremely high for a big square piece of fabric with armholes.
  5. My box arrived today and I'm thrilled with everything . . as usual, the contents are unexpected and luxurious. I thought perhaps the scarf would be silk, but even though it's not I'm still happy because it's a beautiful color and print. When the purse spoiler came out, I thought maybe the handle was faux leather but it's heavy duty real leather that should wear nicely over time. I don't really see the $200 value, but it *is* a lovely bag and I really needed a new one. I'm going to Scotchguard it before I use it though, because I could see myself staining it in no time. Just painted my nails with the pink Butter, it only took one coat and the color is perfect for the transition from winter to spring. I've used the Tatcha rice powder before, actually it's a small sample, and it's lasted for ages. I'm happy to get a full size. A co-worker was with me when I opened the box and I gave her the Stella chalice. I liked the design, but I live in a small condo and there's just no more room in the cupboard. Anyhow, she was really happy to have it. The earrings. . .so cute! I don't have my ears pierced but I'm hoarding earrings for the day I'm brave enough to get it done. Another fabulous box. I am kind of bummed that these boxes have been going on sale (like through Gilt City) or with $20 off coupons. I've paid $100 for every box so far. . but, those are the breaks and I still feel like I am getting my $$$ worth.
  6. That mascara really impressed me. . .lots of volume and length! Unfortunately, the Too Faced had to be tossed. I tried it 3x and each time, it felt like my lips were on fire. Plus the area near my lips was red and irritated. It's shocking that this product passed their tests (and my skin isn't even sensitive).
  7. It's interesting to see the comments on MSA, some people are losing their you know what over this chalice. I think it's a fun and unexpected addition plus it's not counted in the overall value of the box. I can't help but laugh when people get mad over something so silly as getting a bonus item that also raises awareness for a good cause.
  8. I'm so excited about the bag. It's been months since I've treated myself to a new purse and I am tired of carrying the same old thing around. Hopefully I can keep this one clean, but I think it's the perfect size and stylish without being over the top. I can't wait to see what else we'll get...
  9. Yeh - I think you got an extra set of lashes. I just got my box today and I only had one box of lashes, and all the reviews I've seen only show one. The lashes are a bit "full on" for me, but I might try cutting them down a little and see if I can make them work. I'm really self conscious about false lashes, even though they really do elevate makeup to a whole other level. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the Revlon lipstick. Really pleasant smell, good coverage, went on smooth, and a gorgeous red color. If someone said it was a $50 lipstick, I would've believed them...it totally compares to my high end lipsticks.
  10. So, I finally got around to trying on the shoes yesterday. I can *sort of* make the alpha bounce shoes work, but they are definitely a size too big. The Stan Smith's however, are at least 2 sizes too big despite the tag describing them as "women's" 7.5. I hope it's not too late for me to contact customer service. Their sizing issues might be enough to put me off future boxes. Some of their shoes are true 7.5, others run a little small, while others are huge.
  11. I 100% agree!! I am so delighted with everything in the box and think the RZ team really outdid themselves. Top notch quality on every single thing, no fillers! I wore the Clinique lipstick for the first time the other day and not only is it a beautiful and flattering shade, the formula is awesome for the price point (I have $40+ lipsticks that aren't as nice). I'll be checking out more shades from this line! The buzz from this box has barely worn off and I'm already anxious to see what the spring hero item will be.
  12. Two recent msp's: Each one had the dreaded manna kadar highlight/bronzer plus a Dr. Jart mask and the other a Burt's Bees tinted chapstick. I have at least four Manna Kadar bronze/highlighters floating around, but never used it until the other day. Surprised to say that I actually like the bronzer as contour. The highlight is meh, but not horrible. Their MSP's are so hit or miss these days (mostly miss, and many way under $10 value).
  13. Tons of things in the 30% off sale, it's like they are clearing out a good portion of their inventory. I was tempted by some if the sets, but instead used my $5 bonus to purchase a Hum beauty powder. I swore I was done with birchbox after they changed their points system, but they keep reeling me back in with the free shipping, gwp's, and surprise points. I did notice quite a few non sale things seem to be out of stock, so I'm not sure what that means.
  14. Hmm. . what else could it be? the purse is small and the blanket shouldn't take up too much room, and neither of those things could weigh more than 3 to 4 pounds combined. I'm surprised there aren't spoilers up today, I figured someone in Cali would have received their box by now.
  15. I got mine as well and I'm guessing the box will be here sometime this week. Fedex says it's 7.5 pounds.
  16. Tokyo Milk light perfume Avenue soothing moisture mask (so tiny . . .16 fl oz!) No. 4 Soothing balm (Ok size. . 1 fl oz) Supergoop hand cream (tiny at .14 fl oz, maybe enough for two uses) Chella eyebrow pencil (sample choice) If I didn't love the Chella eyebrow pencil so much, I'd be pretty upset with my box. I'm down to nub on my other Chella eyebrow pencil and was about to order another anyway, so this was good timing. It's a full size, which is $20. . . so for half price plus a handful of samples I think it's a good deal. I do hope Birchbox steps up the variety they offer, as this month's curated box was full of repeats. There isn't much incentive to order from them unless they're running a great gift with purchase or like when they added $5 to our accounts.
  17. Agave healing oil (small cardboard packet) and 1 foil packet of Living Proof restore mask treatment. Seriously, Birchbox? Take away review points and then start sending out MSP that aren't even close to $10 in value. I added a hair comb to push my order over $35. If I do order anything from Birchbox ever again, adding a MSP will be the very last thing on my mind. This is my 3rd MSP in a row that are two small cruddy packets. Just do away with the MSP add-on altogether if you're not going to fulfill the promised value.
  18. I'm pretty pleased overall with this month's box, especially the bracelet! It's so dainty and the toggle closure makes it easy to put on. The only thing I didn't like was the Stowaway eyeshadow. I swatched all the colors and except for a few shades (the bronze and copper), found the pigmentation to be horrible. I couldn't even get any color from the white or the dark blue. . very chalky. This is my second Stowaway eyeshadow palette and I'm surprised they feel like they can charge $25. The quality is like something you'd find at the dollar store.
  19. Thanks for posting the video. I think the Cluse watch is my favorite hero item so far. I was fortunate enough to spend some time in Europe this year and I saw several stylish women wearing Cluse watches. It was kind of an exciting moment, I felt like I was "in the know."
  20. The last few months of Allure have been 'blahhhh' and I'm about to cancel. Purlisse is OK, but I get these boxes to try new brands and this is the 3rd or 4th month in a row they've sent a Purlisse product. I got the coral Omni, it's not a scent I care for and I'll give it a friend. I also got the grande lash primer, the purple Orly (amazing formula, I'll have to go buy it in a shade i'll wear), a small Avene eye cream, and the tiniest Supergoop lip screen.
  21. I picked up my box yesterday and really love the outfit and shoes, quality is fantastic. While it wasn't a total "WOW" box, I will use everything. Plus, i updated my sizes only a week before they shipped the box out and everything sent was with my new size preference. Even though their sizing said a medium was 10 to 12, I found that mediums were more like a size small. The size L fit is better, and I'm generally a size 12 in women's clothing.
  22. My tracking emails *always* go to spam, despite many attempts to classify them as important. I haven't tried on the cape yet, but I love how soft it feels and think it'll work great for travel. I was really happy with the It lip flush, mine was in the wine color. It looks pretty upon initial application, though the glossy part wears off quickly and the stain it leaves is more pink (the stain has lasted all day so far). And the eyebrow pencil is something I've purchased time and time again, so thrilled to have it. The bracelet is beautiful and nice quality. I hope you enjoy everything in the box.
  23. I totally agree with you, and that is what drives me nuts about the LE boxes. Remember that Tai tassel bracelet that was supposedly $97 a box or two ago? I did purchase this one, but I can't say I'm excited for the box to arrive. The headphones are pretty, but let's be honest....they are going to be grimy looking after a few uses. Especially mine, since I wear makeup every day. Plus now I'm getting ads for them from Amazon, advertising $29.99 for the black ones. Anyway, $100 doesn't go very far these days,so I'm ok with taking the chance and I can always use things for gifts.
  24. I don't have a shipping notice yet, but I'm hoping all the boxes go out this week...I love the headphones!

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