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  1. Oh, and I'm so glad to see you ladies still here
  2. I had a small slip-up. I was shocked to see Orofluido at TJMaxx, and picked it up for $6. They also had 3 Karuna masks for $3 a pop. A $15 fail, but I'll just dust myself off and keep trying.
  3. I will say that this thread has helped me quite a bit as well with my no buy. Without it I would have caved many a time for sure. Just yesterday, I was buying an after-shave at Sephora for my boyfriend, and spotted that darned Nars Narsissist palette. That has been a major want of mine, and I know it's LE. I picked it up, told myself I could have this one thing, started heading to the register, then thought ahead to 10 minutes into the future, when I would be full of remorse and guilt. I put it down. As much as I want it, I know there will be other highly covetable eyeshadow palettes to come. If it still happens to be around come April, I will get it. Meanwhile, still staying strong. I WILL DO THIS!
  4. I agree with @jesemiaud. I'll keep a lipstick indefinitely if it still seems ok, but opened lipgloss, well, only if it's a sanitary application, like a squeeze tube. Having said that I'll still keep a lipgloss for a good couple of years until I deem it too old.
  5. This is absolutely amazing and inspiring! Congrats on this! Just looking at it seems to make me feel lighter! I find it hard to "let go" of things in my closet but I've made a lot of progress last month, donating a big bag of stuff. I could probably use more of a purge, and seeing this makes me want a closet closer to this. I especially get lazy about things that need ironing, and those are the clothes that get most neglected.
  6. I have well over a hundred lip products and can only manage to get though 2-3 /year. I choose one to focus on, and I'll wear it a couple of times a week, reapplying the same one over the whole day. The other days of the week are a free for all, so I can follow my moods. This way, the boredom doesn't set in, and I do manage to use up a few a year. Even with this system, things in the collection do go off, which is unfortunate. There is just no way to keep up with using things up in time, and it just goes to show me that my collection is unreasonable. Lip products are my absolute worst makeup weakness though. It's true love, what can I say. On another note, I am still holding strong with this no buy, but the temptations are very much pressing on me. The 25 days have gone by relatively fast though, and I know I'll allow myself a few things at the end. Meanwhile, I feel pretty good about gaining control of my finances, and haven't been charging anything. Only cash. And that's helping me pay down the X-Mas excesses. Digging out of that feels pretty good too.
  7. This thread seems to have gone quiet because I guess most everybody's done. Boy, did I drag my feet on finishing. I just had 12 items to muster, and the laziness had just really set in because I knew I had to tackle my linen closet. I finally mustered up the will, and got rid of old, ratty towels, sheets, and pillowcases that have seen better days, two pillows that have had it, and some other odds and ends like hand towels, and place mats. Then for good measure, I have a Revlon double sided stick eyeshadow that I did use often and did like, but one side just went flying out and is resting somewhere under the car seat. Then there was a Proactiv product that I found in the back of the closet that expired, oh... four years ago? So I can consider this project complete!
  8. Congrats to you too and everyone else who made it! I managed unscathed, and it really helped to keep a wish list. My main goal is to not redirect my urge to buy makeup toward clothes. I bought a bunch of stuff in December and should be able to manage without buying more for a while. So no clothes purchases for these 10 days. I also really need to clear out my linen and coat closets. Every time I open the doors, something falls out on me. Mainly, I am trying to focus my time and attention elsewhere.
  9. What is this magical elixir? I'm all about hair products and would love to know!
  10. I have a sort of quiet acceptance of the box. I'm not really thrilled and excited but not hating it either. I'm not opposed to the hat, but it's not my favorite style of hat either. I'll try it on and see. I am interested in the FAB cream since I've never tried it. I think that's the most exciting item for me. The coffee cup is meh for me because there is something about drinking hot beverages out of glass containers that rubs me the wrong way (obviously that's just me!). I like a mug. I don't really use gel eye packs. If I'm going to sit down for a treatment, I like to do a full mask. But I guess I'll give them a try, and that's the point, right? I'm somewhat interested in the yoga towel, because I do go to yoga, so want to see what that's about. As for the tattoos, and granola, those are throw-away items for me. Maybe I'll trade the tattoos, and I'm guessing my boyfriend will make quick work of the granola. For those of you that don't like the pompom, check the way it's attached to the hat. Usually pompoms are attached with a string, which can be easily cut off. I for one, am ok with the pompom.
  11. Yesterday was a real test of my resolve. I went into a store (which shall remain nameless), and they had a whole bunch of great stuff on clearance at 75% off. Under different circumstances I would have absolutely indulged, but just kept saying to myself "Not today, not today. You don't need any of it" and walked out empty-handed.
  12. This is an excellent post with lots of good points! I think for me, not focusing on makeup as much simply leaves me more time to focus on these other things. One thing that helps me keep the pressure off is that I don't have any specific goals about them, I just do them as I have time, and a want to do them. As of now, I'm still not that tempted. I see a few drugstore items that look fun, but I know if I buy them, I will wear them for one day and put them in my makeup drawers. Then they will sit there while I rotate through other items that I don't want to neglect, and then I will find I don't have many chances to ever get around to them. And then a few months down the road, I will notice these things again, and wonder why I bought them since I haven't worn them, and I will feel guilty about it. I will realize that I bought them for that rush that I only get when I buy something new, a rush that only lasts a few minutes. I don't even want to go down that road.
  13. I've had this mini-sized soap before, and it is very dense. It lasted me a good month or two. The water didn't dissolve it as fast as one might think. I really loved it and am thrilled to have it again!
  14. I'm using these 10 days to exercise more, make meal plans and grocery shop rather than eat out, and my boyfriend and I started a "punch list" of things that need attention in the house. Each weekend we hope to tackle one or two projects, especially the no/low-cost ones. This weekend we finally hung a ceiling lamp that has been in a box and procrastinated for months because we didn't want to figure out the wiring. After all that, it took all of an hour.
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