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  1. Hi Jessica. I just went to that website - Glitz and Glam boutique - and you are right, they are cheap. BUT it doesn't say which are foundations or blush or bronzers. All the products say is CHEEKS. The ingredients look good though. Are they new?
  2. I dont know about that brand. I dont think its here in Australia. I hope its not like those Bella Pierre people though. I have been reading this site for years (but only started posting last month). Something i've really noticed is that new people come on here and talk about Mica Bella and Bella Pierre, say how great it is and never return. If this is legit, thats great. When you find a great brand you love, stick with it.
  3. Hmmmm. Something looks fishy here. People with less than 10 posts all love this brand. This is also the only post hey comment on.
  4. My mum is in her 60's and she uses Jane Iredale. She says its because it doesnt shine on her wrinkles.
  5. In Australia, the best seem to be Youngblood, MAC, Inika, Beautyspells, Napoleon. They are good because they are natural. I have been told to stay away from Bismuth Oxychloride (as an ingredient) due to itchiness etc. I will look into it further. Goodluck with your company
  6. I live in Australia and my 10 and 12yr old nieces want makeup. I found a kids makeup brand called Orla and Maeve Non toxic kids makeup. Even though its non toxic, is it safe for children to play with??
  7. In the Canberra westfield malls, CosCut (the chain stores) have their own brandwhich is very well priced. Ingredients look good too
  8. The only place in Australia really is www.wholesalemineralmakeup.com.au it is cheap and easy. In America its def TKB or Coastals
  9. Definately check ebay first. If you know exactly what you want and dont need to try it you can spend a short time checking for sales or low prices online.
  10. OMG i just realised these are the Bella Pierre guys in Australia. They have these guys at the Royal Easter Show. Two years ago i was walking through the fashion and style pavilion to watch the fashion parade and these guys were there. They came right out into the middle of the aisle and practically dragged me into the stall. They told me my makeup was crap and not real minerals (it is) and really forcefully tried to get me to buy it. He (it was an israeli man) said if i was comfortable wearing garbage then keep buying my makeup for $5 (it is more expensive than that). As soon as he realised i wouldnt buy he got really pushy, then rude. Worst experience ever. This is why all these new posters seem suspicious.
  11. That price is quite high but I spend just as much on mine from Youngblood. I have been to mall's where sales people try to push you into things. Even if i like the products, if they are rude or too forceful I just walk away. I know i dont have many posts, but there are waaay too many people with 1 or 2 posts saying this is the best. I'm not being negative, just an observation.
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