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  1. I received my bag today. I'm happy enough with it. Garnier Fructis Sleek Primer: This is not something I expected to receive from Ipsy, but it's something I am interested in and will use. I'm happy to have received it. It smells good and is a decent sized bottle. J Cat Eyeliner in Bronze: I normally only wear black liquid eyeliner, but I swatched this and it stayed put and is a nice color. I'll hang on to it and see if I have a use for it. First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream: I already own this product. I like it. Elizabeth Mott Tinted Brow Gel: I would have been super happy about this except I received it in a light color that appears to be for blonde hair. I have brown hair so this won't work for me. (Totally not Ipsy's fault, I used to have blonde hair and never updated the change to brown in my profile). NYX Shadow Trio: 2 of the 3 colors are too dark for my taste so this will go to a friend. The bag itself looks nice and elegant. Unfortunately the Fructis leaked inside of the bag. I have given it a wash so I should be all good.
  2. I'm not eager for either of these. GlamGlow tends to break me out and the NYX shadows are a little too dark for my taste. If the NYX comes in other colors that would be ideal for me, if not either one will be passed on to a friend.
  3. Ah you got the color variations I was hoping for. I ended up with a coral lipstick and a neon green polish. I super wanted the purple rain lipstick and the shell polish. I ended up just buying a purple rain lipstick, it hasn't arrived yet though. My bronzer arrived a little shattered, but nothing major. I kinda don't love it anyway. All in all I'm only going to be using the brow powder and brow brush this month. Kind of a shame because I could have loved 4/5. I will never wear neon green polish and coral lipstick is too warm toned for my liking/skin tone.
  4. Luckily there is nothing I am interested in here. I'm almost out of polish storage so will only be taking a box when there is something I really like. I either have dupes of these or I'm just not interested in them. It's a skip for me.
  5. Sorry this is late but... I like Julep's brushes. I think I have all of them; I have the eye brushes and the face brushes. They are all high quality. I recommend them, I use them as my travel brushes. At home I use Sigma brushes, the Julep ones are just as good.
  6. I'm at a place of product overload and don't really need any of this stuff, but... I would like to try the Luxie brush. I'd also be happy with the Urban Decay O Zone pencil, I already have 2 of them and think they are useful. If I received one from Ipsy I'd be able to keep it in my travel bag. The It product looks nice, but most of the time when products of this sort are sent out they are not in a shade fair enough for me. I've already received the Chella brow pencil and the Pixi bronzer from previous Ipsy bags. I like the Pixi bronzer. I found the Chella to be hard and not really transfer the color on to my brows. Not sure if I just got a dud or if they are all like that.
  7. I love the Hikari blush too! I wore it for the first four days after receiving it. Great color for me and long lasting. I never expected to like a Hikari product so much.
  8. I received my box today and am happy. I got the best variations for me. I had been cancelled for a couple of months and resubscribed after the second spoiler for this month. This months Boxycharm is probably my fave ever sub box yet. I received: Ofra Stripes Blush - Haven't tried it yet but it looks gorgeous. I like the other Ofra products I have. Harvey Prince Hello Rollerball - Yes! SO happy for this. I love Harvey Prince Hello and am really glad I recieved this variation. The notes in Signature don't really appeal to me. I have had Hello before and like it. Last time Boxycharm sent out Hello half my bottle had leaked out and they were unable to replace it. Really glad to have received this. Model Co. Lipgloss in Fairy Floss - I like the Model Co brand and this color is perfect for me. I haven't worn gloss in a while but this one is tempting me. Cool Way Smoothing Lotion - I have frizzy hair so this is perfect for me. Coastal Scents Revealed 2 - This looks pretty. I haven't had a chance to try it yet (or even the original Coastal Scents that Boxycharm sent out several months back) but I think it's great that Boxycharm sent this out to everyone. Really happy with this box
  9. Yes I remember this too. I'm pretty sure it was a Cailyn brush that looked just liked this and was in some sort of teaser like, "How would you like to see this in your next Glam Bag". Lots of people wanted it but it never showed up in our glam rooms.
  10. I'm glad I didn't resub this month, the only thing I would use is the polish. It is such a pretty polish. I love all the variations. I'll wait for spoilers for next month. I have some charms I wanna spend
  11. That polish isn't something I would use. I'm thinking about canceling and may resub if I see something great.
  12. This wasn't exactly a project pan, but when I got my Naked 3 pallet in November 2013 I decided to use it as my only pallet for an entire year. I ended up using it for a year and 3 months until now because there were some days I don't use eye shadow and I really wanted to get a real years worth of use out of it. Here's what it looks like now: It's easy to see which colors are my favorites. I do like this pallet a lot, it has been great for my fair skin. I got way more use out of this than I did the previous 2 naked pallets. As much as I love Naked 3 I'm ready to move on to something new Yesterday I started using the bareMinerals The Magic Act pallet. So far I don't like it as much as Naked 3 but 'm sure I'll grow to love it. I'm going to try and use it for the next month and then re-asses from there.
  13. I received my I Woke Up Like This Mystery Box this weekend. I had also bought on an Orbital Eyeshadow that had been shipped inside the mystery box. The eyeshadow was smashed in to pieces and was all over everything including me and my furniture when I opened the box. Sadness! I've contacted Julep and will see what happens.
  14. Hitting the trash can today: Butter London Nail Foundation Base Coat - I love this product, it's one of my favorites. However this is a half used mini that has gone goopy so I'm getting rid of it. I already have a full sized replacement. Butter London Hardwear Top Coat - I love this too, but tossing for the same reason as the base coat. The mini has gone goopy and I have a full sized replacement. Malin and Goetz Bergamot Body Wash - Yuck! This smells like a combination of chemicals/medication. I used it once and washed it off with another shower gel because it smelled so bad! This was part of my Sample Society box a few months ago. Benefit the Porefessional - This is normally my favorite primer however this is such an old tube (before the new packaging) that the product just doesn't function properly anymore. This tube came in my Benefit Snow White and the Huntsman set, however long ago that was. It blends in to little bits that ball up on my face. I used up my travel sized primers last year and this full sized one was neglected. Now in to the trash it goes.

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