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  1. I have the really really bad feeling I should have waited for more spoilers. Might be putting a lot of this up on ebay.
  2. I thought for a hot second you were saying they were adding under armour to this box, I was so confused, haha. Honestly I think I'd prefer if they did a box more like Avenue A. The way it's described on MSA it sounds like it's only a 20% discount, and only if you buy everything. I don't really need someone to shop for me, I want a good deal I can't get on my own. What great timing that would be if they made a real subscription box, to swoop up all of the Adidas subbies when they were on pause.
  3. Okay so when I saw the first spoiler, I was definitely glad I went with silver. That said...it's just kind of okay for me. At least in pics, it doesn't look expensive, and seems somewhat dated/young for me. I might feel differently when it's in hand, I often do, but so far I am a little nervous about this box.
  4. Yeah, I got the silver. Based on promo pics, people have some guesses.. - YSL Wild Illusion Palette ($60 and far too similar to the smith and cult palette we just got if you ask me) - Jonathan Adler Barbell Barware Set ($198) - Shiraleah Pineapple Cocktail Shaker ($195) Those last two items are only available in gold, so I wonder if those of us who ordered silver (me!) will get a totally different obscenely priced item? The stemware in the promo pics looks nice, and my boyfriend has a brand new house with a bar, so I don't haaaaaaaate the theme but I'd rather have other stuff, to be honest. But it's not like I didn't know that the theme was cocktail soiree when I hit the buy button.
  5. Ugh apparently you can choose between a silver version and a gold version where 5 of the 9 items will reflect your metal of choice. This is THE WORST because then I'm going to want to buy 2 and that's simply NOT in the budget. I'll pick silver, I guess. Supposedly you can order the box today (1 day early) if you are a subscriber but I resubbed in October and it's not giving me the option. Not that's I'm worried it will sell out between now and tomorrow, seeing as how they still have fall boxes.
  6. Yeah this was definitely sad news for me too. But I used the discount to basically make myself a winter box; spent $130 on a pair of joggers, an old school trefoil hoodie, and a nice running pullover. I am regretting that I didn't throw some socks in too for good measure - my dream winter box!
  7. Looks like the NM box will be going on sale October 17! Who is picking one up? I probably won't wait for spoilers because I generally enjoy this box and feel like I have gotten my money's worth. Looks like they did 2 spoilers last year, on 10/26 and 11/7, and the review was up 11/19.
  8. I'm getting one...I know the wen is a very controversial add for a lot of people. I have never had a problem using it, but I don't super love it like a lot of people do. I'm mostly excited that the contents of this box are all things that I consume pretty quickly so it won't sit on my shelf for months and months. Super curious about everyone's opinions on wen...has anyone had a bad personal experience? I've done some lazy googling and have never really found anything that makes me feel really strongly one way or the other about whether or not I should avoid it.
  9. Buzzagent is so good to me and I so don't deserve it. I never update my account or answer surveys anymore, and I didn't post about my last campaign, and I still just got into a toy campaign that my girls are going to be SO EXCITED about. I gotta make sure I actually Bzz about this one.
  10. I subbed just for this month to get the tarte blush - I lucked out and didn't get one I already had. I got Dazzled. Now I gotta figure out how to cancel this thing. Love allure just don't need more stuff.
  11. Oh I know who she is, I used to watch her youtube channel. She is a huge LMDB fan, and has some really great reviews of their products.
  12. Keep me posted if this goes on sale anywhere! It's REALLY calling my name but I'm still holding strong with my promise to myself to not buy any more monthly boxes without a big discount!
  13. The last two items are the Smith & Cult Book of Eyes in Ice Tears (lots of blue, not sure if itll work for me but the grayer ones will) and Sisters of Los Angeles Sweet and Sour glasses. This isn't the first time we received SOLA barware; I still use the glasses with the cities on them all of the time (one broke a long time ago though, boooo). Pretty happy with the box as a whole!
  14. Aside from the poncho, we are getting: - Foreo play and sample sized night+day cleansers (I already have the foreo Luna and a clarisonic so this is meh to me. Guess I'll keep it in my travel bag). - Dannijo Dagny necklace (this reminds me of a necklace I got in a past Rachel Zoe box. Not a dupe but something I'd wear with all of the same outfits I wear the other one with already so it's not really that exciting to me. I like it though.) - Malin + Goetz recovery treatment oil (yay I want allll the pricey skincare please).
  15. Fingers crossed that there will be a coupon code soon...my will is weak and I promised myself I'd only buy the good boxes, and only with a discount going forward. Hudson + Bleecker is a brand I looooove. ARGH.

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