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  1. As an absolutely in no way business-minded person I can see not wanting to expand a small business. If you just want to share your creativity and make some monies from it staying small makes sense. I thought about selling knitting on Etsy but realized to compete with current shops I'd have to crank out a lot of boring stuff with a quick ETA and less desirable materials (although it's different in that I couldn't really hire anyone to like, knit for me). I get that dichotomy. I would want to knit estonian and shetland lace, which would mean I could only really make one or two pieces a month. I wouldn't actively 'boycott' but it is hard not to feel really disappointed when you are excited about a release and can't get anything you wanted on the SAME DAY as the release. I'm one of the lucky people who can browse a little bit at work during downtime, but I can't be like 'Stroke alert? Trauma level 2? Not right now, I'm TRYING TO GET BATH STUFF' I just don't want to keep getting excited about releases and then miss them, so I don't want to pay as much attention.
  2. Maybe I only ever order Zoya when they have a promo because their processing has always always been slow for me. I once ordered the same day I ordered my BB Cream from W2Beauty and my BB cream got here first, with free shipping...from Korea.
  3. I wish I was enabled sooner because that no longer available valentine's scent sounds SO far up my alley. I put samples of just about every scent in my cart and went through and deleted ones that have notes that I know my fiance doesn't like (anything unisex, vetiver, etc). I've probably got like 60 scent minis and while I love some of the more interesting ones anything he doesn't like doesn't really get worn.
  4. Thanks for the suggestions guys! Black Violet's formula looks silicone free so I'm gonna give it a go...I guess it will give me an excuse to try some perfume samples
  5. So I've been using Cocoa Pink's silicone free conditioner to cowash and if course it had been discontinued. I really liked having a scent selection for my hair! Do any other indies do conditioner?
  6. If it is at all helpful, I have very cool skin and Naked Dolly doesn't look great either. It is cool, but it is pretty much the exact color of my skin. I think if it were a bit more pink I'd like it more, but that's a matter of taste I guess! Crappy webcam photo (and the light in here is very warm) but you get the idea of how skin toned it is. It looks way worse in real life without the camera blurring it out. Also, re. eyebrow talk from yesterday: I have the blonde dipbrow and have been using longer than is probably sanitary and it hasn't dried out at all so it must just be the darker colors. If anyone has any good eyebrow suggestions for blondes I'm happy to be enabled. I used the same blond Maybelline pencils for ages and those were probably the best, they wear off weird sometimes. When I had my hair dyed dark and was filling my brows darker than natural it actually looked MORE natural than blonde products do. I have pale and sparse eyebrows. They are weird because half of them are the color of my hair which is darker blonde but the other half are very blonde (or totally WHITE, which I admit I pluck sometimes because they seem to end up longer and thicker than the others) This makes them look patchy because the darker brows show up and the pale ones don't, so it looks like I am overplucking. I fill them in with blonde which matches the color of the darker brows but where I try to get them a bit thicker it's so obviously not hair. tl;dr I HAVE CRAPPY BROWS SELL ME PRODUCTS
  7. I missed a lot of what I wanted in the HoG release because I had a lab... I was really excited for Odette everything-I'm a tuberose groupie. I'm sad they aren't restocking butterbombs, I'm not going to add anything else on. Trying not to buy more product than I can conceivably every user.
  8. Yea it is def not a new product, although I guess it could be trending or something. I also got it in a Target box. When I heard blowout spray I didn't make the connection and thought it light be a different kind of product. I use dry shampoo here and there and I didn't think it was nearly as effective as its more affordable counterparts.
  9. Aww nuts, I was all decided on the rtr box but I already have the navy and hate the dry shampoo and now I just don't know. Gaaah decisions...
  10. I know these things but it's like talking to a wall. I should probably unfriend her but it's almost morbid curiosity at this point. She also won't go get her own pertussis booster even though she is a damn adult and is around a lot of infants. I work in a hospital and did some student rotations at a children's hospital and once you hear that cough you don't forget it. Complimentary therapy is great as long as it isn't a total replacement but rage rage rage etcetera. Sorry so off topic. For anyone who does try to asks certain ingredients maybe something like Kloverbox would be a better fit? Don't pretty much all mainstream cosmetics use preservatives?
  11. I reread what I posted and I really shouldn't be such a jerk about trying to refute the safety/danger of parabens. It doesn't hurt anyone to stay away from anything. I think I had just read a friend's FB status about her (totally unvaccinated) daughter having strep throat and how she wasn't going to give her antibiotics and was instead going to rub oregano oil on her skin instead and was in a big 'SCIENCE ISN'T A BIG CONSPIRACY' mood that shouldn't really be directed at opinions about beauty product additives.
  12. Northern white girls eat collards too I cook mine with salt pork, it makes me so sad I can't get better half to eat them. He is very adventurous with food and eats a LOT of vegetables but won't get down with my greens.
  13. There were different graphics used in the promotion, at least one definitely said 'new'. Even if I'm remembering that wrong, IF it is true it is still misleading. I'm not kicking up a stink but no, I wouldn't have placed an order if I had known. I'm at the point in my polish collecting that I don't buy anything that isn't in some way unique.

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