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  1. A few more to add for the EOM 33. be delectable hand cream, FS, smelled great, not very moisturizing 34. Jane Iredale lip drink, DS, okay, wouldn't buy 35. foils, nivea body lotion and 100% pure body lotion 36. Marcelle BB cream, DS, i liked this but have another BB I like better 37. Shiseido crema super face cream, DS, very heavy and very heavy scented, would not buy Wow, more than I thought I would have after a month! Hope next month is as prolific.
  2. I really like all of the past decluttering/capsule wardrobe/organizing posts I've read this month. So inspiring and an area of my life I would like to improve. I was so inspired by all that I read that I filled up a large shopping bag from items in my closet that I entitled, "why am I still keeping that?" I purged the obvious items so now I need to be a little more aggressive and thoughtful with the next decluttering. So my goal this 10 days (in addition to my no buy) is a complete decluttering of my closet (clothes, shoes, purses). I'm really happy with my no buy so far. I like seeing my stash become a little smaller. I had no idea how many moisturizers I own. I have dry skin and liberally moisturize my face, neck and decollete morning and evening so I've been using it up a faster than usual with the result that my skin is nicely hydrated (no flaking skin here, lol). I did cancel a sub today, yay me! I still have two subs, one is pre-paid for the better part of this year and the other makes my daughter happy so I'm content with these two coming in each month. We share them which is fun too.
  3. My next set of empties: 19. Lancome body lotion FS, liked this a lot, very moisturizing 20. Carol’s Daughter conditioner, DS, okay 21. y:t moisturizer, FS, didn’t really care for this, applied it on my arms and hands to use up 22. Faith Aromatheraphy body scrub, DS, liked this, very moisturizing, may have to buy 23. Dermalogica daily exfoliant, DS, liked this but the $$$ 24. Yes to Cucumbers facial towelettes, DS, worked better than most I’ve tried 25. Gesichsmaske aloe facial mask, FS, okay, wouldn’t buy 26. Revlon blue eyeliner, FS, the last ¼”broke off when I tried to use it. Like it but UD is my preference 27. Sephora taupe eyeliner, FS, liked the color but it faded and migrated too much 28. Cynthia Rowley lip stain, DS, okay, I wouldn’t buy it 29. Serum/Primer, DS, from birchbox, okay, wouldn’t buy 30. Apothederm serum, DS, didn’t like this at all, too thick, and irritated my skin 31. Lancome eye cream, DS, okay, I have others I like more but for a GWP I use it as my night eye cream 32. John Frieda volume hair spray, FS, like this, have re-purchased I’ll have to get back to using some of my foils this next round. I’m glad I am noting what I like and don’t like, so far I see some trends. For example, I shouldn’t buy any more Memeboxes (I purchased three last year) because I have yet to find a product I truly like from the items I have used. And, I should only buy UD eyeliners because all of the other eyeliners I have do not perform as well for me. I have not been impressed with any of the facial masks I have tried so far, perhaps I am looking for a miracle that isn’t possible, lol.
  4. L'Oreal got back to me about my missing product for the study starting today. Their tracking showed my package as lost. They are re-sending the study product next day to be able to participate. At first, the CS indicated they would send me a comp for the mistake but then emailed me again about re-sending the product. Hope I like it!
  5. Posting my last 10 days of empties: 7. Fresh Rose face mask, DS - this was okay but not hydrating (on my skin) as described 8. perfume sample, DS, the name rubbed off, just ok 9. M. A. D. serum, DS, okay 10. foot balm, FS, liked but more greasy than I prefer 11. setting powder, FS, took me more than a year to use this up and I've re-purchased 12. fresh sugar lemon perfume, DS, did not like this as a perfume but worked great as a room spray 13. Foils of Rodial Glamoxy snake serum, okay, sample was too small to make an opinion, and Dr. Haushka regenerating day cream, too herbal of a scent for me 14. Rusk texture dry finish spray, DS, awful, horrible stuff that turned my hair into straw, poor hold 15. the Body Shop silky cleansing oil, FS, took me nearly a year to use this up, I liked it but the bottle it came in leaked often around the nozzle creating quite a mess 16. Foils, Paula's Choice cleansing gel and 100% pure body cream 17. Foils, Kiehl's Creme de Corp and Philosophy Take a deep breath 18. Foils L'Oreal shampoo and conditioner evercreme, liked this
  6. I'm going to tally my empties tonight for days 11-20 - my empties should be at least double the number of the first 10 days. I used several foils during an out of town trip and I think I found a new shampoo/conditioner to love. One more day to finish the desk re-organization. I can do it!
  7. I just caught myself mindlessly shopping online and had added two makeup items to my cart before I closed the tab on my browser. Mindless shopping! I'm trying to grapple with an insane workload and had to "turn off" my brain for a few minutes. Next time I'm overwhelmed I'll try hot tea or a walk around the office.
  8. I like the $100 for 100 days of no buying too. I've been wanting a new pair of shoes that are in that price range so that will be my big reward at the end of the 100 days if I refrain from buying anything beauty related and use up 100 items.
  9. Goals: exercise 4x a week Reorganize my desk at home That's it. I'm shuddering just thinking about the desk. I'll be exercising three times a day just to avoid the damn desk
  10. Posting my first empties of the challenge: 1. Loreal test foundation (FS) 2. Bounce cream face moisturizer -awful, stringy cream that often pilled on my skin, not absorbing. I used it up on my feet (FS) 3. Sheisado serum - love this stuff, wish it wasn't so pricey (DS) 4. Real Tree mini fragrance roller ball - liked it but the scent fades fast (DS) 5. Oscar Blandi conditioner, love this (DS) 6. VMV hypoallergenic toner and Ouidad hair gel (foils) A good start!

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