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  1. I was so tempted to order all of the v-day perfumes, but I kept my first order small just to *make sure* I actually like the stuff first, so for perfume oils I'm waiting on Who Needs Love and Come Hither, but then I also got First Blush in the bubbling scrub, and Who Needs Love sugar exfoliant (this just sounds like it will be perfect) and a butter bomb in Pink Champagne.
  2. Your post on them actually got me checking them out earlier! It sounds right up my alley.
  3. I need more perfumes. I'm anxiously waiting for my HoG order since this is my first foray into perfume oil. I don't want to go too crazy and order too much stuff before I know if this is the life for me hahahh.
  4. Every time I see this perfume mentioned I envision it looking/smelling like Dorian Gray. I'm going to assume this is what they were going for hahaha.
  5. Yeah seriously, the people who have managed to get into these subs before the number capped out are super lucky. The satisfaction rate is so high with these subs that there aren't usually a lot of slots open! i+ta has 14 spots open, and I think is going up at 2:30 am EST, so i'll let y'all know how awful that ends up being trying to get in hahaha.
  6. i totally didn't even realize HW subs opened up already, and there were only two spots open 0_0 so glad i didn't bother trying this is why i'm not going to get my hopes up about getting into any subs bahhaha, but honestly the makeup is so affordable that placing orders isn't a big deal
  7. Okay - to bring the chattiness back to this thread since february is approaching its that time again that subs start opening up. I'm on the lottery list for GDE but I'm also intrigued by i+ta. Honestly, I'm interested in all of the subs, but trying to decide what I should invest my time in to *trying* to get is what is killing me!
  8. I keep becoming more and more intrigued. I do see the appeal because I've been wanting to try some Chanel and dior products but dont really want to gamble with paying full price for a full size - plus $10 off on a full size product is pretty substantial, you won't find that at Sephora.
  9. I totally see where y'all are coming from, and I feel the same way definitely (it really started slowing down once I joined in!). From an organizational stand point, I do like the other threads. My best advice to help bring this sense of community back to this thread is put any non-specific (i know that's broad, but we're not going to be sticklers about it hahah) chit chat about indies in here. Like make looks of the day, questions about things, I'm trying to think of other things but I just woke up and I'm blanking hahaha.
  10. Dangit, I saw the shop opened a few days ago too and was going to order some Pixie Epoxy. I guess I'll keep waiting
  11. That's incredibly helpful, @@Deareux ! I've never personally encountered counterfeits but that's because I'm usually pretty cautious about where I purchase stuff from, so I've never really known what to look out for aside from packaging/presentation (which one obviously wouldn't be seen in a repackaged sample). Also, which samples did you get? Were you able to select each sample yourself?
  12. This is what I was thinking too. I was tempted to try them out because I would love to branch out to some high end cosmetics, but considering how easy it is to buy discontinued or fake high end cosmetics from allcosmeticswholesale, ebay, aliexpress, and so on, I'm a little apprehensive to try it out because I don't know enough about designer makeup to authenticate it on my own.
  13. Interesting, I'm curious to know if these brands authorize their products to be used/sampled out, since it is my understanding that they basically deposit full sizes in to sample sizes and send them out? (correct me if I'm wrong) - and these are generally brands you wouldn't find in Birchbox, Glossybox, etc, and a lot of them are very strict about who sells their product due to brand image and all that.

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