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    I'm a lover of all things beauty related, except waxing lol..painful, but effective. I love shopping and have a hard time resisting deals, sales, and clearences!
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    I'm interested in books, art, history, fashion, Green Bay Packers, reality tv(I'm a sucker for garbage behavior on television!), movies, politics, current events, lots of stuff..!
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    Hmmm...still searching for the perfect foundation... Lancome Hypnose, Diorshow Extase mascara, Amika products, more UD palettes, every single Buxom gloss ever made!
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    US of A
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    Memoirs of a Geisha, Braveheart, William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, The Little Mermaid, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Legend, Last of the Mohicans, Kill Bill I and II, Dracula, Interview with the Vampire, Water for Elephants, The Fifth Element, The Other Boleyn Girl, Amadues, Immortal Beloved, Elizabeth I and II, Kingdom of Heaven, The Hangover, Bridesmaids, The Last Samurai, Moulin Rouge, Dangerous Liaisons, The Blade trilogy, The Dark Knight trilogy, The Notebook, Million Dollar Baby, Garbage Pail Kids, Far and Away, Strictly Ballroom, Dirty Dancing...such a list..can you tell I love Movie Night??!
  • Favorite Music
    I listen to a lot of different music, from old punk to radio friendly pop music..just depends on the mood and occasion! Pretty open minded and can't really say I wouldn't sit and listen to anything at least once. Florence + the Machine, Cee-Lo Green, Bad Religion, Nirvana, Mozart, Chopin, Andrea Bocelli, Sarah Brightman, Blue Oyster Cult, CCR, Adele, Sade, The Civil Wars, Enya, Flogging Molly, Carrie Underwood, Pennywise, Journey, Mary J. Blige, Alicia Keys, Lauryn Hill, Christina Aguilara, Maroon 5, Kings of Leon, Sublime, India Arie, Michael Buble, Jack Johnson, Beethoven....scratching the surface with those.

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  1. I have that DP Fluffy.. it's pretty! I picked up a mini bottle and do have to tip it around to get the bigger discs out, but it's pretty!
  2. Sorry folks. . I've been bad and finally got through this a few days ago. I'm about ready to send it out again. Souly, I'll pm you for your addy and get pics taken. I'm trying to repack the box now. .. there's SOOO much stuff!
  3. I've got 5 A England polishes. They're gorgeous and have a thick formula. . Almost one coaters. Great brand!
  4. Depends on the payout and how heavy handed you are. My friend has three baggies from GDE I gave her six months ago and she's just finishing them up. At least, if you end up not loving the shades, they'll swap well I bet lol.
  5. Bahahaha! ♥ it! I order sample pots and you'd be amazed at how long they last. I haven't put a dent in any and they're all rotating and getting use. Even my go tos..
  6. Agreed! Light Speed has been my go to base the last week. Spider Sense and Cajun along with a matte brown for crease or using some of the other bold shades as liner and just Light Speed and a little definition in the crease. The entire collection is awesome, but I definitely need a full size Light Speed!
  7. I've been doing ok. I've managed to buy a replacement lipstick and powder when I ran out, plus three new nail polishes. Polishes were all major lemmings and I'd planned on purchasing at some point. Plus my GDE order. Think I'm about done for the month and there shouldn't be any more purchases. I hope. . Lol. Edited to add that I did sneak in one Lush soap while making an order. The rest are going into gift bags.
  8. Lol! Oh my, yes, yes, and yes.
  9. I'm doing an extreme low buy, so I feel you. Partly why I've been absent. I just have no willpower unless I cut myself off. I did buy two polishes from Llarowe, plus a few for gifts I also preordered the special release from Enchanted yesterday. Those have been my first purchases this entire month! Alsi. . The polishes I bought were high in my lemming list and have caught my eye for a while, not just impulse oo prettypurchases lol.
  10. Sorry and you're welcome? Lol. . The devil just laughed
  11. They are all super gorgeous. It's hard to pick shades sometimes lol.

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