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  1. Received mine today and what a mess! That black eyeshadow is everywhere and it appears to be closed! I just finished washing everything off. I've contacted them in the past about a missing lip gloss and a box I won on Twitter and never received and never heard back from them. I just gave up on their shitty CS. I'm usually happy with the contents every month.
  2. Loving the Sesha gel too! I've never tried anything like that before. The perfume smells like deodorant pads to me. I hate that smell! I liked my box tho. Will be using the Sesha coupon.
  3. Apparently I'm celebrating Latina culture with my Paradise box. Guess I can add some Latina flair to my pics then. lol I think I'd rather have the diet pills from the Goodlife box since I'm Moroccan oil'd, Dr. Sholl'd and Olay'd out!
  4. Didn't get picked. I had a Benefit party a little over a year ago tho. They sent a lot of goodies!
  5. Interaction with the Ipsy brand? My fingers are crossed. Looks like the majority of entrants posted selfies of themselves. The girl that did the pink Ipsy/Benefit themed nails will probably be picked. I just took a pic of my Benefit collection surrounded by streamers, candy, balloons, and a lit champagne candle. We'll see......... Good luck!
  6. Got the Paradise VoxBox too. Anyone remember the survey questions? I think insoles were mentioned.
  7. And then what happens when you're positive? "I'm HIV positive everybody!" You know people will be waiting and asking for your results. I used to volunteer for an organization called "Caring for Babies with Aids" in the 90's and we kept everything confidential. TMI!
  8. Got a prequal survey for a 'Paradise' box yesterday. Asked about current eyeshadow, hair brush, facial cleaner, insols,and Olay Effects. Deadline to complete tonight at 5pm.
  9. More of those damn n s! lol This sample box should have been a freebie.
  10. I'm shahdaroba I get a kick out of following the sheiks from Dubai. They have pet falcons, tons of coffee and chocolate pics, pretty floral tablescaping, tents and racing camel pics.
  11. Was looking forward to the Martha Stewart box. I was lucky to get the first Cooking Light and Dog Lover boxes and a refund for the school themed box.
  12. Thanks! I'm going to save these links. All of my nail polish/liquids made it thru in my checked-in luggage. Could have brought a lot more.
  13. Thanks! I'm not seeing the blog link. My connection has been acting weird lately. I think I'll be fine. Time to get organized! Thanks everyone!
  14. Thanks! I was gonna check that next. What a PITA. I think I'm going to purchase some little plastic containers from the dollar Japanese store. Now all I have to worry about is getting probed and landing!
  15. I haven't flown post 9/11 so I have no idea what I can pack or what limits there are. Any advice? Thanks!!! I'm definitely not throwing anything out! My foundation costs as much as the plane ticket! lol
  16. I haven't flown post 9/11 so I have no idea what I can pack or what limits there are. Any advice? Thanks!!! I'm definitely not throwing anything out! My foundation costs as much as the plane ticket! lol
  17. Thanks! Got one. Didn't get a survey tho.
  18. Swaggable doesn't send me enough to spend time reading and voting others' reviews! lol
  19. I have a Keurig but I'm hoping I don't get the K-cups because I use a refillable K-cup. I get more servings out of ground coffee bags/containers. I like the looks of this box!!! I might have to purchase a wine cabinet this summer!
  20. I liked the old Allure Summer boxes better. They were more skin care themed. I still wear my old sunhat from one of the earlier Summer boxes. Looking forward to the Sephora sun kit.
  21. My #1 box just shipped out yesterday. I think Naked Wine is a monthly wine club and you have to purchase wine by the bundle or crate. You get a discounted 'angel' price if you're a member or an angel. So you'll be basically getting a $50 discount on $100 worth of wine. I have a feeling I''m getting the same coupon in my 'Girls Nite In' Cravebox too. I actually won a Naked Wine coupon online around a month ago from Cooking Light magazine and never received my voucher so I went to their FB page and noticed winners were asking what was going on. They had won vouchers from various promotions too. They're just trying to promote their wine club. There are a lot of positive wine reviews though and reviews on Yelp. I want to do more research before buying anything first. Obviously I'll probably be initially paying $40-$50 for a non- angel discounted crate since I don't want to join the club.
  22. The last two Redbook/L'Oreal House Parties use to give a grip of stuff away! It's odd how they cut back...way back. I was surprised to get the Own and Veet parties back to back because I usually average 1 party per 6 months.

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