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  1. False advertising popped into my mind too, not that it would be worth the effort, but I do think they misrepresented things with the survey and all.
  2. Box 30 would make me so happy, I'd cry if I got it. I actually mentioned to them once that I wanted to try Vosges chocolates. Now watch me not get any. Nuts!
  3. Thank you for posting! I must admit, I regret ordering them overall. My biggest disappointment is that there is no Black Pomegranate serum. That is something I was planning on buying, but I thought it would be in the box, so I held off. Guess I gotta place that order now. But, I also wanted the Tomato toner, just not as much, so the box isn't a total loss. It just didn't give me the value I was expecting. As for Faceshop, I am disappointed there is not more/better skincare items. But, I didn't have anything specific in mind that I wanted. At least the little kitten in a pot is cute!
  4. Yeah, but now do we have to worry about being charged out of the blue if they decide to open up shop again down the line? I just signed up and this was going to be my first month. I don't think I'm even going to get that first bag now. BUT, they still have my credit card info. I'm kind of worried about it. This really sucks. I wish I'd never gotten involved with these yahoos!
  5. Thanks for reporting back. I was wondering what became of this, as I did fill out the survey myself. IMHO, even if you violated the letter of the rules, you didn't violate their spirit. I mean, wasn't it discussed ahead of time, and didn't someone ask you to do it? But then, I'm not one of those people who believe "rules are rules," but rather, I believe rules are there for a reason and when someone violates them technically, you have to look at each situation specifically to see if any real harm was done. I don't think you did anything wrong. However, I should say that I did fill out my beauty profile with GB and I got the non-mascara box. Maybe I was an anomaly, however. Thanks again for trying to help those of us with crazy, obsessive personalities when it comes to these kind of thing. You know--like me!
  6. I understand what you are saying, and about 90% of the time, I do try to keep my emails short and to the point. At least, I do that with my first email. Now if they blow me off so that I have to send a second email about the same issue, that is when I will sometimes go into detail because 1) I'm still mad and 2) They have already demonstrated that they aren't listening, they don't care, or both. As for on the phone, I do try to get to the point, but maybe not as much as in emails. Sometimes, if I am taking time out to call a company, one of the reasons I'm calling is because I want to feel I am heard. Rushing me off the phone is only going to make me angrier and result in a tirade spewing forth. I hope you keep that in mind as you handle calls at work. That being said, customer service isn't a job I would wish on anyone. I certainly would never want to do that for a living. So good luck to you!
  7. I should add that I decided to cancel--just based on the billing system alone, no other reason. I found out I had only been charged for 1 box, but was set to be charged for the 2nd box within a few days, which would have been before I got my first box. Their customer service responded to my request to cancel very, very quickly and they were quite friendly about it too. I am still looking forward to getting the 1 box I paid for. If I like it, I may resub once they change their billing system. It wasn't anything against Kara's Way specifically. I didn't have any reason to distrust them. But someone mentioned in another thread that the practice of billing so far in advance makes them worry that maybe the company needs the money from new customers to send out boxes to existing customers. Maybe they don't have enough capital to run their business. Again, not saying this was the case here, but I'm sure it does happen. After Myglam (which I never subbed to, thankfully) I think we are all a little nervous. They really ripped people off. I'm hoping Kara's Way will get up and going, be fabulous, and I'll go back to them again in the future. Didn't want to make it seem like I had a bad experience from them. I just didn't like the billing so far in advance, that's all.
  8. Tina, I emailed them to cancel and told them my reason for cancelling was because they sent out custom boxes. They wrote back to me and said they had not sent out custom boxes for the month. I wrote back to them once more and they responded. Here are those last 2 emails we exchanged (please note, the email which came first is on the bottom, so you won't be confused ): JUL 05, 2012 | 09:55AM EDT GLOSSYBOX Customer Care replied: Hi xxx, There are minimal differences between box, with the primary difference being color of makeup or foundation and other skin-tone-specific products. JUL 04, 2012 | 12:14PM EDT xxx replied:I believe I already cancelled myself online after finding instructions on makeuptalk. That being said, I am still confused. Rumor has it you sent out mascara to some customers and Ofra eyeshadow to others. Is this incorrect? If the information I have is wrong, I will consider resubscribing in the future, so long as the boxes sent to customers are all the same (with the sole exception being makeup colors received). Thank you, xxx It really bothered me that they simply couldn't be honest and answer my point blank question in a straightforward way. Even if you can call mascara v eyeshadow a "minimal difference," going on to say that the difference really only relates to colors is misleading, I thought.
  9. You know, I have had the same concern--especially with Kara's Way, which I signed up for last month, paid my money, but don't expect to receive anything until late this month or maybe even next month. So even though I haven't received a box, I kind of already regret signing up with them. I've very nervous about it. However, I can't agree about the Birchbox comment. I hate them with a passion, lol! To each his own, I suppose...
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