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  1. Will have Eyelash curler City Color lip stain, color pending Mitchell and Peach Fine Radiance Oil From Birch box EyeKo. Skinny Liner looks like black Juicy Couture Hollywood R oyal looking for Demeter joya No 1 hey Honey mask
  2. I think I will be fairly satisfied with anything except eyeliners, but it would LOVE the Demeter. Please pretty please
  3. I love all things Strivectin so let me know if you want to swap. Got a ton of stuff!
  4. To all having knee and other problems, I just had my third arthroscopy of the knee a week ago. No I don't have 3 knees, the right one had to be done twice. My suggestion is find one doctor that really listens to you, for me it is my Rheumatologist. If you can get one doctor in your corner and make him understand the nature of your pain and how it is affecting your life and you want things investigated until they find the problem then that doctor can order the tests or call the doctor who needs to order them. Don't give up. There are always those that may think you are exaggerating or want drugs but it usually squash that in the beginning. I tell them I don't want pain Meds (already have a stockpile). I want to know what is wrong and how we can correct it because, I don't want to stop working, can't afford to stop working and my job requires me to drive all day so pain pills are out. Squashes the idea that you want Meds or to go on disability. Of course when it's time for disability then do it. Be vocal, go with a list and don't leave til your questions are answered Uh on a makeup note @@tweakabell, I bought a set of the LA girl lip paints on Amazon, the original 6 colors and I love them. Although I really need to be on a no buy. Pain Meds make me shop. Oops. have you tried the newer colors? If so I would love to see swatches on your blog. I have personally been getting lots of free stuff with CVS extra bucks buying stuff and getting more extra bucks and on and on lol! I've been buying clear nail polish and mixing up old eye shadows that I wouldn't use on my eyes and coming up with some nice nail polishes
  5. I would be happy to help with postage
  6. This is the sweetest thing ever , Thanks so much!!!q
  7. Would I be completely utterly insane to ask for non prescription circle lenses? Like grey or Amber colored? Would anyone else try them? Or has anyone tried them? I do tend to have dry eyes but I wouldn't wear them daily of course....
  8. I loved the hanskin bio ampuole
  9. lorizav


    I so wish I got the Rose one. If anyone wants to sell theirs let me know!
  10. Yes yes to a sweets box I broke down and ordered one of those cupcake lip balms. I love the packaging and will probably save all the cute ones (omg as if I have any room for empty stuff ha ha) A scent box trio again. ABSOLUTELY. I am so sorry I didn't buy this, but I was being "good" at the time, sigh.... Now I want ALL the boxes!!!!!! seriously. I am a convert and I am encouraged that more and more Korean brands are becoming cruelty free, this is important to me. I hope they continue in that direction. Ok, also for summer, a lemon box, and I am also still stuck on peach and cherry!! Are there enough products to do an Eva's Rose Mine box? I'd be all over that too. Loved that perfume gel. How about a hand and nail box, not nail polish, I have a ton of that, but cuticle stuff, brightening masks, hand cream, maybe nail art?
  11. Have Glory Vegan Nail Laquer in Baramilteok. (Ox blood). Swatched Mamonde First energy serum. Just the 10 ml bottle I used the sample packet brilliant body design patch. (Annagaspi) Have lots of other things I may be persuaded to part with too Mise en scene curling essence Pale lavender eyeshadow or blush matte (depotted fine) hanskin Bio essence Royal BB serum in brown glass bottle with dropper Rose Mine perfume gel ANY Hand. Creams Something from scent boxes once they arrive Try me
  12. Oh yes princess box ! Please? And definitely a whitening brightening box. I'm going to have to get a second job
  13. Memebox, Since I think we have proven you are lurking on this thread and occasionally granting our wishes. Let me keep wishing myself into the poorhouse then yesssss A purple color box. And pink A BB box. Maybe some full size more inexpensive ones and some deluxe samples of the pricier ones restock the scent box trio AND more scent boxes like peach, cherry, apple. With body mists and cute Handcream Please restock Naked boxes 18, 15, 14 Ummm mists like TCFS Oh and one one suggestion maybe this has to do with how fast they have grown and maybe haven't caught up with themselves but when I find something I would like to purchase I usually can't get it from the meme store and am forced to go to competitors to buy it. I would like to see something along the Birchbox model, that at least new items coming out in the boxes are available for purchase and maybe a reward points system. Anyone with me on this? I just dropped a bunch of money on a competitors site because I needed to repurchase things meme introduced me to. It would seem like they are losing money on that part. anyone else done the same?
  14. I am dying to try the foot peels. I have 2 foot care boxes coming but may have to order from EBay My HG discovery. The Hanskin bio cc royal cream or something like that. Love it so much and it's sooooooooo expensive
  15. Have a ton of stuff will try to list later Want Hanskin bio cc cream/serum. Whatever the heck the name is. Little brown bottle with dropper. Have lots of meme and non meme to swap just have to update

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