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  1. I am miffed. I'm so miffed right now that I just want to whinge. I ordered a few items that I received broken and dirty and also the wrong color for one of them. I email CS and tell them exactly what happened. She said to mail it back and she would mail me new replacements and the correct color. I came home to the shipment all happy and open it to find that they just mailed me back THE SAME THINGS I MAILED THEM. The Under the Sun box with a broken Laura Mercier eyeshadow that shattered and had brown eyeshadow all over the box dirtying items that weren't sealed. And the Japanoese brush set that I ordered in silver - there's only silver on their website in the description and in the picture and in the darn title of the item - for which they sent me brown. I have to wake up and leave for work well before usps opens. I come back well after they close. The only time I have to mail stuff back for returns when I need to go in is on Saturdays (which is shitty since it's the only day I get to sleep in) and honestly I don't even want to do that. I just want to toss this in the rubbish bin and be done with it. This is not the first or second or third time that I've received broken or wrong items from BB and this last one just pissed me off. I emailed back a rather hostile note since I was pissed off. Edit and now I just read that it's OOS. This pisses me off as the CS rep said that she was having them mail her the box FIRST to make sure that everything was ok and then she would mail it out to me. The return address says NYC on it. I think she just kept the damn box for herself. I am pissed.
  2. Just a heads up, if you guys want to continue this round I can mail it off to the next person. Otherwise I can hold onto it until the next round. Sorry I haven't been around, stuff kinda happened.
  3. Hey! I got the box on Sunday but was out of town for a few days so I didn't know until yesterday. Thanks for sending it so fast especially with Xmas around the corner (actually today!). I haven't even opened it yet but boy is it heavy. I think I'm going to skip on a 3rd round because I'm running low on stuff and might wait for the next round. What do you guys think? Merry xmas all and I hope everyone got something good this year!
  4. Has anyone not been able to get the gap link in their email to work? Everytime I've tried it the page doesn't load so I can't get my code.
  5. Yay! @@SnowLeopard, if you get a chance post pics!
  6. The Eyeko one is just HORRIBLE. Try the UD 24/7 shadow pencils. I have very oily lids and love these. I put them in my makeup bag for when I need a painted face in a hurry. My never again or never will list BB cream - I've tried a ton from different brands and shades and none of them look natural or feels right to me. Bronzer - I just feel dirty Highlighter - I don't need anymore 'shine' in my face lol Non-waterproof mascara - just nooooo... Any tanning products because they just make me orange and I'm already fairly tan. Heavy facial creams - I have very oily skin so I don't even go near those Eye creams - I get milia very very easily, if I use an eye cream I usually get a white bump the next day.... Any facial oils (not cleansing oils) - again with the oily skin Acrylic nails - My mom used to work as a manicurist and she used to tell me horror stories of women who had them done regularly so I'm never touching that stuff. Facial waxing - just not worth it for me since my hair grows back way too fast. I'd have to get it done every 2-3 days if I waxed. Makeup tattoos... My mom got her eyeliner tattooed and she looked like she was beaten for over a week. It's faded to a blue now and I just don't like it. I should ask her if she regrets it. I'm not a big fan of tattoos on me so
  7. She didn't ask you for an email or code or anything? This whole situation is so weird. And thank you! She's had a rough year and I hope these will cheer her up!
  8. Yeah I was pretty done with it when they cancelled my orders. I just really wanted to get one for my friend who's seriously a very very very good friend of mine and this is the only brand I know of that she expressed interest in and actually wanted. I already gave her a clarisonic last year and she's got a traincase full of makeup from me as well. I showed this to her on Monday and she was interested in it so I really do want to get it for her even if I'd rather never buy a thing from this company ever again. As to signing up, it's just with my email and it's the email that I used to sign up when I ordered online so that's not a big deal to me.
  9. Just an update. I was getting this for a friend of mine (she loves this brand) so I ordered some other L'occitane stuff from sephora but then returned that sephora one when I ordered the L'occitane box. If it was just me I'd wash my hands of this company but I love my friend so I called a store that is nearby and they said you have to have an email in order to buy it. They asked me how I knew about this when they aren't advertising it and I told them about the blog that posted it and that I did order it but it was cancelled. She told me I could come in and they would let me buy one per email. (I ordered 2 on 2 emails - mom's and mine) I asked her if I could get 2 since I ordered 2 on separate emails and then she said it was only 1 per person. So I went in with my mom. HA. An SA greeted me when I came in and asked me if I was looking for something. I told her I was looking for the l'occi box and that it's a small white box with circle flowers and a pink ribbon. She denied having it, said she didn't know what box I was referring to, and said that there is a lot of pink in the store.... (yeah I wanted to roll my eyes at that since there really wasn't that much pink). I then said I called earlier and someone on the phone said to show my email with the order to get it. SA then replies that they only got a few and it's only for people who received an email for the box. She wanted to know where I found out about it and basically didn't want to sell it to me. I told her I only had the order confirmation email and that I could show her my paypal account where I was charged and refunded. I think at that point she knew I wasn't going to cave and said she could let me get one IF I had the code. I told her it was discover. She said she would try it but it might not work. I told her about the 2 accounts and pointed to my mother and I think that's where she stopped smiling. She made us fill out forms to sign up for their membership and kept saying that the code might not work. At this point she walks over to a cabinet and gets 2 of the l'occi boxes out. She knew exactly where they were. BAH! All that denial when I first started asking her about it is now kinda pissing me off. She enters the codes, signs us up and we were each able to get 1. Both of them are going to my friend. If only she wasn't such a good friend. I want nothing more do to with this company.
  10. I have been charged and no refund as of today. It's not so much that they cancelled. It's just doing it and not saying a word to anyone anywhere in any form. I didn't know about the cancellations until I read it on here. They took my money, they still have my money, they cancelled my order, they never told me a thing about it, and it's been 5 business days. That's just downright rude. Is this thief? Because it's starting to feel that way to me.
  11. Has anyone whose order was cancelled actually received a refund. The paypal order was refunded immediately but I still don't see a refund for the order I used a cc on. I also have not gotten any emails about a cancellation or shipment or refund or anything on both
  12. mine was cancelled and I only know because i got a paypal refund. I paid with paypal for one of them and a cc for the other. No word on the cc one. I do see that they did an authorization charge to my account for $1 twice. D=
  13. Just a head's up. Check all of the items in your vanity affair box when you open it. I tend to wait until I'm going to use an item before opening and then sometimes I can't return if it's too late. The 1st VF box I got one of the products was used so I called and they sent me a replacement. The 2nd box (which is mostly a gift for someone else) is missing the Tocca perfume. =/ I got the box today and didn't even notice when I was looking to make sure that the products weren't used like last time. I just sent them an email about it but this is the 2nd or 3rd order in a row for me where something was wrong. I have and I LOVE them. They are so durable and look beautiful. I've never really paid more than $5 for a nail polish before but these are so durable it's making me rethink my entire nail polish collection. I'm having horrible thoughts of getting rid of almost everything I own that isn't a special/unique color and just buying really durable ones like Jin Soon. I always thought that most polishes were the same and some may last a day or 2 longer than others. This is making me wonder if any of those other high end nail polishes are just as good like Chanel and Dior. (these are horrible horrible thoughts!)
  14. My wallet weeps... I just did this 2x. one for me and one for a friend. I didn't do the sparkle code but for $16.43 we're each getting.... Locci Box Set - $59.40 - Precious Cleansing Foam 1.7 fl.oz - Shea Butter Body Milk 1.7 .oz - Arlésienne Hand Cream 0.3 .oz - Almond Supple Skin Oil 0.5 fl.oz - Immortelle Sample Divine Cream 0.05 .oz x2 - L'OcciBox Box - Shea ELLE Hand Cream 0.3 .oz - Cherry Blossom ELLE Hand Cream 0.3 .oz - Verbena ELLE Hand Cream 0.3 .oz - Almond ELLE Hand Cream 0.3 .oz - ELLE Pouch Quattro Mini Hand Cream Set - $14 - Almond Delicious Hands 0.3 .oz - Verbena Hand Cream 0.3 .oz - Rose Hand Cream 0.3 .oz - Shea Hand Cream 0.3 .oz $10 giftcard Free giftwrap - will be nice for the friend - $5 Free shipping.... $88.40 worth of stuff and stuff I feel like I just stole stuff, this deal is too good... But you can only use 1 code on your account so you can't do it 2x. I made 2 accounts to make this happen! I feel like a thief. lol You ladies have broke my bank this weekend with all of your deal finding and deal snooping and and deal manipulating and deal schmoozing!!!
  15. I just did the same thing but for a different toner. I go through a lot of toner though ... at least that's what I'm telling myself. I need to stop browsing these forums. Thanks for letting us know about the code but my wallet thanks you not!
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