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  1. Just some questions, it's so confusing. Because everyone uses the same name/term for different things. Can you bronze AND contour together?? And would you ever bronze and use blush together/ I know you contuor and blush. But what if you want to contour to get your face more symmetrical AND you want to bronze to look sun-kissed?? Can that be pulled off or no and if so, how?? When you say you use the 3 and the E, is that bronzing and contouring? Because it gets hit on the cheek and in the hollow of the cheek????
  2. I've seen this talked about before, but I'm confused. There are a lot of silk veils called light, medium, dark. And translucent tinted veils, that have color, like a beige, or a pink and they are supposed to give you an "awakened" look. Sounds great, but I'm just concerned, since my foundation/and my color obviousyl are very yellow!! Will these finishing powders that have beige/ or pinks or medium, will they alter my color and make my face look different than my neck? Here we' try so hard to color match and that to put an "all over face" color that is different than your foundation to set, will it alter it a lot? Just kind of nervous about that! Thanks Andrea
  3. I am jsut confused. When I see tips of applying bronzer, some say apply it to cheeks, others say apply it to the hollows of your cheeks. Are these two different looks, or what? I want the sunkissed look. I don't need contouring since I have long skinny cheeks. So I don't want to look slimmer, but I do want that "out in the sun look" from bronzer and to incorporate it with my blush. Can someone help please?
  4. Great idea!! Where in the heck do you find titanium dioxde that can be dispersed in water though? and can you find zinc oxide like that as well??? Also, if you don't buff mineral makeup, like I've got kinds that don't require buffing, what is the correct application technique for applying???? Plus, my other question is if I do a damp application of minerals, do you think the water and the movement of applying (I usually use like a stippling motion when I do a damp application and a bit of a swirl), do you think the water PLUS the movement on the face will take off a lot of sunscreen?? I don't think so because I only put one spritz of water on my brush (just to settle down airborne particles) and I don't even feel it really "wet" going on.
  5. do anyu of you think that will all the buffing and stippling we do to apply all our makeup steps, do you all think that takes off that zinc oxide sunscreen?? Since it is a physical sunscreen, if it gets removed, it doesn't work? Also, with my zinc oxide sunscreen, it's got oils in it, so I don't even need a primer with my makeup when I use sunscreen under it!
  6. Actually I use a physical sunscreen, all zinc oxide and i would put it on before my moisturizer, but sinc e it has oil, it will seal in moisture and then if I want to put a moisturizer afterwards, my skin won't be able to absorb all the good stuff in my moisturizer. But I do wonder how much comes off even with dry applications because of all the buffing and movement going on with the face. But yeah, it's a shame because I like a damp application. Even a hydration spray that you spritz on, probably takes a bit off of your sunscreen. who knows how well it binds to the skin. But then think about it too, if you apply a liquid foundation that has water too. And that shouldn't make it come off.
  7. Thanks so much. This has been so helpful. EXCEPt that no one has a match for me to help me venture out into a new MMU. MAC NC25 Bare EScentuals Light Jane Iredale liquid amber--I looked like a ghost, but she says that it was great Jane Iredale powder-warm sienna But now I"m wanting to find a match in a natural MMU and I can't find one. And then when I think I've found one, I try to apply it damp/wet and it changes color a bit. OH and Rejuva Minerals Cashmere-I think
  8. I think it's the mica for me. unfortunately, I love it because of the glow. BUt I used that glow powder (lots of mica) mixed with my regular foundation, and when I used that as concealer under my eyes, my eyes were burning all day.
  9. Just had a thought as I'm falling in love with buffing a wet app of minerals on for that dewy finish. I've done both a damp sponge and damp flat brush. BUt do any of you think that can take off your sunscreen protection that you just applied before the makeup?? the guy from my sunscreen (zinc oxide only baby) said that if you use a damp brush and buff too much, it can take it off. Anyone have opinions or how to know how much buffing is too much?? I like to blend blend blend to make everything smooth, but not I'm not sure I should do that.
  10. First of all, if anyone knows of a natural mineral makeup company or store in New Mexico, please let me know. The closest I can find is in AZ or CO, where they sell AFterglow, but nothing here. Also When you all apply your sunscreen and then your mineral makeup. .. what do you all do if you're going to be at an outside party all day and know the sunscreen needs to be retouched so that it continues to provide protection?? do you apply more mineral powder, I know you don't apply sunscreen on top of that makeup. Just wondering what you all do in this situation. Thanks
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