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  1. I did, too(for both). Wondering if Box #52 is for us. It looks pretty good. I'd be perfectly happy with it.
  2. The mascara is the only PYS thing that appeals to me, so I'll go with that or the curated box(depending on what's in it).
  3. It's $39 per box on a bi-monthly basis, or $35 per box on a 6 month prepay, or $33 per box on a 1 year pre-pay. I had a link for 30% off up there, but they chided me for it and removed the link. *shrug* If you do a search in google for codes, you'll probably find more. Try The World also posts sign-up specials on their facebook sometimes. edit: she also seems to have removed my link to photos of the boxes on instagram from other people, for some reason. weird. whatever. Just do a #trytheworld search there, I guess. Lots of pics. Their Istanbul box looked so awesome, but I missed it. I hope they have a similar one soon. They used to cycle through all the boxes for each member, but as of this month, will start giving every member the same new box bi-monthly. They also lowered the price(it used to be $45, I think) as of this month. I was a huge fan of the Foodzie box back in the day, and this one reminds me of it, but with a international flair.
  4. I didn't see this one listed, and I've been happy with them so far. So I thought I'd share... A "Food Tourism" type box, featuring bi-monthly assortments of foods/drinks from different cities throughout the world. Usually, they have a theme revolving around a particular city, and it comes with a cute booklet with local recipes, a culture guide, etc. The boxes they come in are amazing quality, and I've been saving mine to use as part of gift wrapping over the holidays. I am aware that some of the items can easily be purchased individually on Amazon, specialty websites, and World Market, but really enjoy the packaging, and the fact that I end up trying things I normally wouldn't choose on my own. I've received two boxes from them so far(Paris and New Delhi), and loved them both. They have an upcoming Holiday box that looks amazing, so I thought I'd share. Here are some pics of the Paris box and New Delhi box I received: Anyone else try them? What do you think?
  5. thoughts on my November box so far: DevaCurl Trio: Works nicely, but smells like a stinky 1980's home perm. No thank you. SNR Lemon Body Wash: Smells like concentrated, unsweetened lemon juice that's been fermenting in melted plastic. Weird, since it smelled nice in the bottle. Next. Chuao Maple Bacon Chocolate: I've had it before, and like it fine. A little sad I didn't get the Vosges, though. I'm a huge fan of Vosges, and order from their website all the time. But I'm content with the Chuao I got. G&S Sea Fennel Body Lotion: I was fully expecting to hate this, but it actually smells really nice, and has a nice creamy texture. Doesn't dry out my skin like most scented lotions do. I still won't buy it(I only buy one specific unscented lotion. Always.), but it was nice to try. Wouldn't mind a body wash in this scent. Cindy-LouWhatever glittery stuff: I don't use this kind of thing. It's going in the goodie box for friends/family to pick through. Apothecary Tea Mask: haven't used it yet, but it was my PYS. Happy I actually received it, after seeing some of the drama this month. Will try it sometime next week. Even though most of the box was meh, I was still happy to try everything in it(except the luminizer crap. Why do they keep sending me these? I really want to completely nix them from sending me luminizers, bronzers, self-tanners, and nail polishes. Forever! Please.).
  6. happens with my dog, too - complete with shameface. haha
  7. not bad. Not a lot of them with the Cuppa Cuppa I picked in them yet, but of those, eyeing Box #30.
  8. haha I thought it was just me. I haven't tried the brand at all for a few years(one of my first Birchbox samples), but I just remember it being the 2nd time I had tried something from the brand, and the smell was nauseating(again). Time has made me think maybe I was being harsh. Maybe I should go with my gut and avoid it again if the Cuppa Tea sample is out. Amika it is.
  9. The Cuppa Cuppa Tea mask sounds best to me. I love peels, too, but Juice Beauty always smells awful to me. I would probably try it if the Tea Mask were out of stock, though.
  10. Got some really nice ones in my Pick 2 today: .5 oz container of Beauty Protector Protect and Treat Hair Treatment Mask and a nice sized mini tube of Harvey Prince hello body cream.
  11. they take the old samples into account, and no welcome box or wait.
  12. has anyone gotten the Tea & Snack box from the reward program? I'm thinking of using my points on it, but would like to know what others who have ordered it got in theirs.
  13. has anyone whose shipping weight was 1.6 lbs gotten the aloe drink? I love those, and that's the ONE thing I was really excited to see in the box. So I will be upset if it's not there. Mine is Box #2, btw.
  14. same here. ship info came last night for box 2.

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