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  1. So I'm a dork & forgot to skip this month in the craziness of Christmas. I realized it on the 30th when I got my shipping email, but no harm done; my mistake. I haven't taken a box in MONTHS so this was kind of a fun surprise. I don't even know what I'm getting to be honest. ha ha ha. But since I haven't taken a box in months (I think May was my last box) I haven't been in the loop with changes or anything like that. I was used to getting my box EARLY in the month . . . like by the 1st usually. I got my shipping email on December 30th & still don't have it. I checked online & on my maven window thing it said expected delivery January 6th which obviously didn't happen. On the FedEx page it still said shipping label created which of course means it was never shipped. So I emailed them to find out what was up & they emailed me back saying that my expected delivery is the 13th even though I've checked it twice a day for the past week & it had been saying the 6th. It magically changed as soon as I emailed them. SO. . . mine won't be here until the 13th. But at least it shows being picked up by FedEx now. :-) I'm excited to see what I get though. I honestly just drew a complete blank over Christmas & didn't even see the maven window. ha ha ha. SURPRISE!
  2. I'm going to do a full face with all these pretties tomorrow. But I must say, the lip sample is so gorgeous in person. It looks orange in swatches, but on your lips is a frosty gorgeous color so don't be scared of it. That teal shadow is going to be a fast favorite. And the blush!!!!!! And I'm all about highlighter. This is going to be an amazing sub!!!!
  3. I should get mine today too!!!! I'm in love with the theme & the names!!!! And I'm extremely excited & curious about that blush!!!!!!
  4. Yay!!!! Jem & the Holograms was my favorite Saturday morning cartoon!!!! I'm super stoked about this collection!!!
  5. Have there been any more spoilers for this box? I love this theme so much!!!
  6. Christmas Cheer was my favorite of the collection! Both Christmas Cheer & Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins are glitter bombs!!!!
  7. I'm so super thrilled with this!!! I will most definitely be getting the collection in the sample jars! Good for her for asking her customers & working with change. I know it's hard for her so I hope a lot of people buy them! I know I will!!!! :-). Yay for pretty colors!
  8. I just woke up this morning & read the Facebook post. I totally feel awful if my comments made her that upset. It was not my intention at all. I totally understand that she is the business owner & she makes the decisions. And her customer base will support her in whatever decision she makes. There is no way possible to make everyone happy. That's just life. I think minis is a must with Aromaleigh. It's a good move even if it's not exactly what I wanted or hoped for. It's still going to be good for her because people want minis. So I hope she continues because it will make a lot of customers really happy. I will most definitely buy the minis during sales when they are $3 because I absolutely love her colors.
  9. I love the elf collection!!! Since I got to create them I made sure they are all glitter bombs because I love glitter. Seriously pics don't do any of them justice. I love them so much!
  10. I am just really surprised. There is no middle ground. Here, buy a set if sample baggies for $10 or go up to the next level: mini jars that cost $40!!! I'm a middle ground girl. $25-$30 I'm SOLD!!! $40 not so much. I thought I was being a grumpy Gus about it so I'm glad to hear im not the only one that was slighty disappointed. However!!! I love Aromaleigh's eyeshadows! Their shadows are gorgeous & stay on me all day without creasing. (It's one of the few that work for me). I'll still buy samples because I really do love the colors, but it's too bad about the mini jars. Fingers crossed she'll tweak the sizing & cost as time moves on.
  11. So the mini jars are $4 & contain 3/4 size of a full jar. What are your thoughts? For me, I was kind of hoping for a $2.50 price point with half jar mini like GDE & some of the other indies that do minis). I personally don't know why I'd buy 3/4 a jar. I'm more likely to buy a full jar. I do love her shadows though. I'll probably continue to buy baggies & put them in jars myself. :-)
  12. I got a sub!!!! Yay!!! I'm SO excited about finally getting one. I can't wait to see it all!
  13. I'm trying for a slot today! I hope I get one. I've only tried 1 NM product before & I loved it. :-). Wish me luck. 1 hour & counting!
  14. Did you try the yellow elf color yet? It's my new favorite. I wear it almost every day now because it's so different than what I usually wear! I got my ESH set yesterday & it really is beautiful! I love the grey blue color! It's my favorite from the set! I love how all the colors in that set look so good together!
  15. Thanks @@SaraP ! So my DB package FINALLY got accepted at the PO today which means she finally took it to the post office (after 13 days of waiting, 4 emails, & 1 etsy claim). I'm just happy it's coming. It's for a gift so yay!!!!!

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