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    currently obsessed with everything memebox. always a fan of masks, fun skincare products (oily/acne skin), tinted lip balms (think tarte lipsurgence, fresh sugar, korres lip butters, anything that's actually high quality as a lip balm)
  1. i won't be using mine, and would be happy to use my code for you! more generally i don't plan on using the latest round of rouge codes so for those of you who want to use them but aren't rouge, feel free to get in touch.
  2. i've been on a break from glossybox in a looong time, but i'm glad i resubbed for this month! when i canceled, there was almost always at least one product per box i wasn't loving (which is fine by me, i knew what i was signing up for) but i actively look forward to trying all of these things. i am pleased
  3. fyi, for anyone who doesn't have an active sub at the moment, i figured out how to reactive using glossydots. if you go to your history of subscriptions, and click "reactivate", the option to use glossydots comes up. eta: no codes with glossydots though...
  4. sadly i think the cafe box is cuter than the second cute wishlist.
  5. they let you choose something even though they were two separate accounts? or was it bc on each account you got a two-pack of foils? just wondering because i, like everyone else here, just got the hairkop and spa therapy lotion (and got the lotion in my last sample pack too). i think the mystery packs start losing their "mystery" when they're apparently sending out the same pre-selected duo to pretty much everyone... and i agree with whoever posted earlier - i am so over gilchrist and soames. i've gotten three of these spa therapy lotions now... and i got g&s products three months in a row earlier this year and in two boxes one of those months. i'm ready to move on... eta: just started catching up this thread so i'm assuming you got two foils on both accounts.
  6. grr. that's a shame. thanks for letting me know! that's what i get for being such a procrastinator, i guess...
  7. i stopped following birchbox for a while, so i apologize if this is old news... but can you not buy gift cards with points anymore? i got up to a nice round number a while ago on a second account and never got around to switching them to my main account but now i can't transfer them. i wouldn't care that much except that i hate having unused points, and it'd be way too difficult to try to make a purchase of things that i want that use up all my points but don't earn me any more...
  8. i might restart my sub for this one (i'm a sucker for mini perfumes, and fruity/floral sounds good to me. plus, tarte.) i've been checked out of glossybox for a while now - is there likely to be a code anytime soon? i know flawless floating around but it comes up as expired. eta: apologies in advance, i know this question is asked ALL THE TIME and if there's a gb faq section, please point me in the right direction! otherwise, can someone remind of how to use points if you don't have an active sub? i thought there used to just be an option where you pay, but i don't see it now.
  9. ljh tea tree essence is 30% (memebox pricing) in the us shop, so free shipping. i've heard great things so i want to try it but... chances that it'll be in the tea tree box (which i'm also getting)??
  10. on the topic of sleeping packs, i've been wondering, is there anything that makes a sleeping pack different from other types of moisturizers or other creams/gels that target certain issues and that you could use at night? i feel like there's such variation in sleeping packs that they're basically just "nighttime treatments". by that definition, my retin-a is kind of a sleeping pack... unrelated - there are too many posts to sift through, but for those of you who are really loving the blithe patting water, which one are you using, and why do you like it so much? very tempted to try one...
  11. definitely tempted by the skincare elixirs box, but also pretty annoyed at their vip treatment (or lack thereof), so im refraining for now. that's pretty lame.
  12. fail. i emailed the help center asking why they took down the VIP pricing for tea tree before the advertised time, and the response i got (from Jill) was: Hi [me], We apologize for the broken link! You will be receiving a working link in a newsletter very soon. Thank you for your patience ___ not helpful.
  13. thanks for posting! has anyone tried any of these masks and if so, what'd you think? i googled a little and didn't find much, but didn't have time for an extensive search. also, i emailed three times about mask and luckybox points that i didn't get, and never got a response, but as soon as i used the help center, i got a response in about 5 minutes, so that was nice! but at the same time, they only gave me points for the luckybox and not the mask. womp womp.
  14. thanks so much for sharing this! i definitely want to try this now. unrelated: sometimes when i get a new moisturizer i put one on half my face and my normal moisturizer on the other half of my face so i can see how the hold up throughout the day. i just have to say, i love that right now i'm using vampire cream on one side and cheese cream on the other. if i said that anywhere else, people would be giving me the oddest looks!

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