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  1. Thank you so much for posting this, I tried this method using the Goldfinger kalidescope we got last year (I might have used it once before, didn't care for the colors much) and now I get it. My blue eyes look fantastic! I'm so glad I didn't get rid of that kalidescope! I'll be using it a lot more now! Thank you! BTW, if anyone wants the cream eyeshadow that came as the extra gift, PM me, I didn't like it.
  2. Ok, yes, someone else suggested the product I think works well. It Cosmetics Bye bye redness..good job I tried Koh Gen Do green primer, I didn't like it, plus it smells vaguely like puke.
  3. I'm not crazy about this month's box either. I had a cargo blush and gave it away because its too sparkly for my taste. I cancelled. Anyone want my box?
  4. Reminds me of that chick from Dirty Dancing, I think her name is Grey? she got a nose job and no one could recognize her. yes, Jennifer Grey
  5. Only return items to sephora by mail if you don't mind waiting. It took over a month (maybe 6 weeks?) for my last return.
  6. Did you have to send the shade 2 back to them? I also got shade 2 but am fair, and have a sample of shade 1 and it works well for me. Now that I've read some of the other posts about the colors, maybe I should just give shade 2 a try? Did you try yours and they still sent you a shade 1? I was afraid to open it in case they would not let me exchange it..
  7. You did a great job. I too would like to see you try doing your eye with a bronze shadow or liner, or UD's basics palette (browns). I have a similar complexion (pale with pink undertones) blue eyes and some red areas on my face. I love the color green but browns and coppers (and deep plums) look best on me. Also since you have awesome cheeks, I'd recommend trying a color like Chantecaille's "wind" or "winter bloom" cheek colors which look very natural on fair skin women (put in the hollow of the cheek rather than the apple, pucker your lips like a fish and you'll see where its supposed to go). I know Chantecaille isn't a common brand (nordstrom, neiman marcus), but maybe just google it to see the colors I'm thinking of.
  8. Have you come across any awesome makeup tips or tricks that you absolutely love? I have a couple that I recently came across that although they are probably aren't new, they're new to me. Tip 1-discovered an awesome new brush: I bought a set of brushes from hautelook and there was this tiny fan brush in the set that I had no idea what it was or how to use it. Its a mascara fan brush. I looked up a tutorial and found out its for applying mascara instead of using the brush in the mascara tube. I absolutely love it. A lot of times the brush in the mascara tube has too much mascara on it and when you try to apply it, it just makes the lashes stick together and look terrible. I was ready to throw away a tube of barely used mascara because of this problem. Using the tiny fan brush you have much more control over the amount of mascara that is applied. If you are a fan of natural looking lashes and often have to comb out all the clumps and such when you use tube brushes, please give the mascara fan brush a try. The one I have is by ESUM. If I use the mascara fan brush, I rarely need to comb my eyelashes afterward (no clumps or lashes sticking together) Tip 2-a money saver tip on brushes: I have recently become a BIG fan of Crown brushes, they're cheap but perform very well. I have to look at the handle to know whether I grabbed the crown blending brush or my MAC 217, they're that similar. Tip 3-a little thing that makes a big difference Get a good eyelash curler. I never understood why people used these until I saw some before and after pictures of women who have very straight eyelashes. It makes a big difference. I use mine every day. I have Kevyn Aucoin's eyelash curler (it has a super spongey pad), and I love it, much better than the shu umeure, which tends to put a bit crimp line instead of a smooth curl. Tip 4-less is more: Use less foundation. I've heard pros say "use half the foundation you're using now" and I have to agree, natural skin showing through looks natural and healthy. I only put foundation on my nose and chin and blend it out just enough to tone down the redness I have there. Tip 5-say no to too much blush! Ok this one is more of a pet peeve, but...Always blend out your blush/bronzer/countourer. I use crown brush dupe for becca's "the one" brush after I apply blush with another brush. If I need to apply a bit more blush, I do, but always go over it again with the bare blending brush. Another excellent one is the Hourglass brush the one they marketed for their special lighting powders..I forget what its called, but like that one a lot too. Ladies, streaks of blush or bronzer looks terrible. OK, I know these are not revolutionary by any means, and probably most of you make up buffs out there already know this stuff, but I can't help myself, when I discover something that I feel really works well, I just naturally want to share it. So what are your tips that you love, new or old, that you swear by?
  9. They just had eve pearl on hautelook, I was curious about her line, but in the end decided I already had enough foundations..
  10. I bought the Becca "the one" brush a couple of months ago from Sephora even though it had mixed reviews. Its $50, a hefty sum for a brush, but I was looking for a brush that would be good for several things, to minimize the brushes I take on travel. So, I DO like it, but like nearly all the reviews said, yes, it sheds, and it's quite annoying to pick little pieces of hair from the brush off my face after using it. It does give a nice finish for foundation and its a nice shape for contouring cheeks and blending. I decided to keep it only because I found myself reaching for it a lot of the time, in spite of its shedding problem. Recently I decided I needed a couple more Mac 217 brushes but didn't want to shell out major cash, so since I have a Crown Brush that works just as good as the Mac 217, I decided to place an order for a couple more at their site. While shopping I found that they make a brush called "Geisha Kabuki" that looked exactly like Becca's The ONE. I just got the order yesterday, and indeed, its nearly identical, and the price? $18.95 The bristles on the crown brush are just as soft as the Becca brush. Eyes closed, I can't tell then apart. On their website the brush is KB16 - Geisha Beauty Blender $18.95 I am becoming a fan of Crown Brushes! I now have several that I love as much as any expensive brush.. Note, there's a bit of product on the Becca brush in the picture, that's why the bristles are different color.
  11. Bronze huh? I assumed it was black, and didn't get it because I already have a mini black one..Do you like it?
  12. I tried YSL BB or CC cream at Sephora, it smells terrible. My current fave is Koh Gen Do both the Aqua foundation and the Moisture foundation, both are really nice. Aqua for summer and Moisture for winter.. but the ones I have are the old formula, they came out with new formulas recently, I have not tried them. Rouge Bunny Rouge also has a nice foundation and tinted moisturizer that I like a lot.
  13. I've heard a few beauty bloggers/professionals recommend it, I'm curious about it but need to use up what I currently have before trying any new ones!!
  14. nobody wants to share? BTW, the Marc Jacobs 1000 point set is BACK! No one from Sephora bothered to tell me, but I did nab one..

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