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  1. After the steady decline in satisfaction in my boxes starting in August, I decided to go ahead and cancel after I received my October box, which was horrible, repeats in a supposed "high end" goop box, a LARA bar, come on. I went ahead and cashed out my points got a few things I had been wanting and then stepped away. I am still waiting on my purchases to get here.... I placed the order on October 17th, and didn't receive the shipping confirmation until the 22nd, their shipping is going downhill really quick along with the box satisfaction, customer service, etc. I guess money is more important than customers.
  2. At the beginning of every relationship there is the honeymoon period... May, June, and July were mine with Birchbox, they were great even amazing at times. They August came and I was disappointed, but like in any relationship you really want things to work out, so you give more time... Then September hit, and the relationship continues to sour, and you get the feeling that your not being listened to anymore... (complete wrong color WEI). And now we find ourselves in October, and we see the contents of the month before it even gets here, and you say UGH, I don't even want to look at you anymore... So now I am taking my 50.00 in credit, buying some stuff I want and walking away from this relationship with Birchbox. I will just give more attention to LBB... Anyone in the same boat?
  3. So even after the email I sent out to Sircle about the surveys, and hearing from ya'll about the fact you are getting Daily surveys, I have not received a survey since the 6th... And there are still the same 3 samples/coupons in my store. What is going on?? Are they just not doing it?
  4. Here's the difference you can actually use the truly deluxe samples that Sample society sends. I am still using my Oscar. Secondly they are sending way way way higher end brands out that birchbox would only dream of getting hold of. While I get both bb and ss I have noticed that the perfumes bb sends are of the trendy celeb branded scents that can be purchased at the drug store.
  5. Ok, going by the no multiples rule I am narrowed down to boxes 1,2,7,14,27,29. I am ok with all of them except #29, I would really like Box 1. None of them are super exciting for me though. I live on the GA coast almost to FL so it really won't even kinda start feeling like fall until Mid October, maybe, lol. I am still in summer mode!
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