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  1. I just got an email today about them switching to the every other month system and it says that the box is estimated to arrive on or before May 22. My card was charged on April 11th. That was two entire weeks ago and the box still hasn't shipped. What kind of company does that?? Here I am expecting the box to arrive any day now and they're saying it should ship by the end of the month. Well that's just peachy cause I had my school address on that profile and I'm going home next weekend. I couldn't find a way to cancel on the website so I called them and the lady was nice about it, told me she couldn't cancel that order, which I wanted to do, but at least she changed the address so I'll at least GET the sucky box that I paid for instead of having it shipped to the wrong address. I've been holding off on switching to the QVC one but this is the last straw. QVC here I come!
  2. I got the same box and I have the exact same feelings about it. The items are interesting, but so tiny! And here I thought that the Goop partnership would mean a better box. I saw in an earlier post where someone said that the total value for this box was only around $12-$16 compared to other boxes valued at $20-$30. I know the point is to get people to buy full size products, not to provide a good value, but when I'm paying $2 a sample, I want to feel like the samples are actually worth the $2. I can get a Luna bar for .99 on sale at the grocery store; I don't want to get that in my beauty box unless I feel like it is actually an added value and the other items make up for the cost of the box. Take out the bar and you have a $10 with 4 items, that's $2.50 a sample. 1) Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre: Two foil packets definitely NOT worth 1.25 each. 2) Lulu Organics Hair powder: Awful, awful cardboard package, I got it everywhere trying to open the container, decent size but not worth 2.50. 3) Naked Princess Lip Gloss: Ugh, don't get me started on the size of this. The tube is tiny enough as it is, about the size of a dreaded perfume sample and it's barely half full! 4) Karuna Mask: The largest sample of the bunch and the only one I would consider to be worth 2.50, but as previously stated, only one mask so no way to see if it really works. I always swore I would keep my BB account even if I cancelled all the others, but after two disappointing boxes I'm seriously starting to question. With my luck though I would cancel and then next month would be completely awesome. I'll probably stick around for another month just in case they have a complete 180.
  3. I was so excited about the Bye Bye Under Eye, because I've been looking for a good under eye concealer, but I got Neutral Medium and I'm definitely a Light skin tone. I also didn't get the Eucalyptus Bath. Going to email them later about it. Anyone know what the usual policy is when they are missing things?
  4. I'm so confused. I have two subs. Sub #1 I got an email and opted in for Goop. Don't have a shipping email and my box page says Goop but shows Box #3 I believe. Sub #2 I never got an email and didn't opt in or out for Goop. I have a shipping email that says Goop, a box page that says Goop but shows Box #5. No clue what is going on.
  5. I got the Color Club in Tweet Me or whatever it was called and I think it is butt ugly. I wasn't too impressed with this month. I got tea bags, a twistband, perfume sample, the color club, Jouer MMT and Argan oil. I don't mind any of it, but getting two non-beauty items AND perfume in the same box, plus the MMT being such a dinky sample was just a little irritating. And I don't use hair products that much. So this month was just a bust for me. At least I got the twistband in teal, my favorite color, instead of the flaky lace ones. They're much cheaper to buy on Etsy though. No way I would ever pay full price for them from BB.
  6. Is anyone else bothered by the amount that the NewBeauty magazine talks about plastic surgery? I'm all for extensive beauty routines and even some drastic measures, but they talk about it so much it's almost like they're promoting it. And then they include a huge directory for plastic surgery doctors? Gives me a bad feeling.
  7. Got my TT today!! I also got the regular It's a 10 product, rather than the Plus Keratin. I got the Mally Liquid Lipstick in Blossom. And I got some things that weren't listed, Jane Iredale Tantasia, Lashfood eyelash conditioner, Ahava Essential Day Moisturizer and Smashbox Photo Finish foundation primer, all deluxe sample sized.
  8. Just heard back from SS customer service and they're going to refund my fee for the month because of the mostly empty eye cream and getting a Jouer color I couldn't use. I was hoping to get a replacement box, but this will do. Emailed Jouer about the LMT and they're sending me Pearl and two lip gloss samples. Turned out to be a winning month after all. =D

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