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    Moved out to Colorado just this past May.

    I was a linguist working with the New York City Law Department on criminal and non-criminal cases but now I'm working with private council for intellectual property cases.
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    Beauty products, photography and gourmet food.
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    Minis!!! Bite minis, Kat Von D, OCC, OPI. My attention span is too short to go through full sizes. Plus you can carry 3 minis vs. the 1 full size! They are entirely too adorable!
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    VW Beetle.
  1. Having gone to the page on the latest... I'd liket to position that I come here to feel good and share information - in that order. Receiving information in a less then optimum environment is not desirable and nor does it generate additional users. I worked in publicly traded high-tech firm and we understand having as many eye balls as possible, but we also consistantly conduct consumer experience feed backs, to ensure that a positive consumer experience is being sustained. It's sort of a management 101 thing, as a matter of fact, back in grad school I recall them having us play a game via SW on running our own business all the variable can be adjusted and we got an idea of how things effect each other. I mean honestly, everything in life is about acquisition; data, ARPU (average revenue per user), SEO or in the case of this board, for me - warm fizzes and information. But maintaining the balance, that's the trick in keeping everything running. The replacement thing... it's double edged sword, everyone and everything is replaceable.
  2. First of all.... HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH Mine also stares back!! It's really embarassing, people look and then I'm thinking, oh and I don't really have much to look at and I need apologze for making them look!??!?!!!
  3. THIS!!! At certain times, I've had no choice but to stuff my bra. I wear my padded bra from time to time depending on how much I need to 'hold up' the look of a fitted suit jacket and I'm sure people are wondering what's going on THERE... It wasn't up until working for Cartier that I ever wore a padded bra. My thought was, this is what I've got and I don't want to create any false advertisement, but there are no women's suits out there that doesn't assume that the wearer has a bust size of at least an A... I'm more like an AA. I don't want a men's outline, but just a little bump to denote some difference, LOL.. I'm fine with my AAs and boyfriends have been fine with it but the damnnnnnnnnnn fashion houses that create work clothing is DEFINETELY NOT FINE WITH IT!!!!!!
  4. @ Hmmm... interesting thoguht about taking the largest measurement... I think most brands manufacture their fitted tops according to an average of all chest sizes, they account for the circumfrance of the torso but no AT ALL the variation in cup sizes. I mean a women's fitted shirt is really fitted for a limited cup size, though the overall clothing size maybe it 4, 5 or 16. Most clothing with darts assume the cup sizes between A and C. Want to go into business? Offering fitted clothing for Ds and beyond!! I will retain you as SME consultant for large busted segment. I think going in and having BB's fitting expert help you might be provide some good information to throw into your decison mix!
  5. I got the 'tailored' because I have nearly no boobies and I wear a lightly padded bra when wearing them, bringing me to an A. I was being fitted and while I looked good with just the shirt... no matter what she did, after I put my Ann Taylor jacket over it, the jacket just didn't hang right. She fussed over me quite a bit and try shifting this and that, then I said "I need more boobies" she looked up at the ceiling, raising her brows, looking out of the corner of her eyes and noded in relieve that I said it instead of her. Like I knew that was going to be the case and I just wanted to see how she was going to handle it... I was giggling inside because she was looking all sorts of chargrined... The 'fitted' is roomier in the chest then 'tailored' and the 'classic' is the roomiest. You'd probably be a classic petite in 2 or 4? Do you have a Brook's Brother's near you? Swing by and ask to try a 2 petite classic. If you get them, I'd put them in the dryer for like 3 min after the washer, just to fluff them up a bit after the spin dry, then put it on a hanger.
  6. For anyone needing to be all proper and pressed for work every once in a while, Brooks Brother's having a 50% winter clearance. I got the following for school, interviews and (fingers crossed) work after my program. Their shirts are normally $100 a pop, expensive but well worth it. Their non-irons are amazing, never thought I could get excited about a dress shirt. The fabric is the perfect weight, there are 3 fit, classic, fitted and tailored, the last being most closely cut to your figure. There is regular and petite. I went in and got myself measured and fitted so now I just wait for sales. You'll look incredibly handsome all day, yes girls can be that! I had gotten 5 of them a couple of years back (on sale of course) when I was retailing at Cartier and just adore them. You can wash them in your washing machine - not take them to the cleaners and they look expertly pressed by morning, almost magical. Like I get as excited as good skin care when I think of them. If you set up an account you'll receive $10 off $50+ purchases.
  7. Really want Peace of Mind and Leg Lift, wish Origins would come out with some smokin' hot codes. Thank you for the codes on the meal subs and the inside advise on pain management! You guys rock - like really a lot - like this board, is the Lileth Fair of feel goods.
  8. What does your blue T-shirt say, I can make out "I don't know what I'd do without you..." and I know it's got a smirky punch line ...
  9. Though I'm in DC, the blizzards to hit the northeast and the predicted power outages has me thinking twice about not placing orders for Ilume for candles. I'll be placing an order with either Ilume or Pacifica; the former I believe is still haveing their clearance and the later has a 20% off code posted earlier. So if you've been hesitant on buying candles, am enabling you ...
  10. @Jay.Aitch.Gee is that JHG? @, just for comparison... I'm an annual sub, nothing extra's being added to mine and mine's been in the 'packing' mode for the past couple of weeks as well. I'm in DC, just moved here. When I was in Colorado, my box would come SO 'on time' that it would surprise me, LOL... East coast fulfilment center, you are the weakest link...
  11. SneakyBurrito, on 21 Jan 2015 - 6:10 PM, said: I've not even received shipping notification of my box yet, how are you receiving a replacement of the January box already? ... Not mad at you of course, just wondering where in hell's half acre are they 'packing' my box... Will try twitter as per your suggestion!
  12. Jourer 25% off - IPSTER25 Juice Beauty 20% off - IPSY2015 MUT Nutritoinal 411 Crowd Sourcing ... . . . ... . . . ... . . . ... . . . ... . . . ... . . .... . . . ...
  13. Yeah I got it nearly 6 months ago and it's a good deal. I shop online 99% and it's been pretty fabulous!
  14. Hi! For any Pacifica fans 20% off with this code "NewBeauty". Even though I've got a dozen bars of Lush squireled away, I love Pacifica's soaps. They are just so unusual! I've got this going so far! Brazilian Mango Grapefruit Natural Soap Hawaiian Ruby Guava Natural Soap Mediterranean Fig Natural Soap Malibu Lemon Blossom Natural Soap Tuscan Blood Orange Natural Soap Lotus Garden Natural Soap Purify Coconut Water Cleansing Wipes @ and others iterested in pain management Ahhhhh so good to post on MUT and not do home work until I drop tonight, yeah!!!!! HI EVERYONE!!!!

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