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    im 24 i luff <3 life and my family. I have 2 putty cats and one of my kitties has a pet fish.
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  1. i want to try starlooks because i am a glam girl! i love trying new beauty products and i find beauty subscriptions are the perfect recipe for me and my addiction to beauty products also i have not heard one bad things about starlooks and coming from glossy box that is a bonus in my book! i am currently subscribed to 2 beauty box subscriptions i am subscribed to glossy box (which i currently hate and am only hanging in there till i get my free box in feb. i am shopping around right now for a new beauty box subscription to replace the glossy box) i am wanting to leave glossy box because they sent me expired out of season products they sent me an avon product that was from 2005!!! i am also currently subscribed to Lip Factory and i get my first box from them in feb. and i am still on the hunt for other beauty subscriptions that i can enjoy and from what i see of starlooks it might just be the box for me! i subscribed for the starlooks newsletter also!!
  2. i dont blame you either the first time i ever swapped i got ripped off the girl received my pacakage and i got nothing! and we lived in the same country so i was uber scared to swap with someone eles but i swapped one more time with a girl from germany and the important thing to do is talk awhile before you swap and set ground rules like taking pictures of the pacakge and receipts (cause some international shipping is UBER expensive to get tracking numbers) it is a scary thing but when it works out its worth it i think cause its really fun and its always exciting getting goodies in the mail!
  3. Hi there, I am from Canada and I have been looking for someone else to swap with, i just finished swapping with a girl i met on here from Germany and i enjoyed it sooo much that i wanna do it again! that was my second time swapping i swapped once before (which woulda been my first time ever swapping) and had a bad experience with the girl soe received my package and i received nothing so i hesitantly swapped once more with that girl from Germany and it turned out great and i hadda blast! so i am looking to do it again! preferably i would love to swap with someone that IS NOT from CAN, or the US, i would LOVE to swap with someone that lives international! some of the brands i have access to are Revlon, Hard Candy, Bonnebell,, Wet and Wild,Burts Bees, physicians formula, Stila, Almay, annabelle, Cover girl, Loreal, Maybelline, revlon, Rimmel and MANY MANY MORE! if there is anything specific you want to ask and see if i have access to just email me and ill let you know! so if you are interested in swapping with me please email me!> deleted per ToS Thanks and look forward to hearing from you soon! xox Myra
  4. hi there i seen your swap msg on the forum and i just recently swapped candies and beauty products with sumone from germany and i have been looking for someone to do it with again from there! so if your interested please email me! my email is and my name is Myra i hope to hear from you soon! xo! Mod note: Please refer to the Terms of Service. For your protection we do not allow email addresses to be posted.
  5. what i do to relax is run a nice warm bath and put lotsa smelly things in there like vanilla salts and bubbles!! also i turn the lights off and just have candles lit and i lay in there reading a good book usually ill sit in there for over an hour just reading and relaxing.
  6. so update on the elizabethaze situation i didnt receive any package at all and it took her like 2 weeks to email me back and he excuse this time is that shes poor and got her mom to send it so its her moms fault i didnt get my package or a tracking number to track my package cause her mom didnt get a tracking number.. and that pissed me off cause every ones broke as well as me! im on disability so im not rolling in it like UGH this was my first time swapping and i feel scared for life when it comes to swapping. so when she told me that shes like ill send another package then and if u get the first one let me know and then u can send it back im like no dont send me another package just send me my stuff back! i know im not gunna get it i aint holding my breath! i do believe in karma and i hope she gets hers! i really dont know how ppl like that sleep at night it makes me sick that ppl can act like that its terrible. i tried giving her the benefit of the doubt cause thats just how i am but now i learned my lesson and it sucks cause i really wanted to swap its fun and exciting and all this has been is a nightmare. Iam going to swap one more time and if its anything like this has been that'll be that and ill never do it again (which really sucks )
  7. update on the liz situation she contacted me and said she put the wrong postage on my package so it got sent back to her and then she didnt get a chance to resend and wasnt sure if she should cause of all the negative comments on here cause she just became aware that the mac stuff was fake so she wasnt sure if she should send it to me or not so we are disgusing what to do next. so things are going ok for now and we are working something out.
  8. yes i am new to this site and my first ever swap was with elizabethaze and know after reading everyones feedback im worried cause i still havent got my products and i know she got hers so i dunno.. i dont know if i will ever swap again and it sucks cause i was sooo excited and i sent her some really good stuff so im still trying to have faith that she really did send me a package and its just taking forever to get here.
  9. i just did a trade with elizabethhaze i sent my products out on (day)03/(month)06/(year)12 and i emailed her on the 13th of june to ask if she received the products cause i still didnt receive mine and she said no so i just figured it was taking a long time well the date 2day is 19th of june and i still havent received anything so i took the tracking number and entered it into the canada post website and it said she recived the package on the 7th of june... you see my concern cause i sent her and email on the 13th and she said she didnt receive it and the tracker is saying she did receive it on the 7th!!!! and i havent received my package yet and i live in canada and so does she so it shouldnt have takin this long i dont think.. see also this is my first swap ever so im kinda disapointed... also the day i sent her package she told me she sent hers too so i think i shoulda received it by now... and now i dont know what to do i sent her an email asking for the tracking number but i havent received and email yet im not saying she didnt send it or anythign im just saying if she sent it when she told me she did then i really think i shoulda received it by now.. so i guess i just have to wait and see...
  10. the time i changed was when i turned 20 i stated to wear more mature colors and hold back on the bold bright colors now im a more neutral palette i find as i get older my style is toned down quite a bit! also my fashion style has changed as well as my beauty style i dress more conservative then i used to but i still have a little teen still in me! i wear cute tees with my little pony on it:P sometimes i will wear some funky color eyeshadows but its not everyday like it used to be. 1.Following Via FB: Myra Rzepa 2.Following via Twitter: subs0nicd3pths1 3.Subscribed via Youtube: Myra Rzepa 4.Following via Google+ & 1+ : Myra Rzepa Name:Myra Rzepa Email:[email protected]

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