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  1. Sisley bag for April is up. They are sending the Tropical Resins products, which are for oily skin. I always wanted to try those so badly. The pale yellow cleansing gel looks so refreshing. They are sending a cleanser and a serum from the Tropical Resins line. Also they are sending a pore minimizer cream. I need that! We are getting the Detox Night Cream, which I got before from the bag, and it's excellent. Finally, we are getting a hair masque. All of these will be useful and wonderful. In France, they are sending a beautiful mini lipstick for April. I hope they will send us one in future. Next month the theme will be "Roses and Radiance."
  2. Ipsy Eve! I cancelled my Ipsy, because I'm trying to stick with the Sisley bag only, but my April bag is already paid for, so I am still adjusting my profile. I most want the kohl pencil from India.
  3. It looks good. You look like excellent entrepreneurs. Congratulations on your company. Some good skin care articles too.
  4. Is there a flu shot for the beauty shopaholic bug? 🏥 I am feeling better from my beauty shopaholic bug. Mine comes and goes. I feel my immunity is a little higher now. For example, I saw the spoiler for the Boxycharm Limited Edition Skin Care Box, and I did not want it at all. I have to figure out what makes my immunity higher and lower. I want to find the cure for the bug! Low Immunity Feeling frustrated. When I was on my No Buy 2018, I was in the beginning phases of a debt payoff snowball. I was paying things off left and right, and it was very fulfilling. Then, I hit a plateau. A few days before I fell off the No Buy wagon, I had a bad dental visit that made me feel anxious, pressured, unsafe. I felt overwhelmed with my dental problems. Several days later, feeling tired, hungry and sad during a rainy Sunday afternoon, I began my big uncontrolled binge of spending. I cancelled my dental appointment and decided to ignore my broken teeth. I bought all kinds of beauty stuff instead. High Immunity Keeping busy doing things to improve my life. My binge slowed down when I started working on my second job. Also I had my bad tooth out yesterday. I found a new dentist, a really lovely lady from India. She is very loving, and holistic. She took my bad tooth out and the bill was $125 only. She did not pressure me that I need $100000000000 of work. It was great, actually. It only took a second to take the tooth out, she said "It's all done," and I didn't even know it. It's a great feeling. I can't wait to go back now, and get my other broken tooth out! The beautiful dentist said she will help me "Not to get to this point again." I just love her. She even wants me to have blood work to know about my health. It felt good to be taken care of. I had a great weekend having a dental extraction! Recalling what I really like. I'm excited I'm getting my Sisley beauty bag back. I really like it. I'm trying to remember I'm not a beauty guru! I don't have to get all the palettes and things. Working on it.
  5. Empties for March I've been slacking off on my project use it up, due to being off my No Buy regimen and working on my second job. But I do have a little bag of empties! Full size Garnier Whole Blends Maple Remedy Shampoo - It's really nice. It smells like something Bath and Body Works would put out in the Fall. Soft & Dri deodorant Sparkling Citrus - Did not work so well. Assured Cotton Rounds - Dollar Tree brand. Not so good. Yves Rocher Pur Bleuet Eye Makeup Remover - A cornflower water - very good. Baylis & Harding jojoba, silk and almond oil refreshing body wash - Christmas gift. Mini Clark's Botanicals Age Defying Radiance Cream - January 2018 Birchbox. I don't think they make this any more - it was great. Foil packs of Hydropeptide Power Serum and Solar Defense Non Tinted - These products are made by a geneticist, They say they can work on the genetic level - I wonder how they figure that? Might be worth researching.
  6. I have another new motto: I am what I am! I was thinking about how I am excited that I have the Sisley Beauty Subscription back, and how I like their makeup style, which is very natural, simple, maybe a little concealer and a creamy crayon in a soft color. I realized that it's my type. What's sad is that I found my style as a teen. I tried lots of things, and found I loved skin care, and a little makeup with a soft pink lipstick. But I doubted myself, and was always searching. Doubting oneself leads to more and more buying. I still like the same stuff I did as a teen. If I hadn't doubted myself and my likes, I could have saved so much time and money. Let me go on Pinterest. What was my own style? My favorite thing was Maybelline Brush / Blush II in Sea Shell Pink. It was really good, as I recall. No wonder I liked it - the ad with Kim Alexis all in white lace and pearls is very romantic! But it's what I found myself, on my own.
  7. I loved the Memeboxes because they were packed with a huge amount of interesting, cool stuff we in the US had never seen before, and the theme boxes were awesome! For example, I remember getting the "Office Box," which even had instant coffee packets in it.
  8. I have signed up again! I used up all my Sisley stuff during my 2018 No Buy (except for my perfume mini bottle, which I am hoarding), so I deserve some more now. The March bag was for the eyes: makeup remover, eye masque, eye cream, concealer, and the mascara with the comb. I always wanted to try the mascara. I like the idea of a bag centered just around the eyes. I signed up yesterday, so hope they will send me the March bag if they are not out. Next month they will have a Spring Cleaning theme with cleansers for the face. Sign me up: I love Sisley's delicate face cleansing products. I want to try the new: Saffron face cream, hair stuff (I had a sample of shampoo from Nordies, and yes, it is great), Izia lotion, colored primers.
  9. If you are going to fall off the No Buy Wagon, fall at the right place! This is my new motto. I'm doing a lot better. I began working on my second job, and it helped a lot. It kept me busy, took my mind off shopping, and made me feel I was doing something good for my life. The extra money is amazing. I want to binge shop less when I am doing better financially. I want to make the most of it. When I feel broke, I get the attitude of there's no hope, why try. Then I will recklessly spend and open charge plates. Ironic, no? I was on No Buy for a year and was not keeping up with beauty sub spoilers. When I fell off, I saw all these exciting new developments in the beauty box world, like Ipsy add ons, Boxyluxe, etc. and had to look into them all. I think I got that out of my system. I checked out the Sisley Beauty Subscription, and I had the extra money to sign up for it again. It looks better than ever. I had it for nine months before, and I used every drop of every item they sent me. How often does that happen with beauty subs? I signed up! Hopefully I will get this month's box, which has the mascara with the comb. I always wanted one. I like the simplicity of the Sisley sub. Pay $60.00 one time, and I'm all set for six months. No upgrades, nothing else to buy. That is why my new motto is, If you are going to fall off the No Buy Wagon, fall at the right place! I'm going to try to have just this Sisley bag, because it's quality and works for me, and stay away from other stuff as much as I can.
  10. The Lavender shampoo and conditioner in this month's box smell amazing - wonderful powdery floral scent.
  11. Maybe New Years Eve I can be back on No Buy. That's the only time I can get into it. Until then well .... wake me when the year is over. 289 days, here's to No Buy 2020.
  12. Will begin an online wish list of things I want to buy. ***Remember, when you see perfumes, you can get them on Scentbird for less! I don't know if I should do this. I don't want the Makeup Talk people to have to buy another server as the list will be so big it would make the site crash.
  13. I kept cancelling and resubscribing to Play! this month. I always do that. Then the night before the cut off, I was up half the night and I watched the spoiler video. I decided to try to hack the profile. I realized that Sephora only sends a limited universe of samples. And in the spoiler video, they tell you what type of skin or hair type the samples are for. So if I wanted a certain sample, I could select that on my profile, and leave everything else blank. I wanted the Dr. Jart cream, and they said it was for red uneven skin types, so I checked that on my profile and left everything else blank. I wanted the Woodstock perfume so, so bad (Replica Music Festival), and I saw in some really quick shots that it was in the box variant with the Dr. Jart. I wanted the Devacurl, so I lied and said I had frizz. I did NOT want dry shampoo or those peel pads, so I unchecked oily skin and fine oily hair, my real type. After all that, I was finally drifting off to sleep, but my brain said "No, get up and cancel!" So I did, then I regretted it. Now today I recalled in the Play! FAQs it says that sometimes, if you sub before the 15th, you may still be able to get this month's box. So I thought I'd give it a try. I subscribed again. And when I looked on my profile, it said I was getting the Dr. Jart and the Woodstock perfume. Plus Shiseido, Nars, and Sephora mascara. I do love the Sephora brand products. Oh wishes come true - will I be getting it? It gave me a coupon for the insider points for the month too. I didn't get Devacurl, but I got Ouai and not dry shampoo! I never tried Play! before, but I think they send really practical stuff. The only thing I am sad about is no more cute drawstring bags. Those were pretty. When I was looking this up I got tempted by a new Tocca Stella On The Go Gift Set. Antique Crystal, Cinderella's carriage, hand finished decorated metal cap, no two are the same, it's just beautiful, Not TOO bad of a price. I want one! Do they have good samples today? They only let you get two now. I would get the Drunk Elephant and the Aerin. by rosie jane - have not seen her since Beauty Army! Uh, why am I so bad? WOW - all the new Tocca sets are quite stunning. Especially "Ten Days of Tocca".
  14. The March Target Beauty Box came yesterday. It's so beautiful. It has Easter Egg yellow tissue paper. The samples are good size! The Bliss cleanser is small, but that's okay; it's a precious little jewel. You get: Beauty and Planet Argan Oil and Lavender Shampoo and Conditioner - The pretty 3 ounce bottles say " Infused with golden Argan Oil ... a cloud of heirloom French lavender." Not ordinary French lavender, but heirloom French lavender! TRESemme Botanique Pomegranate and Camellia Oil Intensive Mask - I think this may be a cleansing conditioner. It is a big foil pack. Shea Moisture Sugarcane Extract and Meadowfoam Seed Miracle Styler Leave-In Treatment with Marshmallow Extract - This is a big travel size - 3.4 oz and even has a really nice spray top. This might even be a nice bottle to refill when it's empty. Shea Moisture Matcha Green Tea and Probiotics Soothing Toner - Pretty green liquid also in a spray bottle, 2 oz Bliss Rose Gold Cleanser - Little 1 oz bottle, but has rose water in it, and leaves rose gold shimmer on your face after washing. Maybe save to use before special evenings out. I LOVE the box. The Easter pastels, the nice sizes, the garden of natural extracts. For $7.00, everything is something I can really use. I'll have to start keeping an eye on Target again.
  15. The Birchbox came. The things are little, little and cute. Little is good. I have too much stuff already. The box is lovely. The moisturizer is from Italy. It's for large pores and has mattifying powders. It's for my skin type. The cream highlighter has green tea. It's all my cup of tea. It's all nice for the time of year, also. Maybe switching my profile from Classic to Low Maintenance did the trick. The ideal me - Is like an Emirates Cabin Crew member, in a chic outfit (love the cap with the veil), my hair in a perfect neat bun, and a beautiful red lipstick. The real me - Barely comb my hair, never wear makeup, except for some old mascara and Mary Kay eye shadow sample cards from years ago. Secretly relieved to have job where clients or customers do not see us. I buy stuff for the ideal me. The ideal me - Has a glamorous life and goes to elegant soirees, travels, goes to concerts and restaurants. The real me - Hardly ever goes anywhere, unless there's a 1970's tribute band in town. Knowing one's type is the best way to avoid being lured in by all those gorgeous packagings and marketing deals and concepts. And remembering one's type also. I go into a fantasy dream when I shop. In my head I'm the model in the photo, not me. When I was a teen, I wanted to be one of those girls who had their look and beauty routine all figured out, down pat. Wouldn't that be great? To know what works for you, to feel confident about it? I found out through extensive testing that I look good in pale shimmer eye shadows, not in others. But I forget that when I am shopping. Also I feel comfortable being unmade up because I'm shy. Of course the point of Low Maintenance Birchbox is to take you from unkempt Low Maintenance to polished Low Maintenance. Let's pretend for a moment that there is such a thing as a Low Maintenance Birchbox, created for me, and that it will work so well, I will forget all the other things out there. Would that not be awesome? I think Birchbox did a good job with my profile settings, and also targeting things for the early Spring - that light airy moisturizer and hair product for the rain.
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