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  1. My Netflix subscription is cancelled. I was only allowed the free month. I wanted so badly to watch a new show called Ares that came out Friday. I did not think I would get to see it before my subscription expired, but I did. I was able to watch it on the last day! I was so happy, because I'm not allowed to renew Netflix per my no buy rules. And I can't live with exceptions to my rules. Ares I loved and hated at the same time. I loved the cast, acting, sets, costumes, hair and makeup, exteriors, and story line. Ares is a great story about a poor and stressed college girl joining an Illuminati type of cult, in Amsterdam. But I hated all the gory horror, and they killed off so many interesting characters. The gory horror is hard to watch, and could be triggering to some. I know the gruesome elements are symbolizing something important in the story, but it's disturbing. The first episodes were good at developing the story, but at the end it was exhausting with all the violence. I think it would have been great as just a psychological drama. Still I'm so glad I got to watch it without violating my rules. Back to watching no buy videos on YouTube now.
  2. Today was pay day. I paid $22.90 extra on my credit card. I realized I'm now halfway done with my goal for the month - to pay $100.00 toward my credit card (including minimum payment). It's halfway through the month, so I am right on track! I made a $30 payment last week. I got deodorant, the only beauty item I need to replace. I ended up not getting the fancy new Secret or an Avon set, but just regular Secret Paris Rose from Dollar General. It was $5 - I thought that was a little high in price. I had this deo before during my No Buys, so it's a tradition. I didn't feel like spending extra or taking the time to order online. Too lazy to fill out the order pages! I sure am out of practice shopping!
  3. What am I wishing for right now? Yesterday I was looking at the Yves Rocher French website to see if they have anything new that might come to the US. I found something to love, but not a thing this time. In France, Yves Rocher has special salons. They have some fabulous sounding treatments. One I really fell in love with was an eyebrow treatment. They put eye patches under your eyes, then while those are on, they shape the eyebrows. After all is done, they apply an eye cream. That's what I'd love right now, and I suppose I could copy it at home with what I already have.
  4. It feels like it has been January for a long time, but we're only halfway through the month. There's still time to do a lot of things this month! I have some empties! I finished my three DHC foil packets, the two mini micellar waters from my Yves Rocher Advent Calendar, and my Neutrogena Shampoo mini. Now using up: June Jacobs Green Tea and Cucumber Shampoo mini Freeman Cucumber and Pink Salt Masque packet MAC Strobe Cream mini in Pinklite - This is a really nice cream that has a bit of pink color corrector and a bit of luminosity. It's great for a no makeup routine! Very pretty, and feels wonderful on the skin. I got it in an Ipsy bag. I had the Freeman cucumber masque in my project use it up in January 2018. Now I have another one to use. There is a lot of product in the packet. It is enough for several weeks of use. But it is a clay masque, so it gets dry and messy in the packet. I recall having a hard time using it all up before. So I opened the packet all around the edges, and used a spatula to transfer the contents into an empty jar so it will stay fresh and be easier to use up. I'm looking forward to using it with my new masque brush! I will be having some fun masque and movie nights!
  5. Yesterday I slept through my alarm. When I went outside, it was so beautiful, the birds were singing so happily, and the neighborhood ducks were in the yard. I love mornings outside, and hated to leave for work. When I got to work, there was a cardinal outside, but I had no time for it. I went into work, sat at my desk and looked longingly out the window at the blue sky and the sunlight, wanting to be outdoors. Making money is so hard. But I had a good day, and I was motivated, and it went quickly. I got a really good monthly eval. I always do. And I felt better. Getting over post holiday blues. Still excited for tax refund!
  6. No Buy hobby continues. I have been loving the No Buy content of Elle S on You Tube! She is so inspiring to me, because like me, she talks about being on a No Buy because of financial needs. I love her video, "Beauty Budget while on a No Buy??" (December 1, 2019). I like it because she talks about making products last longer and getting more use out of them rather than being in a rush to pan them. It's such a well thought out video, and she has great ideas. It's a nice change from the decluttering trend. No Buy Program Guide: Also I am having fun revisiting the Serein Wu No Buy series from last year on You Tube. She had a weekly vlog series, which was like a delightful and funny TV show. She has a playlist on her channel (No Buy/Low Buy Year 2019)-better than Netflix! I am following along week by week, Last year I loved it but stopped watching at the end of January when my No Buy crashed, because I was so broken hearted over how I was doing. If I don't crash this year, I'll be able to watch what I missed. Making replacement buys fun. The only thing I need to replace is deodorant. How can I make that one allowed purchase more fun? I've been shopping around. Secret has a new product out, an essential oil product that's paraben free, and beautifully packaged. It was supposedly crafted by perfumers. I want the Rose and Charcoal, "No. 27". It's a bit more expensive than your average Secret stick, but looks worth it. Also Avon has some little sets: there is one with Skin So Soft Deo and a matching hand cream for four dollars and change, and also several sets where the Deo comes with a little matching perfume for ten dollars and change. I want to treat myself to the new Secret or an Avon set, which will be a little special, but a guilt free purchase. Who's that girl? I was distracted by an email from L'Oreal with the title, "Tired Of Overpaying For Makeup?" It was advertising how their foundation and concealer is a good value. There is an amazing model in the email. She is blonde and has near invisible eyebrows! I love the look of very faint or thin eyebrows, a kind of 1970's look. It's what I've always wanted. I don't like the strong brow look of today at all. Of course, I have a box of strong brow products from the beauty boxes, because beauty boxes send you what's trendy, not what you really want (remember that!). I've always wanted my brows to be less. I shaved them off one time and drew new ones in with an eyebrow pencil, but they grew back looking worse. But I love the look of this model. Hope this is a new trend! (Update - the model is Soo Joo Park!) Money? Still suffering from pay cuts. Trying to get my taxes done asap, if I could just get my W2! Hoping for a refund so I can put $100 on the credit card I'm trying to pay off, and buy my special deodorant! Here's to the new decade!
  7. One week of New Year is done! This week will be better, right? Yesterday I had a very bad day at work. Also my wristwatch died during the day. I recalled Yves Rocher has a free wristwatch GWP now. I put a cart together, but you have to spend $50 to get this GWP, which is not affordable for me right now. Plus, I don't really need, or even want, $50.00 worth of stuff, as I have so much already. This is what I had in my cart: Big bottle eye makeup remover with free pack of cotton rounds - I already have some cleansers that take off eye as well as face makeup, plus a huge case of cleansing cloths that take off eye makeup, plus three big packs of cotton rounds, plus fabric rounds. Mascara in the Christmas packaging, plus free gift gold mascara - Have big box of mascaras I have not used yet. Deodorant - The only beauty item I will actually be needing soon. But better off getting one in the supermarket. 3 for $10 shower gels - Have about 30 shower gels already; the last thing I need is three more big bottles! Little perfume and hand cream - of a scent I tried and loved in my Advent calendar - I still have the sample. I love it, but do I need it now? Samples of new perfume and face cream I want to try - Would love to try these, but have so many perfumes and face creams I need to try still at home. I was ready to order all this, and I was going to use their buy now pay later plan, as I can't even afford it, and it was justified in my mind because I really do need a new wristwatch. But the buy now pay later button was not on the page today, luckily. I realized this would be a mistake and ordered a watch from WalMart, which cost $6.29. It is pretty and vintage looking. I'm not going to get anything but a deodorant at the store.
  8. January 27 ... that is the date last year when I went off my No Buy, and I did not get back on until June! I still completed my goals for the year, and I did really well. Part of my brain is being naughty and having fun with the thought that I could let go again this year from January 27 to June 13. Part of me wants to stick to my plan. January is kind of a hard month, I realized. The first year I was on No Buy, it was very exciting. I was tired of shopping, and it was refreshing to have the extra time when I gave it up. It was a novelty to watch films instead. I still had packages coming in the mail from before the No Buy. But in year two last year and year three this year, it does not feel so exciting. I don't have those perks. I just feel the sense of post holiday let down, and I can see why people would want to shop in January to feel better. Work is usually tough at the beginning of the year also. Bosses come back with renewed zeal and want you to be even better. Watching too many New Years resolution videos on You Tube is also sad. When you see people talk about being super minimalist and frugal and never eating out again, it's too dreary sometimes, and makes you want to rebel and give up. I now have more insight into why I crashed last year. I didn't see it coming. No wonder I want to get Sisley! What I really want is a feeling of cozy rest and relaxation, and that bag I want evokes the feeling. I had an exceptionally bad day at work yesterday. I came home and the tree was taken down. The house looked so empty and bleak. 😢Another sad thing was when there was no more chocolate or other treats in the house from Christmas. Beauty companies offer a solution with their offers to help one "rest and recover from the hectic holiday period", which might be psychologically beneficial. Obsessing over Sisley samples, I noticed on their web site they now have a program where you can get deluxe samples with each order. When you put something in your cart, you will see a page of samples comes up, and you can choose which you want, like Sephora or Nordies. The amount of samples you can get depends on the amount you spend. They also recommend samples for you. I don't think we have a beauty profile saved, so I am thinking maybe the recommendations are based off of what you put in the cart, not sure. It's interesting; not too affordable!
  9. What I am wishing for now. Sisley Beauty Subscription. The Sisley Beauty Subscription is not available in the US any longer. I do miss it! In France though, they still have it, and the January box is so pretty. It has face masque (Linden masque), micellar water, body lotion, foundation, and Eau du Soir perfumed body cream. Everything is pink and white, and the theme is staying home and recovering from the holidays with self care. Love it. Wish I had it. I have the free month of Netflix now and I am supposed to cancel before it renews. It is not allowed on my No Buy. But there's a new series coming out I really want to see. It's coming out right after the cancellation date. It is called Ares, and it's Dutch. Wish I could watch it.
  10. Getting started. Yesterday at work, they announced we will be back to normal full time hours starting Monday. So now I know what my pay will be, and I can begin planning. That's a good thing, because there was uncertainty about what would happen for a few weeks, and I didn't know whether was going to be able to progress on paying my credit card off. So now I feel better, and am motivated to clean and organize this morning. Using up sample minis. I am going to start again doing a facial every weekend, because I have many mini face masques to use up. I had become lazy about that. I am trying to use up mini shampoos, body scrub, shower gels, micellar waters, toners, and masques.
  11. What I'm using up right now: Blow Pro Weather Girl Serum mini - From Birchbox. I'm using this first because it's the smallest of my hair minis. Because of this, I have been blow drying my hair, which I'm usually too lazy to do. The serum does help. DHC 294 Super Collagen Supreme Serum - Foil packet from catalog. I spilled some when I opened the packet, because I did not know this serum is like a water, but it is hydrating. I hate to waste a drop of anything. Neutrogena Clean Normalizing Shampoo mini - This I got for Christmas. Yves Rocher Comforting Shower Balm - From Advent calendar. Yves Rocher Botanical Scrub (for the body) - From Advent calendar. This I use once a week. I don't feel as bad as I thought I would this morning. It's the morning of back to work after the holidays, but at least it's Thursday and payday. I did not know what my pay was going to be like. Not only did my office cut everyone's hours, but we were closed for holidays too with no pay. But my pay was better than expected, so I am happy. I can still get by. Just between you and me, I have come to enjoy working less hours, and if it continues, I'm okay with it. If I had not been on No Buy for so long and eliminated so many debt payments, I don't know how I would be doing now, though. This shows a huge benefit of going on a No Buy (a small taste of FREEDOM!). And since I'm in the No Buy mindset now, I'm okay with a lower pay, just enough to pay bills and get necessities. I can't shop at the January sales or anything, but I was not even thinking of it. I'm used to this state and it's like something I chose, not something I'm going through. So I feel rich and happy right now!
  12. Happy New Year! I really didn't have a fun or special New Years Eve. I left work early, but with worry and stress. I didn't have anything fun planned, and no excitement about waiting for midnight. I went to bed early and slept through it. I don't feel anything different, don't feel anything new. I'm just continuing what I've already been doing. I'm working on using up the minis from my Yves Rocher Beauty Advent calendar, and the foil pack samples from my DHC catalog. Right now, I'm using up the mini Comforting Shower Balm with Shea Butter for extra dry skin from my Advent calendar, and Urumai Cream foil pack from DHC catalog. It's actually good I don't feel anything special or new. It means I'm not at the beginning any more. I'm in a different, more advanced phase of my plan. It shows I've progressed and grown a lot. Why try to go back to the beginning? I've earned this place I am at now. I'm still quite broke from completing my goal of paying off my credit card by the end of the year. In 24 hours, I get paid again and will be over that, can start on my new financial goal.
  13. Empties for December: Foil pack of DHC Pore Cleansing Oil - I recently got a DHC catalog in the mail, and it had four amazing foil pack samples! It's always a treat when these come in the mail. This is a cleansing oil for oily skin types. It smells like orange and is a rich feeling oil, but when it's rinsed off, the skin feels really clean and matte. Two packets of A0A Pure Cotton Rounds - from Shop Miss A. These are good. I'm using Delon cotton now, as an esthetician advised it is the best. I've finished four minis from my Yves Rocher Advent Calendar - Sensitive Vegetal face cream, Hydra Vegetal face cream, Nourishing Shampoo, and First Snowflakes Shower Gel. A fail: I hardly ever do my nails, but I have been painting them this month since there were several nail colors in the Yves Rocher Advent Calendar. This prompted me to look for nail polish remover to change the polish. I had two bottles of my Mom's nail polish remover, almost empty. They were generic brand from a grocery store that went out of business a long time ago, my Mom passed away in 2013, and they were years past the expiration date. Not wanting to waste I tried to use them, but they did not take any polish off at all. They must have evaporated somehow. I had to throw them out.
  14. Shopping at the end of December in the past vs now. I used to take part in after Christmas shopping in the past, when I had more time and money, and life was easier. I used to take my Christmas present money and hit the mall. My favorite thing to buy after Christmas was an Estee Lauder set they that always came out right after Christmas (this was in the late 1990's and early 2000's), that would have a travel bag, minis of the entire skin care regime, and a hairbrush and lipstick, maybe a mascara, a PWP at a very good price. That was my favorite treat and it was sort of a winter resort, cruise set. For a few weeks in the New Year, I was able to have a complete Estee Lauder beauty regime, something I couldn't usually afford. It made me feel great. It was always an excellent purchase. When I first began doing No Buys, I used to like to go on a last shopping spree before the New Year. This was really fun, and I recall before my first No Buy, in December 2006, getting a great deal at the Bath and Body Works sale. In 2014, I went really overboard shopping at Sephora and Nordstrom online before beginning a No Buy. I bought everything I could get my hands on, and that was bad. It gave me that much more to deal with in January. But I loved this roller coaster of shopping before midnight New Years Eve, and then the relief at midnight on December 31, the release of anxiety, when the No Buy began. I liked that dramatic contrast. Before my 2018 No Buy, I bought a few things leading up to it, nothing excessive. Maybe that was why the No Buy went so well. This year, it took everything to pay my credit card off by the end of the year, no money and no time for shopping at all. This year and last year, completing a No Buy and then rolling right into a new one with no break, makes me feel a bit tired. I think that is why last year I fell of the wagon in late January and did not get back until June! There's not that excitement about the New Year, it's just continuing the same thing. Do I want to shop? No, not really. I'm too tired, have no time and money, the only way to do it would be to add more debt and that would mess up all the progress I have made with my debt snowball. What I want now is a fresh approach, with what I have already, to make it seem new and exciting. I feel sad that the magic of Christmas, which lasted about 24 hours for me, is over, and I face more work pressure. I think we all want the Christmas magic to go on, and that's why we take part in after Christmas shopping. This is expressed so well at the beginning of Bridget Jones's Diary, (the novel) where she goes shopping for discount Christmas candy to eat in front of the TV to help with the post holiday blues.
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