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    Edith S is my confirmation saint - Dr. Edith Stein, philosopher and nun.
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    No buy and project use it up/project pan. Trying to pay off debts and use everything up until I have just one of each item. I need strict limits!
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    I would like to go back to the late 60s and early 70s and try all of the fabulous beauty products of those colorful years. I love to collect vintage beauty ads on Pinterest. Some of my favorites are Yardley of London, Mary Quant, Biba, and Love Cosmetics.
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    I like pretty packaging, like Physicians Formula, but I'm not very skilled with makeup.

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  1. I've always found yellow eye shadow looks very interesting.
  2. EdithS2

    Getting ready for No Buy 2019!

    I can't look at anything, or I might crash! I watch You Tube every day, and when I see a video about Birchbox, or Ipsy, or something that would tempt me, I click "Not Interested" really fast. I have my You Tube trained so that it mostly brings up project pan or no buy videos. I used to love to follow the life cycle of the monthly beauty boxes from the speculation to the spoilers to the reveals but can't do so any longer. I used to stay up half the night doing that. I only go to a few safe web sites when I'm getting ready to buy shampoo, or cotton pads. Mainly just Yves Rocher or Nordies and Sephora. I usually just look at the samples page to see if there is a good free sample I can get. I won't look at the "what's new" page or anything else. I have to be really careful and keep my eyes down and it helps that I'm too tired from work to go out! Just one episode of just taking a peek at beauty box spoilers, or watching shopping TV just to have something to listen to while having my dinner have crashed some really good No Buys.
  3. On December 11, 2017, I decided to undertake a one year No Buy for the upcoming New Year. I was so excited about it. In the weeks before the New Year, while having fun during the holidays, I worked on getting ready for my No Buy. My goal for the No Buy was to pay off some debts. I prepared for my No Buy by organizing all of my cosmetics, listing my debts in my journal, and beginning to use up a shampoo, a holiday scent shower gel, a cleanser, and a face cream foil pack that were almost finished already. They were items that had been sitting on my dresser forever. That really got me in the No Buy mood. Goal setting: My goal is always to pay off debts. In past years, I would always declare that "I am going on a No Buy to pay off my credit card debt." Since that is such a large and far away goal for me, I think it was easy to get discouraged and give up as soon as I came across a tempting item. I think this is one reason why my past New Years No Buys always crashed in May. I think this year was more exciting because I set a smaller specific goal. I resolved to pay off not all my debt, but one smaller credit card debt each month. That was exciting for me. The goal proved to be too big to fulfill after six months, but I was able to revise it as the year went on. I ended up paying off not all of my debt, but five credit card debts. That was great. For this year, I have a specific, doable goal of paying off another five credit card debts. It is specific, but realistic. I have a payment plan completely mapped out for each month. I will be doing last minute preparations on my debt goals and using up a few last minute items in the coming weeks. I'm excited for No Buy 2019!
  4. It's almost December - I'm excited! One more month on my one year No Buy - not that I plan to end the No Buy at the end of the year, but I'm excited I will have one year done! Although I had a really bad week of Thanksgiving where I was tempted and consumed with thinking of shopping, I'm now back to the relaxing peace of mind of my No Buy routine. No Buy went great this week. I was given two full size unopened face creams for free. I had several empties: shampoo, face cream mini, eye shadow sample card, and one drop left of the great Clementine and Spices Shower Gel. That means I get to go on to other items for December. Also, the last eye shadow card I used turned out to be a miraculous color for me. It is Mary Kay Whisper Pink, an icy pale pink with silver shimmer. It goes on creamy and not sheer, and almost white. It really brightens up my small eyes. It's rare to find eye shadows that work on me. I'm almost finished with my financial goal for the rest of the year. Since September, I have been making extra payments on some credit cards, to get them down to where I can easily pay off five cards in 2019. I only have $22.00 extra to pay left on what I wanted to do by the end of the year. For December I'll be using Yves Rocher Serum Vegetal toner, serum mini, and Cranberry and Almond holiday shower gel - coincidentally all are in pretty red and red and gold packaging, beautiful for this month.
  5. The lipstick and lip mask are interesting. I would look into purchasing those next time I need lip products. I don't want to get lip injections.
  6. It's mostly been fun and a breeze except for this week, lol.
  7. I spent all day reading and cutting up my diaries from Nov. 2016 through December 2017. 😕They are mostly about shopping, with some neat dream work in between. They made me so tired to read. It was me trying to solve this puzzle, every day, where I wanted to find THE perfect thing, such as THE perfect sub box. I would then stick to ONLY that one thing, and I would be happy and not spend much. I could never settle on one thing: I kept being let down, or finding something else. I also would only use items from the one thing I thought was IT, and could not enjoy all the products I had. For example, when I found the Sisley beauty bag, I was a fanatic about it. I told myself I would just have that bag, and nothing else. I would try to follow all the tips on the Sisley site religiously. If I wanted to get something else, I'd feel bad. I felt frustrated. The only time I felt happy with beauty was around May, when I had a second job. At that time I was ahead on my bills, had extra money in the bank, and felt free to get what I wanted. I got Yves Rocher orders, Ipsy offers, Birchboxes, and Bath and Body Works, as well as Wet n Wild Unicorn Brush and Lipstick. I was happy, enjoying life. When the second job ended I went back to my perfectionist type of shopping, due to anxiety about money along with the frustration of wanting everything. Reading the diary through in one day, though, clearly shows that the year 2017 was not as happy as the year 2018, my No Buy year. I had an even bigger second job this year, a higher paying and longer lasting one, but I got a lot of debts paid off instead of shopping. I also used and enjoyed all my products more. The No Buy is for me a quiet, safe space without the frustration. More enjoyment, less anxiety. The enjoyment of products, money savings, and peace of mind it gives me are so great. I hope the craving to relive past shopping episodes will disappear with the paper scraps. It's been a hard week of that part of my brain waking up again. 💔 On the other hand, maybe I should get back into my dream work!
  8. EdithS2

    Brand new member here

    They are very nice here. I wish you all happiness in your life. 🌸
  9. Yesterday I was this close to breaking my No Buy and throwing all my hard work away. I have been going through my old diaries and looking at the things I used to pursue online, stirring up temptation in myself. In addition to that, since I came home from work Friday, it has been just one thing after another, everything to upset and worry me. 😱So I spent hours yesterday online looking at web sites and putting items into online shopping carts. This morning I am resolved again. I must think of my diaries differently. Since I have been on No Buy for almost a year now, most of my collection is from 2017. A few items are a bit older. I think that's interesting. I shopped a lot in 2017, and I have a detailed diary for the year that chronicles what I got when. When I look back at this diary, I'm not going to go back online to recreate the shopping episodes. Instead, I'll go to my beauty shelf and appreciate and use the items purchased previously. I also have a diary for all of 2018, showing that I was able to be successful on a No Buy through the year. This book must be completed, with a strong finish and a happy ending. Then it will be a guide to follow every year going forward. I will finish the book of my 2018 No Buy, and it will have a fairy tale ending! 📖 I had my shower and washed my hair, and did some cleaning and laundry. I had a nice breakfast. Yesterday my hot water heater was down and I could not take my shower and I felt so dirty. My room was dirty and messy as I did not want to do anything but shop online, and I had nothing good to eat in the house. Mentally I felt dirty and ashamed. I was not having fun. I felt my body was dirty, my mind was dirty, and my surroundings were dirty. And the more I looked, the more things I found online, and I felt myself falling into an endless, endless black hole ......... I decided to tear up and discard my diaries before my No Buy began. They are making me relive shopping behavior and are triggering me. They are hurting me. I hate to throw things away, but I can't dwell on this any longer. I'm going to read them one last time and then they are gone!
  10. EdithS2

    hello guys !

    How wonderful to have you here. 🌹
  11. Black Friday is over and I only spent $2.00. So glad I did not break my No Buy. I went on Shop Miss A yesterday before work. They had added more adorable things. They had a special of one dollar shipping on all orders. I looked at the things and thought, "If I get whatever I want, it will be never ending." So I just got the one thing I don't have, something I want and need - a pumice stone. A dollar for the stone, and a dollar for shipping. They also had eye primer and false eyelash adhesive, which I do not have, but I really am too lazy and don't want to use those, so I did not get them; the pumice I know I will use. The temptation is starting to subside. From observing my behavior I learned: I have a lot of stress from work. This week I began a new plan of working harder on my problems at work, and also reaching out to my managers about them, so that I don't have to worry about them at home so much. Feeling less stressed will help me stick to my No Buy. I was always looking for the Ultimate Thing that would fulfill all my beauty needs. The perfect Advent calendar, sub box, get all you want web site. The thing that would satisfy me forever. That does not exist. And who would want that? It's more fun to discover something new every time I need something. Get all you want, dollar store shopping brings no savings if I overdo it. I may as well be shopping at Barneys. My excess shopping adds a great deal to my stress level. It is an emotional roller coaster of excitement followed by guilt and anxiety. ****I can't wait for New Years when I will start year two of my No Buy!
  12. Black Friday is here - danger, danger 2016 Black Friday I was good on Black Friday in 2016. I was still satisfied with my purchase from Cosmetique, and resolved to return my Advent calendars unopened. I had a big day of work, so Black Friday was not an issue. 2017 Black Friday I only had to work a half day, but still managed to get upset about problems there. I got paid and went to eat at a British restaurant. I paid the minimum payment on my credit card that was over limit. Then it was time for what I had been dying to do all week: I paid another 10 dollars to join the 2 dollar makeup site again, and bought more things! I got a foundation brush, a bag of eye shadow sponges with lip brushes at the other end (I did use these all year, and loved them, and just got a new supply from eBay), some Pore Cream with "rose oil and deep sea pearl", and a Bioaqua BB Cushion. I was happy. 2018 Black Friday Yesterday I was good. I spent nothing. Cosmetique has a great Black Friday sale, but I don't need anything there right now. I did not apply for a credit card, even though when I went to pick up my journal yesterday morning, a preapproved offer envelope had fallen out of my paper clutter pile and was on the floor right by my hand. I don't know a lot about what's going on today. I haven't been reading about it due to my No Buy. I'm happily ignorant, but do have temptation. The temptation comes mostly from within, from recalling buying episodes from the past. Also I was looking at the Avon and Yves Rocher sites as I was in the market to get a deodorant, the only beauty item I need now, and I saw some really pretty holiday things. I have to work today, and I hope it will be easy. It is payday, so danger! I really don't want to fall. But I have been dreaming of shopping.
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