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  1. Used up Avon Far Away Roll On Deodorant and pack of Members Mark [from Sams Club] makeup cleansing cloths. Yesterday I studied for my exam from 3:15 am to 6:15 am. Then I had breakfast and went out to see the sunrise. Worked on my main job from 9 to 5, was engaged and motivated and productive! Then had some dinner and studied from 7 to 8 pm, then bed. I love being busy and productive! My laundry is all done. I have to start using my pretty Sand and Sky exfoliating treatment mini. I have three Sand and Sky minis and never tried them yet. They are Australian, make skin products using Australian Pink Clay and other ingredients from that great land. I want to go to bed early and study in the predawn hours before Monday work.
  2. Working hard on studying really a lot for the job I want to get, and enjoying it. I used up the following: Mini Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment Cosmetique Sistina 1.5 ounce hand and body lotion Finally finished every last bit of full sized Yves Rocher White Botanical Cream! The next beauty products I will be working on will be: Yves Rocher Pure Calmille 2 in 1 cleanser and toner and Pure Calmille 2 in 1 face and body cream! I like the idea of the pretty floral products for late summer, with the simplicity and laziness factor of them being 2 in 1 products. I was at the store today and had fun looking at clothes and new products. Was not allowed to buy, because I don't need anything, but I saw a new St Ives Rose Water shower gel with a new bottle design, and they have a new hemp body cream too.
  3. New schedule is really working. The first day, I had a lot of laundry and cleaning to catch up on, because things had piled up, but now it does not take me long at all to catch up on chores on the two days off. And in this second week of Thursday and Sunday off, I've begun to study for an exam that, if I pass, will get me a really good part time job. It would be so beneficial for me to get this job. I tried to do this study earlier in the spring, but just could not get going, even though I wanted the job. But now I am into it and really enjoying the studying. My goal is to work on studying 3 hours per day. It's a lot of material. Yesterday I studied from 3:15 am to 6:15 am, did my full time job from 9 to 5, took a nap, and then studied from 9:00 to midnight! I was proud of myself, and I didn't want to stop studying. I did a 14 hour day! I just have a few doses left of Yves Rocher White Botanical face cream, and I'm excited to switch to something new (or rather, another of my old products, but like getting something new). I'll maybe finish my little Glamglow mini face mask tube today too.
  4. Week 2 of my new plan, with my new concept of time as two mini work weeks (Mon-Wed and Fri-Sat) and two mini weekends (Thursday and Sunday). I think this will help with not getting as tired during the work week or bored during the weekends. Being bored during the weekends leads to spending on shopping or eating! I like the new plan so far. I finished my full sized Yves Rocher White Botanical Cleanser. That's the White Botanical Cleanser and Toner done, and a few days of Cream left. The goal for the rest of July is to use that cream up along with one pack of 20 face cleansing cloths. I have a nine month supply of cleanser and cleansing cloths to finish.
  5. Working hard on my new plan to stay productive and not bored! On Thursday I went to the auto shop and my car repair was only $53. That was not bad. I am caught up on laundry and cleaning (well relatively speaking. My room is super cluttered. It will take ages to fix it). I used my Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment yesterday and on Thursday, and it was amazing. It just glides on, is so easy to apply, and is so cool. I loved it, and it made the skin feel amazing. I finished my full size toner, Yves Rocher White Botanical. It was nice and cool and refreshing too. I'm going to try and stay busy and make something of my afternoon and evening. And then only three days to focus at work until the next day off. And I did not let my friend pressure me into going out for hours last night! Instead I was in bed early and cozy and safe with my phone watching videos. I was selfish yet selfless. Selfish for not doing what my friend wanted, selfless because staying home makes everyone safer.
  6. I'm having some backsliding, but still trying! I'm really seeing progress using my full size cleanser, toner and moisturizer. I decided to change my routine. I have been experiencing for a while now some strange kind of boredom. When I'm not working, I really don't have fun any more. I don't get chores done either. I'll just get up, and the time just passes, and my room will be messy with a pile of laundry, and I don't get it done, and it makes me feel bad. I can't focus on reading a book or watching a show or movie. I always feel my weekend is a waste. I'm not having fun when I'm lazy like this either; it feels awful. I decided to change my routine and fight this state! I told HR I wanted to work on Saturday every week and have Thursday off every week, which makes both my work weeks and time off shorter periods. I'm hoping it will be easier to make the most of time off when it is one day instead of an entire weekend. And I might feel less tired when the work week is broken up. I also made a list of all I hope to do in my days off. I want to have my laundry done, cleaning done, write in journal, post on Makeup Talk [I do enjoy writing], watch a show or movie and read a book, and best of all use a face mask on the two days off! I'm not using all my face masks at all. I got a flyer from Yves Rocher with some awesome new face masks and scrubs. I really want one, but not until I've used up all the masks I have now! The Thursday and Sunday off will be my special beauty days to use up products with extra relaxing beauty routines. Last night I went out with a friend of mine and my brother to Family Dollar. While she was shopping, I looked in the beauty section. I enjoyed it. I saw some things I wanted, but did not get, because I don't need them. I saw: Aromatherapy diffuser set with a little cherub. Pretty makeup brushes. I already have a ton. No reason to wear makeup because I always go out with a face mask. I should make an effort to use eye makeup though. I need to care for myself better and put effort into myself. Skin care set with cleanser, toner, and cream in one box, only five dollars. I think the cleanser had shea butter. I wanted to try it, but have tons of skin care going back to 2017 I need to get through! After we took our friend to eat, we came out and had a nail in our tire and a flat. The roadside assistance man was really nice though. I got a Car Care credit card and an appointment to get it fixed today. I am backsliding with my debt snowball, but I'm not going to let it stop me. I'm just going to keep going and start over with whatever debt is smallest, being diligent with No Buy/Project Use It Up. I have been more productive this morning, started laundry and cleaning and wrote in my journal. The more I try the better it will get! Then maybe I won't order takeout so much. I'm kind of looking forward to going to the auto shop, because it will be something to accomplish, and then I'll go to lunch with my brother (less expensive than getting Door Dash). The first mask I will be using up is my smallest sample, Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment. I have many mini masks from Ipsy, etc. and I believe two full size masks and two full size scrubs, and a box of sheet masks.
  7. I have been backsliding, but backsliding in a better way than before. The money has felt tighter than normal lately. I decided not to be too hard on myself, because part of that was from losing my second job due to COVID. Also I joined a new church, and really want to keep up with the tithing. That has become important to me. I found I need to tighten the budget and cut back on too much takeout/delivery [Door Dash is my vice]. That's hard for me. I was not budgeting well, and I found myself the week before Father's Day with not enough money for gifts and food that week, so I opened a new credit card. I used that to buy gifts and food, then some more food and takeout. I feel really badly about that. BUT my old self would have just kept the card, and gone shopping for beauty items with it too, and I would have given up on my No Buy/Project Use It Up. NOW I caught myself after about two weeks of this backsliding, cut up the card, took the card number out of the computer. Because if it's there, it's too much temptation. And I kept right on using my old beauty stuff, I was not even tempted to buy new beauty stuff, just food! Now I will wait for the bill for the new credit card to come in the mail and work on paying it off. The fact that I am rebounding like this instead of going back to my old behavior is a really good sign! I do need to work on the eating out. Getting Nutrisystem was not such a good idea. The dry food is hard to eat and it is pretty expensive too. But I will keep trying to change my food habits. Until now, I have not really had to do that to achieve my goals. We're moving into the higher goals now.
  8. My little Nutrisystem box is coming today. I HOPE I like it!!!! I got a big box before, years ago, and I did not like it. So did not stick to it. But I'm so tired of my overspending on food (Door Dash) delivery. When I get restaurant delivery, I don't even end up liking the food that much. If I get fast food, it's good, but when I order from a restaurant, the food is much less appealing and good than when you eat on site. The kind of food I get (partial to fried foods) makes me thirsty, tired. I've gotten to the point where I am so fed up, I'm just dying for the Nutrisystem box. That's the way I am when I go on a beauty No Buy and it ends up being successful - fed up with my behavior, feeling like I can't wait to change. It's nice Nutrisystem now has these little boxes you can get at Target and Walmart to try out and you don't have to spend over 200 up front and get a subscription. I'm going to try different things with food each week until I figure out a plan to cut back. This will be harder than beauty No Buy for me.
  9. Me too! I really need clothes and shoes but won't buy them for myself. If I do have money I just want to buy cosmetics. I really don't use them either, but on my plan at least I get to enjoy the skin care and bath and body products!
  10. Some progress and some backsliding. Progress - used up the following - Dove Rose Petals Deodorant Ouai Wave Spray 1 ounce mini Bodycology Cherry Blossom Lotion 1 ounce mini I have three 1 ounce hair treatment products left, and I've used all my 1 ounce mini body lotions. Progressing now to the 1.5 ounce body lotions. Making great progress on using my Yves Rocher White Botanical cleanser, toner and cream. I am seeing good results and seeing the difference from using up full sized skin care products instead of samples. I used to always want to get samples from beauty boxes and GWP or PWP because I thought they saved me money. But my project use it up showed me that skin care minis only last ten days on average and you don't get results from them, so hopefully I'll break the need to spend money to get them. Also good: I needed a new watch again and got one from the Publishers Clearing House catalog. This watch I wanted really badly and waited a whole year to get it. I ordered it with their buy now pay later, but I only got that one thing. And I paid my bill right away. I did not order a lot of things [though I saw some I wanted], and pile up a big bill like I did in the past. I feel like my beauty spending is really under control .... BUT I feel I am spending too much on food. I have really gotten into ordering Door Dash really excessively. Sometimes on the weekend I'll get it three times a day. I'll pay $20 to have some sodas delivered. I feel ashamed when I do it. And when I go to the grocery store I spend too much but still don't feel I have the food I need. So I got a little Nutrisystem box to try to help with that. At Target, you can get a little 5 day box for about $50.00 so you don't have to commit a lot at once. I'm going to try that out - not to lose weight, but to learn to control food spending, because it gives you a structure. You still have to buy things to go with it like salads but I'm hoping it will help me buy less. How do you go on a No Buy for food? It's hard!
  11. I already bought something in No Buy Year 3, but it's only a replacement for my deodorant. My deo is running low, so it's allowed. But I made the purchase a little "extra," and got a 3 pack from Avon that has Far Away, Haiku, and Imari roll ons! It was only five dollars and change. It's called "A Far Away Dream Deodorant Trio". It's my treat for myself. I feel sorry for my Avon rep, having a replacement only No Buy person for a client!
  12. I'm now ready to begin a third year of No Buy! I want another year of using up what I have and paying off debt. I need to work harder on using all of my products up. Last night, I began using my full size Avon neck cream, and a $200 Dead Sea eye serum that I got in a Glossybox a long time ago. I get nice things and I just store them away. It's a bit harder now with the debt snowball and the project use it up, as I am on kind of a plateau. I have paid of my small debts, and now am working on the bigger balance debts in my debt snowball. I've used up all of my skin care samples (except for toners and masques), and am now using up full sized skin care. The goals are going to take longer to achieve this year. But this also is a sign of great progress. I found on YouTube a lady named Jessica Lee who actually completed 3 years of No Buy. On June 23, 2019, she published No Buy Update 2 YEARS!!! / 24 Months. In this video, she talked about wanting to shop, but also wanting to complete a third year of No Buy. And she did complete that third year!
  13. I have now passed the anniversary of being back on my No Buy, so I have completed Year 2! To recap, I went on a No Buy at New Year of 2018, and it was really successful. I used up a lot of things, and paid off a lot of debts. Then, in late January 2019, I crashed, and started shopping again, way too much, and got piles of new things. I felt bad about it, but could not stop. I started to slow down a bit in the spring, and then, on June 12, 2019, I was looking at my bills, and just began setting goals again and easily went into remission from overspending and went right back to my No Buy habits. It was a great feeling. I've been good all year, paid lots more debt, only bought deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush. I did get a Beauty Advent calendar, but I managed to just get that one thing without going on a spree. I still have the box and many of the products from the Advent calendar, and intend to refill and reuse it at the end of the year. No Buy Year 2 was a success. The last few items used up in No Buy Year 2 Pack of Delon cotton rounds Mini bottle Sisley Tropical Resins Toner - very delightful Mini Mamonde Rose Water Toner - Mamonde is a branch of Amore Pacific, all about skin care from flowers, very romantic Mini Nest Sicilian Tangerine Body Cream Mini Kani Moon MIlk shimmering body oil from past Petit Vour box Full size cleanser - The Creme Shop Double Cleanse 2 in 1 Facial Foam witch hazel/lemon/green tea

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