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  1. Found a really nice sub box for women of color called Cocotique. I am interested in getting it - it has really good value and new products I don't know about yet! They have past boxes on offer. The November 2018 box had a collection of traditional Indian beauty products called Reshma Beauty. There is a rose toner and henna hair products. Reshma is a really attractive and affordable product line. Just another on my long list of things to try. Through the Cocotique links I also discovered the Palmer's Natural Fusions line which looks amazing! I didn't know Palmer's does sheet masks now, and they have a sheet mask for the body. It all looks great.
  2. EdithS2

    Goodbye, stash of junk

    I didn't do my list yet.
  3. EdithS2

    Goodbye, stash of junk

    So many Felce Azzuras! I have to look up IFRA regulations.
  4. EdithS2

    February 2019

    I just give up on No Buy. I can't do it all the time, I have to be in the mood. It only works certain times. I always feel so awful after I mess up on a really long No Buy. This is the 4th time [2007, 2008, 2015 were my other long No Buys]. Then I go back to my old way and very fast undo all my progress and end up where I was before and even worse. It is chutes and ladders.
  5. EdithS2

    It's been a while!

    So complicated is beauty.
  6. EdithS2

    It's been a while!

    Thank you very much for the support. I commit to the pact. 🙏 I will work on a list. I have perfumes that should be used, because I just hoard them. I have some decants.
  7. EdithS2

    Sephora Play! Smarts

    Wow, so much I missed during my No Buy Year! I see Sephora has a new bag called Play! Smarts. Instead of a random set of samples, customers are given products around a particular theme. Also, an online class is provided. It just feels so organized, and maybe a way for me to actually use things from a box instead of letting them pile up. I wish I would have gotten the skin care bag for women over 50! Now on the site I see they had a complexion makeup bag, but it's out of stock. 😶 Does anyone know how often these come out? Makeup overwhelms me, so it would be good to practice on one area at a time. This speaks to me on many levels. I've actually never tried the regular Play! box. I got one of the luxe bags and really liked it. They had Peter Thomas Roth Hungarian Thermal Water Cream in the recent Play! Smarts box. I'm going to be looking out for the next one. Update: the classes can be seen on Sephora's YouTube channel. History of boxes so far: June 2018 - Glitter Eyes for Real Life - the inaugural box. August 2018 - Superfoods Feed Your Face September 2018 - Skincare by Age 30s, 40s, 50s. October 2018 - K-Beauty: Skin Innovation October 2018 - Superfoods: Inner and Outer Beauty November 2018 - Complexion Your Way: Dewey and Matte It should be time for a new one, no? Maybe it was test marketing for last year. I recall when looking through magazines from the 1970s there was a mail order beauty club called The Butterfly Club. They would send a shipment for eye makeup the first time, lip makeup the next time, etc., so you could make yourself over little by little. I loved the ad. I have been unable to find the ad online. Anybody remember? I believe it was like Cosmetique Club. I liked Birchbox Beta from 2017, where they sent kits based on a specific area. I got overwhelmed with all the choices they had, though. Could never decide which one to get, or should I get the regular box, or the curated box.
  8. EdithS2

    Anyone have a Pinterest?

    I use Pinterest to look up vintage beauty ads from the 60s and 70s.
  9. EdithS2

    It's been a while!

    Hi Nitya, this is an awesome post. Great idea, buying travel sizes of perfumes! I felt ugly growing up and I read a lot of beauty books and magazines to try to improve myself. I think somewhere along the line I gave up on myself, and the search for beauty items became an end in itself, rather than a means to an end. Instead of making myself pretty, I just want to have a lot of pretty things. All the while eating a bad diet, not exercising, etc. I also don't let myself use things as they are "too pretty to use." I messed up my No Buy since we last talked. I am now shopping too much. Part of me wants to shop and part of me wants to be on No Buy again. Thanks for the great blog entry and best of luck with everything!
  10. EdithS2

    Glossybox February 2019

    PRES15 - coupon code - first box for $15.00.
  11. EdithS2

    Beauty Inventory

    I got tired and gave up on this inventory. It made me tired and my room messy!
  12. EdithS2

    Ipsy February 2019

    Ipsy arrived. It looks so little after Boxycharm. My photos are not working today. The bag is nicer in real life than in the photo. I got three little samples and a nail polish. The nail polish is excellent - has a natural ingredient that is antifungal. Also got the ubiqitous pink eye brush. The info card is really nice now, with really useful info and tips. Ipsy has a lot of exciting things going on. They let you add items to your bag to upgrade it now, like Birchbox, and they have a luxe version now for $25.00, like Boxy. I think Boxycharm is more impressive for now!
  13. EdithS2

    Off My No Buy and doing what I want

    Got makeup brush from Aliexpress ... oops ipod not working maybe I won't be putting my bad photos on here any more. I'm not exactly an Instagram guru! Sorry about that. It is white with pale blue bristles.
  14. EdithS2

    Off My No Buy and doing what I want

    I just found the Wet and Wild Rebel Rose Full Collection Box. Prettiest thing I have ever seen. It is me! Planning to get it as soon as I have the money. So romantic, and has skin care too. I WAAAAAAAANT IT! I don't know how to add a photo, but you must see the brushes.
  15. EdithS2

    Boxycharm March 2019 Luxe Spoiler

    I tried to talk myself out of it but ....👿 is on my shoulder. Spoilers: besides the brow product shown above Becca Ultimate Lipstick Love Coverfx Perfector Face Palette IT Cosmetics Confidence In A Cream Morphe 15 Shade Palette 5 other items yet to be revealed. It is getting more and more impressive; might be getting it.
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