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  1. EdithS2

    May 2018 No Buy, Low Buy, Project Pan

    Back with an update. I have achieved my goal of paying off my $443 debt this month. Last month when I needed to buy some new cotton pads, I purchased the "Le Coton" from the Chanel site. Though extravagant, this has proved very useful, as they sent me a huge gift box at no charge. I was able to use the large gift box to consolidate the samples I still need to use. It's amazing that I've been working so hard since mid-December at using up my samples and I still have so much to get through. What's in my new Chanel box? A mini micellar water, cleansing oil, face bar, toner, and foil pack scrub. Six eye shadow sponge applicators and two little boxes of Mary Kay eye shadow sample cards. One mini shower gel and one mini bath soap. A bag of Sisley samples. I had the Sisley Beauty Subscription from December 2016 through August 2017, and I loved it. I still have samples from May through August of 2017 - 3 face lotions; 3 perfumes; 1 body lotion; 1 hand cream; 1 eye cream; 1 toner; 1 face masque; 1 eye masque. 13 mini face creams - from Birchbox, Sephora, Yves Rocher, Mirenesse, and Petit Vour. It has been taking me about 10 days to use a face cream mini, so I am using about 3 a month. At that rate, I estimate that I will finish all my face cream minis around October. 2 mini eye creams. 11 perfume vials. I really need to stop hoarding my perfume vials and use them before they evaporate and turn to alcohol. That's my Chanel box. I made use of all the wonderful extras they sent me. They sent me a little black folder with my invoice and a postcard. I used the postcard to make a checklist of my products to use up and will store it in the black folder. They also sent me samples in a little black drawstring pouch. The whole purchase was divine. Of course the cottons are as soft as little clouds. Apart from the Chanel box, I also have a large makeup bag of mini conditioners and hair products, a large makeup bag of mini body lotions, and a large makeup bag of mini face masques to use up.
  2. I can't believe it's May already, and I've been working on this project since last December. This is a crucial month for me. I've been trying for years to successfully complete a No Buy and Project Pan. In 2007 and 2008, I started on New Year's and made it to the middle of May both times, and that was the longest I've lasted on a project like this. I want to break my own record. In both of those prior attempts, I was happy on my No Buy; I felt in control, and was making progress. Then May would arrive, I would see something I wanted very badly, and I would give in. I felt so bad when this happened, and then I was not able to get back on my project. It was like I had been under a magic spell that was broken, and I couldn't get back into the No Buy state. I would go back to my old way. I had not been on the No Buy long enough to make the lasting changes I want and need for my life. May goals: Pay off a debt of $443 I am still working on my Glossybox of face cream minis. I am using an average of three minis a month. I am currently using l'Occitane Divine Oil, in an adorable tiny glass bottle with a little dropper. I am also working on: Crabtree and Evelyn shampoo and conditioner minis; Clarins travel size cleanser; Natura Bisse eye cream foil pack; Doux Me masque deluxe sample; Borghese mascara mini; Mary Kay eye shadow duo sample card in Onyx; Estee Lauder eye makeup remover; l'Occitane Almond bath soap; l'Occitane Terre de Lumiere body balm deluxe sample; and Dollar General brand cotton pads. I MUST work hard on my second job this month! That's it to start! I hope to be back with good updates soon.
  3. EdithS2

    April 2018 No Buy, Low Buy, Project Pan

    I made it through No Buy April! I did pretty well, though I sense myself becoming a little more tired, lazy, and tempted. I try not to look at beauty promos online (I don't dare), but sometimes I get promos in the postal mail, and they tempt me! They make me want to order! Yves Rocher is killing me - I love their new summer collection, "Maracuja". I must wait until I need to replace something. I'm tired and it's hard to work two jobs, but I want to succeed at it, so badly! But I paid a credit card off this month. I'll be back for a May No Buy, and I have more plans. See you in the lovely month of May, in a few hours.
  4. EdithS2

    The official used it up thread!

    April 2018 Empties - many nice ones. Full size White Rain Moisturizing Shampoo - Apple Blossom. For a budget shampoo, this is quite good. It is nicely scented and paraben-free. Deluxe sample Oribe Gold Lust Shampoo - I got this in a Birchbox. It has a beautiful scent that was designed for the brand by a perfume house. It brought out my natural curl and made my hair super shiny, but it was a bit rich for my fine oily hair. Foil pack Yves Rocher Sleeping Care - It took me weeks and weeks to use up the foil pack. This is a gardenia scented cream that is combed or brushed through dry hair before bed and left on all night. It does not need to be washed or rinsed out in the morning. Deluxe sample Clarins Water Purify One-Step Cleanser - mint essential water. Smells divine! Deluxe sample Skyn Iceland Glacial Face Wash. From an Ipsy bag. Deluxe sample Sisley Hydra-Flash - moisturizing face masque. From Sisley Beauty Subscription - April 2017 - "April Showers" bag. Deluxe sample 111Skin [Dr Y Alexandrides, Harley St., London] Space Defence Bright Eye Lift Gel. From an Ipsy Offer set. Deluxe sample 111Skin Cryo Activating Hydra Gel*****I loved using this, and reading about the brand. They are super interesting; they work with space scientists, because skin ages very rapidly in space. Deluxe sample l'Occitane Peony Perfecting Cream. From 2017 "Summer Treasures" Beauty Calendar. Deluxe sample Clarins UV Plus SPF 50. From Birchbox. Came with little box and pamphlet. Wonderful floral scent and silky texture. Deluxe sample Tocca Bianca Nourishing Body Scrub. Another nice Birchbox sample. Scent is green tea and lemon, evoking "Tea Time in Italy." Mary Kay Powder Perfect Eye Color Demonstrator Sample cards. Used three cards: Real Teal, Smoky Plum, and Whisper Pink. Travel pack cotton balls and travel pack cotton swabs - from the site "Pack Simply". These are nice little extras you get when you buy a travel set from them. I never get to travel, but that did not stop me from ordering their kit!
  5. EdithS2

    April 2018 No Buy, Low Buy, Project Pan

    Still working on things! I finished my Clarins UV Plus sample. Now I'm finishing some samples from the L'Occitane Summer Treasures Beauty Calendar that came out last May. It was like an advent calendar box, but had a beach scene. I am using the Peony Perfecting Cream and Terre de Lumiere Balm, and also the Almond Soap, which I think is from the Winter 2016 L'Occtiane calendar. I got my Chanel cotton pads and samples, but have not looked at them yet. They came in a large Chanel gift box. When I opened the gift box, I saw a layer of tissue paper and an impressive looking black seal. It was too pretty to open, so I did not open it. I'm using it to motivate myself instead. When I finish my current pack of cotton pads [generic Dollar General ones], I will open that box. Hopefully I'll have more progress to celebrate by then. At that time I will take inventory of samples I have left in my project, and reorganize them all in that Chanel gift box. Until then, the box shall remain untouched. Money. I'm glad I paid my credit card off at the beginning of the month. It was worth it. They are trying to talk me out of closing it, so I will be around to pay a $99 annual fee. The bank told me I was unwise when I called to close it, that it looks good on my credit report. I told them sincerely I do not trust myself with the card. They laughed at me. I stood my ground. They finally closed it and said if I do not call to reinstate it by the 25th, it will be closed for good. It will be nice not to have that bill to pay next month. I have other credit cards that are far better.
  6. EdithS2

    April 2018 No Buy, Low Buy, Project Pan

    I thought I would do a little update, as we are about halfway through April. I had such fun early this month discovering the 111 Skin brand through my samples. What an interesting brand. I have moved on to my sample of Clarins UV Plus, which came in my May 2017 curated Birchbox. I am still enjoying my plan so much, but at the same time, feeling a bit more longing to shop and be lazy. I bought a book, which is not a necessary item, but I wanted it very badly, and my library does not have it - it was $4.99. Then - and I feel a bit bad about this - I decided I was running low on cotton pads, and purchased some from Chanel that cost $20.00! I got to choose two samples with my order, and opted for the Gabrielle fragrance and eye makeup remover. I'm sure I'll really love the special cotton and use it all up, however. I am still going through the process of closing my credit card that I paid off this month. I'm going through my samples at a good pace, not too fast, and not too slow. I keep sailing on.
  7. EdithS2

    April 2018 No Buy, Low Buy, Project Pan

    Thanks so much for your thoughtful words. I got my extra paycheck from my second job and I did pay off that credit card bill I wanted to eliminate this month [$376.85]! I just have to wait for it to post, and close my account. So my goal is accomplished for this month. Now I will work on my month's bills and products I'm using up with peace of mind. I'm blessed because I adore my second job. They invited me for more work too. It's AMAZING to have two paychecks. What a difference it makes.
  8. EdithS2

    April 2018 No Buy, Low Buy, Project Pan

    Having a rough time on my No Buy. I think I will have to abandon my goal of paying off one debt a month. I feel quite bad about that, but something's up with my job. I think my office will be closing, but I can't tell exactly what's going to happen. Luckily I have work lined up with my second job, so it won't be the end of the world, but for now, my only focus has to be getting ahead on bills in case there is a gap in paychecks. I can't pay extra debt now. To make it seem like this is a fun part of my project instead of an unfortunate circumstance, I set up on my calendar, in pretty inks, a layout of my bills for the month to check off, and on the side a list of the products I am working to finish this month. Also Yves Rocher sent me a spring catalog with beautiful offers, and I really want to buy. But I don't need anything at all, so I can't justify it. I really am enjoying my 111 Skin eye and face gel samples, however. They are really unique and great products! The face gel is supposed to be like a cryotherapy treatment for the skin. It is very soothing, calming, healing. I love having samples because I get to try these expensive products that are way out of my budget range.
  9. Hi guys, hope this post finds you very well. I am beginning another no buy (replacement of any needed essentials only) and project use it up (focusing on deluxe samples) for April 2018. I'm going to spring clean my life. Products I'm using up to begin the month: Mary Kay eye shadow sample card - Real Teal Estee Lauder Eye Makeup Remover - left over from the 2014 Holiday Blockbuster makeup set! Skin Iceland Glacial Facial Wash mini - from Ipsy Tocca Bianca Body Scrub mini - great Birchbox sample 111 Skin minis - I received a mini of the Cryo Activating Hydro Gel in a fabulous Space NK GWP last May. I also received a mini of the line's Space Defense Bright Eye Lift Gel in an Ipsy Offer last year. I was excited to try the line. The products originated with a plastic surgeon in London who worked researchers studying the skin of astronauts, as aging is highly accelerated in space. I used the products last night and I'm not in love with the scent or the way they feel on my skin, but I'm going to use them all up. By not buying anything but essentials, I'm hoping to spring clean from my life another credit card this month. This particular card is not particularly good in terms of fees and interest rates, so I want to pay it off and close it completely. I have already paid my minimum payment for this month and my balance now is: $376.85. Yesterday I received in the mail my statement showing the zero balance from the card I paid off last month. How clean and crisp the paper appeared, and how good it felt to look at it. I felt I had worked hard to earn that paper, and felt proud.
  10. EdithS2

    March 2018 No Buy, Low Buy, Project Pan

    I made it through March 2018 No Buy. I paid off the credit card I was working on. I won't miss that monthly payment. I will be back for an April No Buy with new samples and goals.
  11. EdithS2

    The official used it up thread!

    Empties generated during March 2018 No Buy: Facial Cleanser Full size: Dior Instant Gentle Cleansing Oil - I purchased this at the end of 2014. It lasted forever, because I did not use it all the time. It is fabulous to use and super effective, as you would expect from a Dior product, but I hadn't used it constantly because many times I prefer to use a gel foaming cleanser, and not just cleansing oil all the time. I finally dedicated myself to using it every morning and night to finish it for my project. Deluxe samples: Clarins Instant Eye Makeup Remover - very nice and refreshing; obtained from a Clarins beauty box purchased at the end of last summer. Avon Anew Clean Cream Cleanser and Masque - from an Avon "A Box". Sisley Phyto-Blanc Lightening Cleansing Milk - I love using a classic French cleansing milk, but sometimes they leave my face feeling oily, sticky, and not entirely clean. But this milk rinses off with water, and leaves no oily residue. It gently lightens the complexion with lemon extract. Shower Gel Deluxe samples: PLANT Get Happy Bodywash - peppermint and geranium essential oils. Beautiful sample from Petit Vour box. Clarins Bath and Shower Concentrate "Relax" - a little one ounce bottle lasted forever, as you only need a tiny drop. The scent is rich orange and herbs. Face Cream/Serum Deluxe samples: Lacura Cuvee Royal Refine Serum - one ampule Avon Anew Vitamin C Serum Chanel La Solution 10 Sensitive Skin Cream - from So Choix box. The cream has only ten ingredients and features a rare silver needle tea with super antioxidants. Has amazing light reflecting properties that make skin look luminous. Sisley Hydra Global - beautiful lavender scented light lotion. Eye Shadow Sample Cards Mary Kay Powder Perfect Eye Color Demonstrator - three cards - Honey Glaze, Iris, and Real Teal - I was excited for Honey Glaze as it is beautiful peach pink, but it did not show up on my lids. Masques Single use sachet: Klorane Smoothing and Relaxing patches with soothing cornflower - Such a great pick me up. I was feeling down and tired, and put these on and went to take a nap. They felt cool upon application. When I woke up, I was reset and had a productive night of work. Beauty Treats Oatmeal Oxygen Bubble Masque - One dollar from Shop Miss A, and nice to use. Deodorant Full size Yves Rocher 24 Hour Deodorant - Indian Cotton Flower - paraben free, and also contains extract from the cotton flower and organic witch hazel water. See you next month!
  12. EdithS2

    March 2018 No Buy, Low Buy, Project Pan

    I had a little synchronicity in my sample use up project today. I continue to work on using up my face cream deluxe samples, and I have a prioritized list of the order in which I plan to use them, based on date acquired. This morning I finished my last face cream sample left over from Winter 2017 - a So Choix sample of Chanel La Solution 10. Then, this afternoon, the season officially changed to Spring, I believe. Tonight it so happened that I began using my face cream samples acquired in Spring 2017! I did not plan this, but it happened that way. I'm starting off with samples from my April 2017 Sisley subscription box. The theme was "April Showers." I have deluxe samples of Phyto Blanc Cleansing Milk, Hydra-Flash Masque, and Hydra Global Moisturizer. I subscribed to the Sisley box at the end of 2016 and for the first few months, used the samples as soon as I got them. I was so excited to experience the line. By the time April 2017 rolled around, I was taking my Sisley samples for granted and letting them accumulate while trying other things. It is good to rediscover them and feel excited about them again. I found one of the cream drawstring bags they send the products in, and it is like I received a new sub box for Spring today. I am planning some great facials with my samples.
  13. EdithS2

    Hey I'm Violet!

    I grew up reading my mother's magazines. I grew up in the 1970s, a glamorous time. In the magazines, they would feature makeovers, and they would set the makeover subjects' hair on rollers. They would have a complex pattern for the rollers in the back of the magazine. I used to try so hard to copy the hairdos! I would say when I was a teen, hair was more important than makeup. It was crucial to have the right haircut, and I always got a curling iron for Christmas. We used mostly Cover Girl makeup. When I was 16, I got my first Estee Lauder products. I felt so grown up, so special. I used to go to the library all the time to check out every beauty book on the shelves. And when I was in college, the library had every issue of Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Seventeen, and Mademoiselle from the 1940s to the present. I spent hours going through all of the beauty articles and makeup ads. My favorite were the magazines from the 1960s. Sometimes I would cut class and read them all day (I regret that). I've always been in love with the world of beauty.
  14. EdithS2

    March 2018 No Buy, Low Buy, Project Pan

    I thought I would come and update as it is almost halfway through the month. I'm still on my No Buy, and making progress using things up. I am almost done with my Avon Vitamin C Serum deluxe sample. I don't really love it. It's okay, but I'm not a serum aficionado. I know serums perform really well, but I just don't like using them. I like to wash my face and follow with a simple layer of nice smelling cream, lotion, or oil. I don't like the feel of serums, or the extra step. I only use them when I get them in beauty boxes. Who can afford them, anyway? The Avon Vitamin C Serum does not smell great, and I'm all about pampering. But I've dedicated myself to using it religiously until every drop is gone, and hoping for results. Maybe I'll turn into a serum convert. My credit card balance is now $84.00. I've earned enough at my second job to pay it off, but have to wait until my paycheck comes. I'm so looking forward to getting it all paid off. I used up a purple eye shadow card sample and it reminded me I have some purple tops and sweaters that I could wear to match it. This was great as I always wear the same clothes out of habit and tend to leave a lot of my clothes unworn. I only have three travel size shower gels left to use, and they are my most luxurious ones, as I hoarded them to use last. Now I am able to use them. I have Clarins "Relax", Tocca Bianca Body Scrub, and White Diamonds. After these, I can start working on my huge laundry basket of full size shower gels. This is the biggest part of my beauty collection. All in all, I am still happy on my plan. The No Buy is crucial now, because it's such a wonderful thing to have a second job and get extra money, and I want to make sure the money goes to paying things off. Last year I was lucky enough to make $2300.00 on a second job and I treated myself to all kinds of things, Ipsy Offers every week, and I did not get ahead.
  15. EdithS2

    March 2018 No Buy, Low Buy, Project Pan

    I'm still working hard on my credit card bill and on using up products! I have my credit card bill down to $99 at this time. I cannot wait to pay it off in full. I made a beauty purchase, but did not break my No Buy. It was a needed replacement, as I am halfway through my last deodorant. I wanted to buy an Yves Rocher deodorant, and when I looked at the Yves Rocher site, they had a GWP that I adored. I really wanted the GWP, but they were out of stock of the deodorants I wanted. For once I did not buy items I don't need just to get a free gift-and it was a REALLY pretty one. But the deodorants did not come back in stock, and my desire for the gift decreased as time passed. I then thought that I would like to get a deodorant from Avon. I saw several pretty sets for $12 that had matching perfume, body cream, and deodorant and thought I would get one of those, but then I told myself it was enough just to get two bonus size perfumed roll ons on promo for two for $3. I got Candid and Far Away. Just $3 for both! I had to pay for shipping, and the total was $9.58. I was proud of myself for doing well with the purchase, really waiting and thinking it through, and I'm looking forward to the little treat.

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