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  1. I just cheated on my No Buy and bought the Yves Rocher Advent Calendar! I decided to get it as it has many things I want: some of their new perfumes, and their limited edition holiday scents, as well as nice makeup and manicure things. I felt this was a really good buy, great buy, and I got free gifts with purchase also. You know what? I don't feel too bad. I have not shopped since June 13. Also I feel I will still be sticking to my No Buy. I paid off my credit card already and am now trying to work on my second job to earn money to pay off the next one [balance $250] by Halloween. Hopefully I can do so and this will be my only lapse.
  2. Products to use up in October: Foil packet of Sisley Saffron Sleeping Masque - I have been using this once a week since Labor Day weekend. It's really nice. It smells like orange blossom. Deluxe sample tube Sisley hand cream - I use it before bed so it won't be wasted from washing hands during the day. One ounce tubes of Sisley body scrub and body lotion. I use the body scrub once a week. My last sample eye cream - Sahajan Ayurvedic eye cream. It is really nice, and contains honey. I got it in a Good Being box two years ago. My last sample face cleanser - Mario Badescu glycolic cleanser. This is used once a week or a few times a week depending on skin type, in place of one's regular cleanser. So it's a gel cleanser, but it is used more like a scrub or masque. My last two mini face creams. The first is Comfort Zone Cream. It's so cool and refreshing, and has starch powder in it for oily skin. Comfort Zone is the skin care branch of the Davines company from Italy, and I got this in a Birchbox last spring. Also YonKa Creme 15. This is to be applied only on blemishes, and can also be used as a masque about twice a week on areas with breakouts. Full size Yves Rocher Holiday Limited Edition Cranberry Almond Shower Gel - This is from the 2016 holiday collection. I really love it and have been hoarding it and saving it, but I am going to treat myself and finish it all this month so I won't be tempted by the new holiday things coming out. Also my goal is to finish paying off my credit card with balance of $150 this month!
  3. Empties ending September: Bliss Rose Gold Rescue Cleanser deluxe sample. This is a good one! I got it in Target box. Jan Marini Skin Care Bioglycolic Face Cleanser deluxe sample. This really works! Sisley Lyslait Cleansing Milk deluxe sample Avon Anew Vitamin C Serum deluxe sample Sisley Phyto Blanc Buff and Wash deluxe sample Sisley body cream foil sample Full size, Yves Rocher Naturelle Osmanthus Shower Gel Also I ended up with $150 paid off on the credit card I'm working on currently. $150 more to go.
  4. Items I finished: iS Clinical Serum deluxe sample - really good for healing inflamed acne Dove Sensitive Deodorant SisleyYouth Cream deluxe sample Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Cleansing Oil deluxe sample Freeman foot soak foil pack Sisley decollete cream foil pack Clarins Double Serum foil pack - it just came in the mail! I cut everything up to get the last drops. Goals for rest of September: Only three deluxe sample face cleansers left - Sisley Lyslait (almost done); bliss Rose Gold (half done, and a favorite); Jan Marini (not started yet). Only two mini face creams left - Avon Vitamin C Serum and Comfort Zone Cream. Almost done Yves Rocher Naturelle Osmanthus Shower Gel Two foil packs left (not counting perfume, sheet masques and makeup) - Sisley Saffron Sleeping Masque and Sisley Body Lotion Credit card I am working on is at $263.38. Want to pay $100 off by end of month.
  5. Goals for September. Beginning to work on the next credit card in my debt snowball. I paid my minimum payment for September early, and it is now at about $300. Goal is to pay about half off this month. Project Use It Up: I only have three deluxe sample face creams left. I should be able to finish those this month, because they last me about ten days each. I will begin with SisleyYouth. This is the last face cream left from my Sisley Beauty Subscription. I'm going to use that up with some other Sisley samples. For about ten days I will have a complete Sisley routine, something I would not be able to afford usually. Starting with Sisley cleansing milk, toner, saffron sleeping masque, body scrub, face scrub, and decollete cream.
  6. I paid off my credit card. That's three credit cards paid off since I started my No Buy.
  7. Finished Yves Rocher shampoo and La Mer Cream sample; began using up Suave Rose Oil Shampoo and iS Clinical Pro-Heal Serum Advance. I paid $38.07 off of my credit card. $80.00 left to pay off.
  8. I used up one little item: a bag of A0A Studio Pure Cotton Squares [Shop Miss A]. I paid off my credit card in full today. I also made the September minimum payment already for the next credit card on my snowball list. After that payment, the balance is $118.07. Goal is to pay that off by September 9, in time for the billing cycle closing date.
  9. Wow, interesting ideas! Great to have you here!
  10. Making progress On the left side of the photo are some items I'm finishing, and on the right are some new things I'm starting to use up. I am almost finished with Yves Rocher Detox Micellar Shampoo. I have about enough for one more shampoo. Then I'll be down to just one shampoo, Suave Rose Shampoo, which I really love. So project use it up will be done in at least one category. I finished two deluxe sample face creams, Sisley Botanical D Tox, and Mario Badescu Oil Free Moisturizer. I am starting to use my mini of La Mer Cream, which is wonderful. Finished my bottle of Yves Rocher Grapefruit Thyme Shower Gel, 6.7 ounces. Starting on my Yves Rocher Naturelle Osmanthus Shower Gel, 6.7 ounces. This shower gel was made to match a limited edition perfume that was created in 2015, a citrusy floral for spring. I used to have a mini bottle of the perfume, which I didn't use, and just threw away. I've wasted so many things. I was spoiled; I took things for granted. I will never take nice things and enjoyment for granted again. I will cherish my Naturelle Osmanthus Shower Gel this month. I wish I could get back all the things I wasted. When I was growing up, we did not have the Internet, and project pan and no buy were unheard of. We all followed magazines, which were all about new, new, new, and we were told to replace things all the time. Add to that perfectionism and feeling bad about one's looks, and there was no chance of being satisfied or enjoying the things you had. The no buy project pan trend has helped me so much, and I wish it had been a thing when I was younger. I would have enjoyed so much. I paid $40 extra on my credit card. I now owe $37.76. I'm pretty sure I will be finished paying it off this week.
  11. I finished my Sisley shampoo and Izia Body Lotion foil packet samples this morning. The shampoo is a miracle, but I won't pay $75 for a bottle. If I ever get more samples of it, I'll save them for a special occasion. It was payday today. I made my August payment early for the credit card I'm trying to pay off this month, and now the balance is $77.76.
  12. I'm going to continue my No Buy and Project Use It Up in August. Here is where I am at in using up products now: A0A Pure Cotton Rounds from Shop Miss A; Sisley Shampoo foil pack sample; Yves Rocher Grapefruit Thyme Shower Gel full size; finished mini bottle of Pixi Rose Tonic and started on mini Pixi Glow Tonic; Mario Badescu Oil Free Moisturizer deluxe sample; Sisley Izia Perfumed Body Lotion foil pack. I want to pay off a credit card with balance $116 this month.
  13. I finished No Buy July. It was not too difficult, and went better than expected. I saved $120 total to put towards debt - paid off one credit card and sent $50 extra to another one. I used a few things up. I'm going to keep working on my No Buy in August!
  14. Hello new friends.
  15. I paid 50 extra dollars on my credit card. Now owe 116.76. I am using up Sisley shampoo and Izia body lotion foil packets No Buy July is almost over. It has gone by fast.
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