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  1. Amazing video from Second Year No Buyer Elle S today on YouTube: "$1000 Worth of Eyeshadow ... What Could I have Bought Instead?" Elle shows only seven palettes that cost a total of $1000 (CAD). Elle is not in the dream of denial shopping. She is serious about money, facing reality, real life (though she is still enjoying the creativity of makeup). "I can't afford it," she says. I can relate to her point about being someone who buys a lot of cosmetics, but never goes for a mani or pedi, or anything like that. She asks: How many things have I missed because of my purchases? Now that's something to think about! I often think of how my life would have been different if I'd been able to start on this No Buy path at a young age. There was no Internet then, so I did not have this kind of inspiration. I only had magazines and TV ads telling me to buy, buy, buy! But, why do all the No Buy people say they want to replace shopping with experiences? Shopping is an experience too! It a great experience and that's why we like it. I'm only giving it up to get rid of debt, because I know money makes me happy. I grew up in 1970s suburban America. I grew up in a shopping mall and in K Mart. I was always at those places with my friends, searching for identity. So of course shopping is high on my list of experiences. THE SHOPPING EXPERIENCE-1970s-1980s The Barbie Dolls and Barbie clothes at K Mart Getting a mood ring at K Mart and feeling so cool The excited butterflies in the tummy, when pulling into the shopping mall parking lot The bright lights and the smell of the Cinnabon store The Waldenbooks, where you bought Laura Ingalls Wilder books, where you discovered Sylvia Plath The record store, where you thumbed through record albums, and you discovered Blondie and Jacqueline du Pre The Clinique counter, where the lady did your makeup and made you feel glamorous and grown up, and assured you Brooke Shields was nothing without her makeup The food! Arthur Treachers Fish and Chips, Morrisons Cafeteria with the fried chicken and buttery rolls and iced tea All the latest issues of Teen and Seventeen magazine The Super X drugstore with Sophia perfume, Vidal Sassoon shampoo, and Maybelline Kissing Potion The movie theater where you saw The Turning Point seven times and fell in love with ballet (1977 the most magical year) Orange Julius Trying European cheese samples at the Swiss Colony The ORLANE counter - the epitome of elegance to me The Stendahl counter - This was a really beautiful and expensive French cosmetics brand. The lady at the counter was French. I practiced my French with her and she sent me a little note in French later on. She was kind. I had cystic acne. It was bad. "Oh, I see you have a little but of acne. Not to worry, it just needs a bit of astringent and fond de teint." She was tactful and gave me nice samples. My first Estee Lauder GWP - I thought I was Princess Di - it had Cinnibar perfume My first LANCOME GWP - I thought I was Princess Caroline. I was given Sun Touched Terra lipstick Princess Marcella Borghese Germaine Monteil - Royal Secret Alexandra de Markoff - I never did get to try that legendary foundation - department store cosmetics were rare and glorious treats Adrien Arpel in her pre HSN days The Erno Laszlo counter. It was so mysterious. You could not buy from them unless you went through a kind of initiation. You had to get an analysis and buy a special kit. It was fascinating. Now they just have samples going in beauty sub boxes any old way - Dr. L would not be very happy. He wanted his beauty routines done right and they were quite unorthodox. See the book, The Natural Way to Super Beauty by Mary Ann Crenshaw to know more about this. And I could go on and on. Of course I had no credit cards then, no job, just a little allowance. So I was not really ever spending much, just having fun. It's when you're older and have credit and money that it becomes a problem. Now there's no money, no time to shop, K Mart and the malls are ghost towns. And don't get me started on how much more fun TV was back then. Even going to the library was so much fun. Now all is so dull, dull, dull! I just get up, go to my job, come home, eat dinner, go to bed, and hope that my No Buy will make me rich and happy one day.
  2. Last year, after I had been on a No Buy for one year, I went back to my old shopping behavior for five months. Every day, I look at my diary entry for one year ago on the current day, and I see how much better off now I am than I was then. My shopping had many tangible and intangible bad effects one me. The tangible effects were things like being overdrawn at the bank and incurring expensive fees, having only $25 cash left for the week, etc., and the intangible effects were stress, anxiety, etc. I have so many fewer bills now than I did last year at this time; I am so much more comfy with money. And it's going to get even better if I continue to stick to my No Buy. Every day, after I have read last year's diary page and I have not fallen back to my old behavior, I tear up and throw away the old page, so I won't go down that neural and behavioral pathway any longer. My diary entry for this weekend last year shows me turning back to HSN shopping. The phrase "denial shopping" came to me. When I was in my old behavior, I always shopped in a way that made me feel like I was not spending a lot, when in reality I was. I loved shopping on HSN or other places that split things up into monthly payments. For example, I'd see beauty items on HSN or QVC that I wanted, and I would see "five payments of $5.00." I would just see the low payments and would not look at the total price of things, let alone shipping fees and taxes. Or, I'd pay on credit, which made it easy for me to not know or care about the price of things. One time I went to an HSN outlet retail store and saw the real price of the merchandise without the flex pays and I could not believe how expensive the stuff was! My other weakness has always been the "free gift with purchase." I would buy things I wasn't even planning for or needing just to get a free gift. This explains why I am so into the Yves Rocher brand, as they offer both the "buy now pay later" and "free gift" amenities. I love Yves Rocher, but having a tab with them is stress! I never had a budget. My way of trying to get new beauty things in a controlled way was to get a beauty subscription. That is a good idea, but then I would see another box I wanted, and another. I would hop from Boxycharm to Birchbox to Ipsy and on and on, never satisfied. What seemed like the solution became part of the problem.
  3. More ideas on the beauty budget topic. I no longer think about "failing my no buy and going on a shopping spree." I now think, "it's possible I may, at some point, take a break from my No Buy in the future, and follow a beauty budget for a time," which is a more empowering way to think. Anyway, there is no such thing as failing a No Buy! Even one day on a No Buy is an achievement and does good, and is something to be proud of! I had another idea for beauty budget. I recall when I owed money to the IRS (I did not get in trouble - I was on a payment plan and paid it off early in my 2018 No Buy), I was watching YouTube videos about people who owed tax debt (I love to research things). I thought it was interesting to learn that if you have your wages garnished, even the government does not make you follow a No Buy, but gives you some cosmetics shopping money. They publish a budget each year that lays out the money they allow you to have after the garnishment, and I think this is also used in bankruptcy cases. This is based on economic research and statistics. It's called "National Standards." Their beauty budget is $43 per month for 2019. This is for hygiene and cosmetics. They also allow $88 per month for clothes. I believe the 2020 budget will be out at the end of March. I think it would suit me personality, if I were going to follow a beauty budget, to follow this scheme. Then I would not feel my budgeted amount was too much. The idea appeals to me. My original ideal was just to be on No Buy until I have one of each beauty item, and then only buy one new item when the old one runs out. Right now I am at that point only with shampoo and deodorant! I'm sticking with my original plan as long as I can.
  4. I love the YouTube algorithm from the viewer perspective. It can really help or really hurt me. It's like an externalization of my neural pathways. If watch No Buy videos, it will help me by showing more of the same. If I watch haul videos, it will give me more temptation by showing more of the same. It can reinforce either good or bad habits. I'm trying to reinforce the good neural pathways. After I began watching Hannah Louise Poston's Beauty Budget videos (I admire Hannah, think she's an amazing Renaissance woman, and think she would make a great beauty editor of Vogue), YouTube gave me another video on the topic. The channel is MissBudgetBeauty from the UK, and the video is titled, "Debt Free Journey, New Beauty Budget + Project Pan?" This was just posted, and the creator is going to have a beauty budget of 50 UK pounds per month. Sounds like an interesting series to follow. I'm filing this information away for future reference. I think it's good to have a backup plan or alternate plan, though I still like my black and white No Buy for now.
  5. I'm in Year 2, Month 9 of my No Buy! Goals for this month: 1. Pay $200 on credit card - will be great - will bring balance down to $600, which will be almost halfway paid off, and almost a baby debt instead of a medium sized one. 2. Products to finish: Blow Pro Weather Girl Serum mini - The tiny bottle lasts forever! After that I will use Briogeo Rosarco Milk Mini-that will be nice. Yves Rocher Body Scrub Mini from Advent Calendar - almost done. Freeman Cucumber Pink Salt Masque - After it's done I will use Eve Lom Rescue Masque Mini. Looking forward to it, expensive sample. Benefit Porefessional Mini Yves Rocher At The Heart of Pine Trees Shower Gel Mini from Advent Calendar
  6. I think I am at the end of my Month 8! I've finished up these little things: One Secret deodorant - Tropical Orchid One mini shampoo - June Jacobs Green Tea and Cucumber Two mini body washes from Advent calendar - Shea Butter Balm, and Mango Coriander Two mini primers from beauty boxes - MAC Strobe Cream and Hourglass Mineral Veil Since the New Year, I've paid $200 off of my credit card. Excellent start!
  7. It was a little over a year ago, when Hannah Louise Poston (a YouTube No Buy content creator) completed her No Buy Year and followed it with a new plan called the Beauty Budget. When that happened, I hated it and stopped following Hannah. The concept seemed out of control to me. It's just a simple plan of having a set limit of money to buy clothes and beauty products each month. I thought it was wild and could not imagine doing anything other than a No Buy. But watching Hannah's new video this morning, it is starting to appeal to me. I find I have more extra money now, because I have paid off so many credit card debts with my No Buys. I realized I'm getting to the point where I could afford a beauty budget. In her new video, How I Spent My Budget in January, Hannah has a long reply to one of her subscribers detailing how she plans her budget, and makes sure if spends $200 on shopping, she has to put the same amount in savings too. She also said this plan motivates her to work really hard, so she will have shopping money. She paid off her credit card debt during her No Buy Year, and does not use it for her shopping. Seeing that she stuck to this controlled plan for a year is reassuring. Question is: should I go off my No Buy and try out a Beauty Budget? Am I ready for it? It took me over a year to even be ready to think about it. FOR SURE, (SORRY FOR CAPS) IF I FALL OFF MY NO BUY AGAIN, I AM GOING TO TRY THE BEAUTY BUDGET SYSTEM!!!!!!!! I will have a structure. But it's more difficult to follow a budget than a No Buy, as Hannah is always saying, and I agree. I'm still not ready to accept the decluttering concept, though. Many hours later - I have thought about this more and watched more videos on the topic. I like the idea of the beauty budget, because once the limit of spending is reached, one goes on a mini No Buy until the next month. But I've decided to stick to my usual system. If and when I get burned out and crack, I will try this to keep the cheating under control. I want to still stick with my black and white No Buy as long as I can because: 1. I would feel guilty about spending too much, especially when I would look at the yearly total. 2. I know it would make me obsessive in an annoying way. If I gave myself $200 to spend for the month, I would be looking for things to buy compulsively until the money was all gone, and that would be an annoying feeling.
  8. The declutteree declutters! 😱 Tonight is garbage night, and I decluttered some things. I decluttered 3 lipsticks, 3 conditioners, 2 nail polishes, and the shampoo from my friend's estate sale. They were in really bad shape and obviously expired. They no longer smelled or looked pretty. I decided that they are not safe for me to have, however much I want to relive the old days and wish I could use them. I decided it's not healthy for us to have old cosmetics or cosmetics from other people, even friends. I don't feel too guilty about the waste. It's a lesson. That Moon Drops Mister Melon lipstick and nail polish were once gorgeous, now spoiled. It's a lesson to not have too many things, to use them up, and not let them go bad! New YouTube No Buy vid today from the glamorous and lovely concert pianist Natalia Lavrova! Check her out for inspiration for a pretty pink Valentines look - using what one already has.
  9. Declutteree Diaries, part 1 There are so many declutter videos on You Tube now. It has become a huge, popular trend. There are also those who are upset about the trend. I was upset about it, because I used to compulsively declutter way before it was trendy. It hurt me badly, and never helped me. No Buy and using things up have helped me so much more. But now I am on the other end. I am a declutteree. Decluttered goods can mean something to the receiver. They can do good in this world. I went to my friend's estate sale. I got a big bag of stuff, which is magical to me. Saturday, February 8, 2020, 10:00 am It was a glorious Saturday morning. I arrived at my friend's house for her estate sale. She was in her car with her dog on her lap, and she was sad. She had to leave her home for the day, and was headed to a friend's house. She was sad because people only offered her $200 for her dining room set, and she was hoping for $1000. It was hard for her, turning her home inside out, parting with things that meant something to her, and then finding others placed a low value on them. So much effort and so little result! I went into her house, and it had been turned into a magical antique store, where I found so many things that brought back my younger years. So many beautiful memories. The sunlight poured through the windows, and I thought what a pretty house my friend had, and though she acts like she will be free if she gets rid of her stuff and her house, it cannot be all that easy. Each of the items in the sale meant something to her at some point. I had an exciting time at the sale, and left with what I call my magical bag of stuff. I have the same hair type and coloring as my friend, but sadly I'm not petite like she is, and could not get any of the pretty clothes. Last night my friend did not show up for church service. She must have had so much to deal with. It was so lonely without her. I felt sad and tired and quite bad at church, and wondered why. It was probably me crashing from the shopping high. After I left my friend's house, I wanted to go back and do it again, like when I was a kid coming off of a roller coaster. Disclaimer: I am going to talk about old and expired cosmetics. But I am afraid to use them. They could give me a really bad infection. They are dangerous. I bought them more as keepsakes from the past than as things to use. Please be careful if you are ever a cosmetics decluteree! Especially with eye products. You don't want to go to the eye doctor with a serious eye condition. I only got one shampoo at the estate sale. It is Senscience Inner Hair Care Energy Shampoo for normal hair. It was made by Shiseido. It is about one third full. It was a salon brand. I think this is a pretty old discontinued bottle. It seems to have lost its pretty scent. I was a bit afraid to use it. But I did use it this morning, and it was like a miracle for my hair. The bottle says that it has fluids that are like those in the inner core of the hair, called "Inner Cellular Membrane Complex, or ICM". Never heard of this! I have not been to a beauty salon since 1996, and I've been using Suave shampoo from the dollar store, so this made a big difference. I'm going to talk more about the magical bag of stuff, and what it means.
  10. Now I am excited for my friend's estate sale again! Last night I dreamed I was there, and there were rooms and rooms full of vintage beauty products. This morning after searching, I found the ad for the sale with photos, and there are beauty products. I can't wait to go now. Just this one time, I am allowed to shop freely and get what I want, as it is to benefit my friend. But now I am afraid things will be gone when I get there. I will report back! A few hours later .... Oh, but the estate sale was so much fun! I got a huge bag of stuff that reminds me of the past, my teen years. I will be posting about it in detail. I got $60 worth of stuff, based on the price tags, but the lady in charge would only take $25! I tried to give her $40, for my friend, but she said no, insisted on $25! I got hair products; makeup; nail products; jewelry; 1980's magazines (the best kind); towels; battery powered face and body cleansing brush; and perfumes that still smell good. I want to go back and get more. That's the problem with my shopping. It makes me so happy I want to do it again and again once I get going.
  11. Danger weekend! I went to Dollar General, my safe store, to get a few snacks, and the usually dead market had pretty and tempting things. There was a $6 little gift set of body sprays by Olivia Grace, with pretty packaging, and a pink sweatshirt in my size that almost is like a fake fur, $12.50. The clothes were buy one get one 50% off. I wanted those things but that's not allowed, and I left the store with no snacks, nothing, sad, afraid of going overboard. Then tomorrow is my friend's estate sale. I was going to be good and not go to it, I'm not in the mood any more, but I am expected. People will be upset if I don't go. I really don't want to cheat on my rules. And I don't feel like going out either. I hope it goes okay.
  12. No shopping this week. I also returned a tithe for the second week in a row (that is, 10% of paycheck before deductions to my church). I have begun to believe in tithing, but it's hard, a sacrifice, for someone like me to tithe. Last week was the first time I ever did it. I feel like I am two people who keep fighting; the good one and the bad one. The bad one was SO upset I tithed yesterday, and told clergy I wanted to get back into some ministry projects after I had quit. WHAT DID YOU DO! she said. You give all the money away and I wanna shop and eat out! But church was so inspiring. I have something in mind that may satisfy both parts of the divided self. My friend is having an estate sale next weekend! She is moving, and wants (maybe needs) to declutter and earn cash. She said, "I am selling all of my shampoos and conditioners." Now I can't wait to go to her estate sale, and figure I am allowed to shop there, even if I am on No Buy, and don't need anything, because it will be helping my friend. Then I will have some of her things, and if she regrets having sold them or misses them, I can give them back to her. I just need to budget on payday, and do some cash envelopes. I need to set aside some cash for my tithe and the estate sale, and watch the eating out budget. Now I'm dreaming of the estate sale, and watching You Tube videos of people finding cool vintage perfumes and jewelry at such sales (though I'm only allowed to shop this one time at my friend's sale; no more after that). I hope all of the shampoos and conditioners don't sell out before I can get there. The lady who is organizing the sale (who earns a living setting them up and gets a cut) told my friend that people will want to buy her cleaning products! Imagine that!
  13. I want to shop, but I'm fighting it! Since I realized I have only four and a half months to go until the end of No Buy year two, I've changed my financial goal. I had a plan to pay $100 per month on my credit card, to have it paid off my the end of 2020. I now resolve to pay $200 a month on my credit card, to have it paid off by June! I have already paid $100 in January; I paid an additional $50 today on it, and that was fulfilling. I want to pay $50 again next week, and then $200 per month going forward. Current balance is $846.80. Also, since I finished using all my mini face creams, I'm now using up my mini primers and foundations. I'm currently using a little Hourglass Mineral Veil sample in a glass bottle that came in a 2017 Sephora Luxury Play! bag (the one that came with the Tarot cards), and a mini Touch in Sol foundation that came in an Ipsy bag. I'm starting to enjoy using primer and foundation every day, which I would usually be too lazy to do. What I'm watching right now: (in my free time, I watch No Buy videos on an endless loop) - That Galloway Girl - Get Ready With Me - Bad Habits & Positive Changes - May 20, 2019. What I'm tempted by now. I'm ashamed to say it. Aliexpress. I began looking at it again. I look at it and see endless amounts of pretty and very low priced things. Then I think, what's the harm of buying as the prices are low. But there are endless things I like, and there would be no way to limit myself. Before I know it I would have spent a lot. I'll set myself a limit, like I am only allowed one item a week, but I would not be able to stick to it. I have to avoid looking at it completely. It's not a good venue for me. A good venue for me is Dollar General. I feel safe going there, as the inventory is small and predictable. I don't impulse buy there. I buy what I need and a bag of potato chips!
  14. No Buy Program Guide I found a great new No Buy channel on YouTube (well it found me; it was in my recommended videos), a new No Buy channel from a New York concert pianist, Natalia Lavrova. I find this fascinating, because I love the world of classical music. Here is someone in my dream life, who loves shopping, and beauty subscriptions, who has credit card debt, and is doing a No Buy! I'll be fascinated to watch this channel and hear how this artist's No Buy goes as she is preparing for concert tours abroad! Ms. Lavrova has a really good Shop My Stash video with great tips on winter makeup colors, like icy pink highlighter. I looked for her piano performances on YouTube and they are stunning. This is going to be a big inspiration for me!
  15. I made it through the night with no buying! I slept through the shopping craving like it was an illness. I woke up after the 12 hours of sleep and as I was waking up I thought of a happy time in the 90's. I was young; all my family members were alive. I was at a Bond film, Tomorrow Never Dies, (I love James Bond and don't know what I am going to do when his new film is released, since I'm not allowed money for entertainment on my No Buy). On the floor near my feet was a big bag of Estee Lauder products that I had just gotten with my birthday and Christmas money. I had a full size moisturizer and a huge PWP, beautiful. The film had a great ending. The Bond girl was underwater, running out of air, and just in time, there's James Bond, the theme music resumes! Great scene! And walking around the mall after, how happy I felt! And today I am sad that time is gone, many family members are gone, life is sadder, time is running out, and I did not use that bag of Estee Lauder products up! I probably used them a few times and then threw them out and bought something else. And maybe if I had used every drop, in my mind, I could have held on to life, to time, to happiness. At any rate I would have had more money. If only we knew about No Buys and Project Pans then! This is just one of a million examples of how I think about this. When I woke up Elle S was still analyzing her samples! She was talking about how her project taught her to evaluate (excellent video, Oct 1, 2017). Last night in bed I took some photos of samples I need to use up. Sorry for so many long posts, but I've really had to work on this for the last 24 hours. Primers, shower gels and body scrub, toners, and masques.
  16. I haven't given in and bought anything yet, though I wanted to. I went to bed early (I think it was 5 pm), and I was listening to Elle S 365 Days of Samples playlist on YouTube. It is inspiring. Elle is detailed, persevering, and creative. I was very cozy, and I dreamed I was going to a spa in Europe. I was so excited about the spa, and about the skin care products the spa was going to have in the room for us. My mother was going with me, and I told her I was going to bring a minimal amount of beauty products in my suitcase, because we would be getting some from the spa. When I woke up I was sad, because the dream was so nice. Now I just woke up and I'm hot and thirsty, but the craving to shop has gone down somewhat. Before I went to sleep I looked in my sample boxes. I saw a beautiful mini lotion with a gold bow on the package that I got for Christmas and had already forgotten about. The glittery gold bow sparkled beautifully in the light. This while experience today of realizing I have been on No Buy so long without realizing it has been interesting. I have been keeping busy with other things. I began going to a a new religious congregation a month after I went back on No Buy (a different religion I wanted to learn about for a long, long time) and have been busy with that, and have been making new friends and socializing more. The new religion is one that fills my need for intellectual and artistic (through its liturgy) stimulation. I've met wonderful people. It's not always easy to keep going there, as I'm shy and reclusive, but I've kept it up. Maybe this is what made the time go so fast without me knowing it. I guess I'll go and listen to some more 365 Days of Samples.
  17. I'm changing the way I keep track of the time on my No Buy in order to motivate myself more. I didn't realize until today that I'm in month 8 of my second year! Four and a half months until completion of Year 2! I want to finish my mini sample products by June 12, 2020. Here is a partial inventory: Shampoo minis - all used up! Face cream, and face cleanser minis - all used up after a great deal of work and patience! Mini body scrubs - 1 Mini shower gels - 7 Mini face primers - 8 Mini toners - 9 Mini face masques - 12 I still have to add up mini body creams, hair conditioners, and perfumes. I should reorganize them all to get a new perspective.
  18. Today is the test - will I pass or fail? Two years ago at this time (end of January 2018, on a Sunday), I discovered Hannah Louise Poston videos for the first time. She had just begun her channel. I recalled cleaning my room while watching the videos and feeling very inspired about my No Buy. I was inspired for an entire year, until ... One year ago at this time (end of January 2019, on a Sunday), I was feeling down. The weather was very bad. There was no good food in the house. I started watching haul type videos. I decided to buy something I didn't need. I felt HORRIBLE and just went on a binge. I tried to hard to get back on the path, but couldn't. I didn't get back on the path until June, when I came back with renewed vigor and had huge success for the rest of the year. I have been thinking, why don't I just let go again, today? After all, last year I let go and did not ruin myself that much, and then by summer, like a miracle, I was back on No Buy and finished all my goals for the year and more. So I'm using that as justification for cheating. I do have shopping cravings right now. Still, I have not used half of the nice things I got on my binge last year. What will I do? Will I relive 2018 or 2019? ______ Several hours later. I still want to shop. I cleaned a bit while watching the very first video of Hannah Louise Poston, which was published on January 15, 2018 (Introducing My No-Buy Year!). Watching that brought back a lot of good memories. At the 10:00 mark of this video, Hannah was taking about still being in the exciting early phase of the No Buy, with packages still coming in the mail from the last fling before, and it all being new and not the long haul yet. Then I realized I'm not in the early phase, I'm in the long haul now. I looked at my diaries and realized that I am already halfway through the eighth month of my second No Buy year! It has actually been that long since I began again on June 12! I only have four and a half months to complete in my second No Buy year! I really had no idea I was so far along. So while the calendar year is young, it's August as far as my No Buy Year 2 is concerned. The second year of No Buy goes quickly! I still want to shop, but now I am looking at things differently, and may feel less tempted.
  19. Something amazing for No Buy - Project Pan - Project Use It Up followers - I was reading the comments section of a Hannah Louise Poston video (Lots of Empties, published 1/21/2020) and I heard about a beauty shop called Credo that has a special recycling bin for cosmetics. Apparently if you bring your empties in for them to recycle, they give you rewards points for new things. And you can bring in any empties, not just things from their shop, although they don't take nail polish, nail polish remover, or perfume. Wow, I love that. What an inspiration for us to stay with our projects. There is no Credo store near me though. They are only in the major US cities like New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, etc., but maybe they will expand. Maybe they will find a way to let us mail in our empties? Or maybe I will take a trip someday, if I am good on my No Buy for a long time ... I could get my eyebrows done at their store too. Who knows. They do have an online shop also and they give three samples with orders. They have beautiful things. I think I will sign up with their site and start saving my empties up (instead of putting them in my neighborhood recycling); this may a coming trend! It's inspiring. I always read the comments sections of No Buy videos on YouTube. I always find great tips and inspiration.
  20. My Netflix subscription is cancelled. I was only allowed the free month. I wanted so badly to watch a new show called Ares that came out Friday. I did not think I would get to see it before my subscription expired, but I did. I was able to watch it on the last day! I was so happy, because I'm not allowed to renew Netflix per my no buy rules. And I can't live with exceptions to my rules. Ares I loved and hated at the same time. I loved the cast, acting, sets, costumes, hair and makeup, exteriors, and story line. Ares is a great story about a poor and stressed college girl joining an Illuminati type of cult, in Amsterdam. But I hated all the gory horror, and they killed off so many interesting characters. The gory horror is hard to watch, and could be triggering to some. I know the gruesome elements are symbolizing something important in the story, but it's disturbing. The first episodes were good at developing the story, but at the end it was exhausting with all the violence. I think it would have been great as just a psychological drama. Still I'm so glad I got to watch it without violating my rules. Back to watching no buy videos on YouTube now.
  21. Today was pay day. I paid $22.90 extra on my credit card. I realized I'm now halfway done with my goal for the month - to pay $100.00 toward my credit card (including minimum payment). It's halfway through the month, so I am right on track! I made a $30 payment last week. I got deodorant, the only beauty item I need to replace. I ended up not getting the fancy new Secret or an Avon set, but just regular Secret Paris Rose from Dollar General. It was $5 - I thought that was a little high in price. I had this deo before during my No Buys, so it's a tradition. I didn't feel like spending extra or taking the time to order online. Too lazy to fill out the order pages! I sure am out of practice shopping!
  22. What am I wishing for right now? Yesterday I was looking at the Yves Rocher French website to see if they have anything new that might come to the US. I found something to love, but not a thing this time. In France, Yves Rocher has special salons. They have some fabulous sounding treatments. One I really fell in love with was an eyebrow treatment. They put eye patches under your eyes, then while those are on, they shape the eyebrows. After all is done, they apply an eye cream. That's what I'd love right now, and I suppose I could copy it at home with what I already have.
  23. It feels like it has been January for a long time, but we're only halfway through the month. There's still time to do a lot of things this month! I have some empties! I finished my three DHC foil packets, the two mini micellar waters from my Yves Rocher Advent Calendar, and my Neutrogena Shampoo mini. Now using up: June Jacobs Green Tea and Cucumber Shampoo mini Freeman Cucumber and Pink Salt Masque packet MAC Strobe Cream mini in Pinklite - This is a really nice cream that has a bit of pink color corrector and a bit of luminosity. It's great for a no makeup routine! Very pretty, and feels wonderful on the skin. I got it in an Ipsy bag. I had the Freeman cucumber masque in my project use it up in January 2018. Now I have another one to use. There is a lot of product in the packet. It is enough for several weeks of use. But it is a clay masque, so it gets dry and messy in the packet. I recall having a hard time using it all up before. So I opened the packet all around the edges, and used a spatula to transfer the contents into an empty jar so it will stay fresh and be easier to use up. I'm looking forward to using it with my new masque brush! I will be having some fun masque and movie nights!
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