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  1. This month was so meh for me... The juice "moisturizer" seems more like a toner and was very irritating to my skin. I find the eyeshadow and tiny pallet to be cute, though. The make-up remover wipes worked no better than a regular baby wipe and were so irritating to my skin - they went immediatel into the trash. I've only had a subscription for 2 or 3 months. I was hoping for more make-up products, which is why I quit Birchbox and joined Ipsy. If I was able to use the products (totally not their fault - my skin is impossible) I would be happier. But part of the reason I joined is becuase my skin is sensitive and while most makeup works fine I have to be super careful w/ cleansers and moisturizers. Ah well... maybe next month. I'm hoping for more nail polish.
  2. Not sure what box number I have. It shipped on the 10th, arrived today. Weight was .559. Content: Hot mama blush/eyeshadow. Looks like a nice color, I'll be using it. Decent size actually should last a while. Frownie undereye thingies: meh. I'll try them. Not too exciting. Good for 3 uses. They are expensive, so I am unlikely to purchase even if I like them. No. 4 Clarifying shampoo - smells bad to me. All their products have an odor I don't like. Travel bag. Channel perfume: I'll use. I dont mind samples of perfume. Channel for men perfume - ok, it was an extra Ahava foot cream: foil packet. An extra. I actually love their products, so I am happy to have it, but it is so small. Rent a runway coupon - right into the trash. I really wish I'd gotten either a full size product or something I"m more excited about. I've been pretty happy w/ Birchbox until recently. Now I feel like I am riding out my sub for a discount coupon and points before I cancel. ETA it is box 29.
  3. Box 14 arrived yesterday. The Blue Copper sample is a nice size and I like the product. A lot of the skin samples I've received have been too irritating for me to use. I feel like there was very little in the box... it just seemed empty. The hand soap - maybe 2 handwashes per packet. IDK - not exciting. The perfume..well, I'll use it but it is pretty small. Also I put in on 2 hours ago and I think the scent has completely faded already. I got the Q-tips, but in the lip version (I think it is full size) but this is one of those products I don't understand. Why would I pay $5 for an inconvient form of lipbalm? It's so much more expensive than blistex or whatever and takes up more space and only has 24 applications. It's pretty oily too. I'm mystified by the product (much as I was by the Tili bags - who would buy them?). I would say I am "meh" on the box. Last months was certainly better for me.
  4. Jane Iredale (sp?) make-up. In particular a shadow pallet with 5 or so shadows. I bought two because I wanted one for my gym bag. Both of them crumbled as soon as the make-up was used a bit. I would have attributed that to being bounced around in my gym bag, but the exact same thing happened to my set at home. They made a big mess and once two or so (my favorites) of the colors were gone I ended up tossing them. I won't buy any products from that brand again.
  5. Thankfully all samples: Supergoop face sunscreen: Irritating. I had to wash it off immediately. Ouch. I'll stick w/ my Oil of Olay daily sunscreen. Algenist anti-aging something or other. Extremely irritating to my skin. Lancome foundation - also extremely irritating. My search for foundation goes on. I have pretty good skin and it doesn't act up except when I try to use an "anti-aging" product.
  6. I am obsessive about packing light. I hate bringing clothes that I don't wear several times on a trip and am quite willing to do laundry while on vacation to avoid bringing a big bag. As an example I packed for myself and my two boys in one 20" suitcase for 3 weeks in Europe. So, I pack minimal make-up, and it all fits in a very small make-up bag. I have powder, black eyeshadow that doubles as liner, one taupe shadow, a blush, mascara, eyebrow pencil and sharpener, and small brushes for powder, liner, and blush. I am also obsessive about my skin care so I do take my cleanser, daily sunscreen, and night moisturizer, a hairbrush, small travel shampoo and conditioner. When I am on vacation I really don't feel like messing around w/ my hair and make-up - particularly since I travel with my two little boys and the goal is usually to get up and get out of the hotel room as quickly as possible.
  7. I'm wondering what mascaras you've loved and which ones have not been worth the $. I used to love 2000 Calorie from Max Factor - but Max Factor isn't sold any more in the US. I ordered some from Ebay and it wasn't the same (change in brush style and maybe formula). Since then I have bounced around from brand to brand and haven't loved anything. I really hate the new plastic brushes (like some of the Covergirl mascaras). I like an old fashioned bristly fat brush. So - what have been your love/hates for drugstore mascara?
  8. I like Wet and Wild lipsticks a lot! Many of them have intense pigment and really stay on well. I haven't tried the eye shadows. I also like the tinted mouistuizer. I doesn't have much coverage, but seems to even things out a bit and then topped w/ power looks nice. I don't need coverage as much as sunscreen and moisture, and it seems to do that well. I don't like their eyeliners - the pencils just smudge and smear and end up all over. I bought a Make-Up Forever waterproof liner and it is so much better (but is was $18.... so way more than then $1 that W&W costs) I also like Elf products - mostly I get the eyeshadown pallets. Some of the colors are much better than others. But they are so cheap that I don't really care if a few are duds. I also just got "all over color sticks" this weekend - which was fat little tubes of cheek/lip/eye (?) color in two tones - one is pink lemonade and the other is persimmon. The pink lemonade is a pretty standard medium pink for cheeks. The persimmon is light pink and looks more like a highlighter when it is on (like for the top of your cheekbones). At $1 each they are fun, they smell good, and can be used in multiple ways. I'm having trouble finding a good match for my skin tone in any drug store foundation. Frustrating. I've bought so many and come home and they are just *WRONG*. May have to try MAC again and see what I can find there.
  9. Hi Ladies - I was in JC Penny today and they had the little Sephora mini-store inside and Cargo cosmetics were 50% off. They don't seem to be on the JCP website, but if you live near a JCP you might be able to score some good deals. I got a blush for $17 and there was still a really good selection.
  10. Shoot - that bag is on the way to me. So disappointing. I was kind of on the fence about it. I'm sending another complete box back, and probably this one too. It has the "Ivory" street level tote/backpack things it in - which is not "ivory" and more of "dirty gross white" - so ugly. The bracelets (the yellow w/ wood inserts) were a different color than picture and the eaarings were HUGE. I think I'd done w/ LBB for the time being - I find that I can't really judge the items very well due to their poor photographs. I'm really someone who likes to have just one or two bags that do 99% of what I want, and I get a lot of less expensive jewlery at Forever 21... The trading is fun but I think the whole cost/benefit for me doesn't work out in my favor. So, two boxes going back and I ordered instead a single high quaulity bag from Overstock that I have been lusting after.
  11. My box arrived today (predicted date was tomorrow). I totally forgot to keep the message w/ the shipping date and weight. Anyhow... 1. Alterna Bamboo UV color protector - decent enough size, though small. 2. Eyeko eyeliner - full size. I had to try it immediately. I've never used anything but a pencil or a brush. This was the product I most wanted, so I was very happy to get a box w/ it in it. 3. Harvey Prince Hello purfume. Smells good. Larger than the usual tiny glass vial. 4. Supergoop - two tiny envelopes like the sort you'd get stuck on a magazine page for a free sample. Disappointing size. 5. Tea Forte minitea - some sort of lemongrass flavor. It started out good and ended up ack-patuie. I'll give them to someone at work. Someone will like them. Full size and a nice sample, just not my taste. 6. Earbuds - happy to have them. I can always use a spare pair as I seem to lose them or break them regularly. Overall I am happy w/ the box. Most disappointed w/ the supergoop and delighted w/ the eyeliner.
  12. OO - I'd trade. I have a lipgloss from Michael Marcus if you are interetsed (looks like a neutral shade). I really like the first and second necklaces. I'm not sure of the value - you can IM me or something if you are interested.
  13. Ahhh I cracked and opened another bag. My last one *just* closed this morning. But then I logged on and the Street Level tote was there in RED! Gah - well, my last bag went better for me w/ trading. I started w/ 5 items due to the bonus and a return. Neither extra items was somethign I wanetd but I traded them for a bracelet that I really really wanted, managed to trade the bag and some other item for hte bag that I liked a lot more. Got rid of the eye shadow, etc. We will see what happens w/ this bag. I did get some Redkin product (they looks small - like 1 oz or so sized?).
  14. Who gets the bonus sample items? I have a bag closing tomorrorw and they aren't showing up. Just wondering. My power has been out since Friday night so I am behind the curve. Thanks.

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