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  1. Something unique happened this month. Attaching my box photo. I was kind of bummed because I got that Vasanti maybe a year ago. Then, in my product descriptions, a different Vasanti product is listed I was sure I was going to get the Posie balm and hair mask, but someone must have said "dang we've sent this chick hair stuff every month" or something. I got my rosary polish and if I get the purple Laqa I will be psyched.
  2. I am sure I still have the IM from CS assuring me they had my correct choice and that I would get it, so I will be fairly annoyed if I don't. Just curious to see how the first time trying this was going. Iffy is not promising, but I hope they can learn from this and make it work next time.
  3. Are people who requested specific items (a certain color polish or lippie) generally getting them?
  4. That would be my box. And FYI the polish is orange in case anyone was keeping track, lol.
  5. My first box is on the way! It contains... Herby Bread Basket Tutti Fruiti Pear Tatin Banoffee Pie I subscribed to the light box. It's funny how some of the under-150-calorie snacks are listed as having 149 calories. Does anyone else subscribe to the light box? Have you liked it? edited to add: At this time I am only getting one box a month.
  6. My daughter is 6 and sells all of her own cookies. I will go with her when she wants to go door to door, but I don't make her and I never ask people on her behalf. She worked a booth the other day and they weren't even allowed to ask people to buy the cookies. The girls were behind a table full of the things and they would nicely greet passers-by. The troop does get a percentage of sales, and in my daughter's troop that's how they fund everything. FYI, my daughter's troop also chooses a beneficiary for cookie donations. For those who do not want to buy cookies but want to support the troop, they can choose to buy a box which is then donated. Last year they chose a food pantry, but this year they are collecting cookie donations specially for soldiers on a military base a few hours from here. Then, at the end of the cookie season, the girls are going up to the base to meet some soldiers and personally deliver the cookies to them. I guess what I am getting at is that a lot of good things come from the whole experience. The girls get a lot of learning opportunities along with money for the troop.
  7. It is for me. The last thing I bought from them was some Wildfox Couture jewelry I really wanted, and it was a great deal. If it's an item you've been stalking and you don't have to have it very fast, you can find some great deals. It's kind of like RueLaLa...you have to know what the real going price is to know whether it is truly a good deal. Sometimes with Rue I have to wait for the clearance for it to really be worth it.
  8. Same box here, and I would have liked just about anything but red. But I can't complain about the rest of the box, except for the Juicy-as someone previously noted, the various incarnations start out differently but boil down to the same obnoxious sweetness that thankfully fades quickly. Looks like my box too. Oh well about the red polish. At least I can swap it for something else.
  9. It has been down for a while. I got a Garnier invite (one of the ones I wanted!!) but I can't get on to accept it. They must have sent out too many at once bc lots of folks on FB can't get on either.
  10. No shipping email but my box is up. Not bad. I will probably try everything! Only thing I am on the fence about is the buffing beads. Ghirardelli Milk & Caramel SQUARES WEIâ„¢ Pomegranate Buffing Beads Ships Free WEIâ„¢ Golden Root Purifying Mud Mask Ships Free Juicy Couture Couture La La 3.4oz Ships Free Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle Ships Free Color Club Fiesta Collection Ships Free
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