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  1. I heard they are going to release more boxes for sale on Friday, not sure how reliable the info is.
  2. Good point! I didn't even consider the fact that "personalized" might mean "tailored to your beauty profile". Unfortunately, I haven't really used anything from the past 4 or 5 boxes so I think I'm finally done with Birchbox for good. Redeemed my remaining points for Groomed for Greatness value set, hubs was very excited
  3. I didn't read the whole thread so I don't know if this was mentioned, but looks like we'll get 2 PYS in August - two hair products of choice. Also... 54 boxes, wow I didn't realize I've been with Birchbox that long!
  4. I loved year 1 and year 2 shipments, but due to product overload I had to cancel for year 3. I still have a ton of products to use up from those first few years so I won't be resubscribing anytime soon, but the spoilers actually look very promising! I hope it's a good one for you ladies
  5. This line made me chuckle: Does anybody remember those cream eyeshadows from year one? I would love to know how and by whom they were tested I mean, those things were unwearable!
  6. I have a full-sized tube of that self tanner and it's too dark on my NC15 skin. While it's not totally orange, the final shade is a bit too warm, so it might look weird on cool-toned complexions.
  7. Yass! Their Rockstar jeans fit me better than any other brand, and the prices are great.
  8. What an awesome thing to include in the box!!! The only bad thing about that mini-LUNA is that they're not rechargeable. Once the charge runs out, you just have to toss it.
  9. You lost me as soon as you made someone's body your business. Sure you can stand up for your beliefs in "what's right", it's a free country. However, bigotry is a form of discrimination, and discrimination is frowned upon. If a woman, celebrity or not, chooses to expose herself, as long as it's done legally [prostitution is still illegal, but exotic dancers are not], there's absolutely nothing she did wrong in terms of the law. Ain't no shame if you're ahead of the game, and Kim K. clearly is. If someone can make that much money on their looks alone, hats off to them. Welp, I'm glad we have an expert here who can clarify to us what "being a woman" is really about. You should save this essay for your public lectures. And I thought the area where I live is listed right under my profile pic. I live in Michigan, in a Bible Belt area of all places, so I see this type of bigotry quite often in these parts. Heck, wearing a bikini to the beach would cause an outrage among some of my inlaws.
  10. Serums, essences, and ampoules do all of the work in my routine, so in a moisturizer I only look for one thing - how well it works as an occlusive to seal in the actives. As long as it doesn't have any harsh ingredients, I will equally enjoy Nivea in a blue tin and Creme de La Mer. Right now I'm using Now Solutions day cream from the pomegranate line.
  11. My husband and I dated for 7 years before we got married, and 5 of those were long distance. We definitely felt like we were too young and needed to at least finish college first. Neither of us wanted to be dependent on our parents or take any loans that would be difficult to pay off, so we waited until we could be more stable financially
  12. Lately I like Dear by Enprani, innisfree, and Nature Republic.
  13. Bobbi Brown Luxe Lip Color lipsticks are my current favorites, followed by Colourpop Lippiestix.

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